EXCLUSIVE WORLDWIDE Release of Nuvo Merry & Bright Trend with Tonic Studios & HH

EXCLUSIVE WORLDWIDE Release of Nuvo Merry & Bright Trend with Tonic Studios & HH

hi everyone welcome welcome to our merry
and bright release party we are super excited this is the global first-ever
this has not been released anywhere yet they have not shown this on the tonic
studios page in the UK so this is the first ever showing of the full release
there is only one item missing so you were gonna get to see absolutely
everything so I'm super excited to be sharing this with you as always we can
be giving some goodie bags away or my phone still on but we're going
giving a goodie bags away as always and then we jam packed goodie way goodie
bags because it is a release party we have links of course in the video
description if you're watching on Facebook but below beside as normal and
if you're watching on YouTube they are in the description below along with some
coupon codes for you to save on craft a perfect paper so welcome let's see who
is joining us as going to scroll all the way up here Karen one of our members
Colleen Tina Dee Christine we've got Wendy here mother 5 is just got a new
iPad congratulations Jerry is here Mendy Jean and Shelly ray is here lots and
lots of you joining us Tina Mary's here so many of you tuning in at
Kathy Lynn Debbie just scrolling through so many names joining us Kelly
scrolling down Amber's here as well hi amber Betty's
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an a cat robin sind syndra Michelle is here Gianna's here
Ruth Dini sue so lots of Victoria's here at
lots and lots of you joining us so welcome
we're really excited to be doing Christmas in July you may seen we have
even popped out my little friend of the reindeer back there behind us he's one
of Greg's favorites and I even got my count down days till Christmas out in
the corner so we did do a little bit of a preview of merry and bright in the
last kit but here I have everything the only thing I'm missing is the alcohol
markers which hadn't arrived but literally everything else is here and
I'm so excited because I love crafting for Christmas I don't know about you but
it's my favorite season to craft for I love the sparkle I love the colors and
the colors that tonic picked for merry and bright I think you can use the whole
year round – you're not restricted to just holiday crafting there's some
really really pretty colors in here that I think you're going to find you use the
whole year round – and we have a new member welcome Victoria so welcome to
the Hedgehog Hollow community and welcome to those of you watching on
Facebook as well we do stream in both so you can watch us on both the platforms
as well so let's dive in I'm going to start off with the craft perfect paper
so we have two new solid colors we have candy red and we have spear mint green
so I do have a sheet of each out they come in 8 and 1/2 by 11 and they come in
12 by 12 either thing I love about the classic card so first of all it's acid
free and lignin free for scrapbookers as I say it comes in your standard sheet
size and it comes in 12 by 12 size but on the front here you have this canvas
texture that lots of us are used to if you turn it over it's pretty much smooth
so depending on what project you want to do you can use whichever side fits your
project best and it's a it's not a white core it's a colored core so you can
really kind of play around and do anything you want with it and I think
both of these colors are great I love this screen because it also
reminds me of like this la palm tree green which is super trendy right now
and when you see my new deck you'll notice that this green pops up a lot so
again this is why I'm saying that it's not really just limited to your holiday
crafting and you really can use it the whole year round for all sorts of
different things thank you – yes make sure you hit that
thumbs up or that like button depending on which platform you are watching on hi
Christopher Christopher from Brutus Monroe has joined us as well you are
having a great Wednesday – so we have that and then we have an amazing
selection of craft perfect papers as well so we have first of all mirror card
in the satin finish now you all know I'm a massive fan of these this comes in an
eight and a half by eleven sheet and this is the smooth mint so you can see
that it's not gorgeous I love these satin finish card stocks because as much
as I love a glossy cardstock sometimes I find they're just a little bit too
blingy for my cards whereas the satin is great because it adds that color it adds
that bling but it's just a little bit more elegant and a little bit more
subtle so I used hands of satin finish you'll notice every time I make a card
I'm always using that black uh velvet which is the satin finish black it's
just my absolute favorite to use a satin then we have turquoise Lake a glitter
card again eight-and-a-half by 11 sheets this is a no shared easy to die-cut
glitter card so you can see here I can rub my fingers over it doesn't shed it's
a nice wait for your cards again acid and lignin free but you can die-cut it
so you can make boxes out of it you can make trims and Christmas sentiments all
those kinds of things but because it's that turquoisey color I'm gonna use it
the whole year round I'm definitely not just kind of gonna be I'm really getting
this out Christmas this is coming out the whole year round and I absolutely
adore this color so that's in the release as well and we have a landing
page for the whole release which I have put in the description there's a UK
slash worldwide version and a US version links are in that video description on
YouTube you might want to hit that arrow in the bottom right hand corner face
book above below beside you know the deal depends on your device
okay so also checking your comments to make sure there's any questions I know
Greg will let me know if any of you have any questions then we have a speciality
card stock so this is an embossed card II isn't lignin free but it is acid free
it's it's called crimson silk so it has a pearlescent Sheen to it it's a really
rich red color I'd almost call it a maroon and it is single sided switch
white core so if you like doing your white core techniques this is that
perfect card stock so you've got one that's got that solid core here this one
is more pearlescent but it's got that white core in it so you really do have
everything in here next up we have my favorite paper I think I mentioned this
a few times when we've talked about it in the past but this is my favorite of
the new papers this one is called Ruby and gemstone look at this paper so this
is one of the speciality papers look at that so it's red but it's black
underneath so you just get kind of this little bit of black peeking through but
it's completely textured so this is all an embossed texture on here and you know
I'm know I'm preaching to the converted but when you turn this over you have
black on the reverse but all of that texture so I can take something like my
embellishment mousse or my mica sprays which we're going to get to and I can
add these onto the surface and I can change the color so perhaps I'm not
Christmas crafting perhaps I want to make a birthday card and I want this
gorgeous texture but I want it in silver or you can do is you can alter this to
be any color you want just add it to the reverse side super simple
door baton brush it on spraying it on whatever you want to do so much fun okay
then we have geometric galaxy this one's super cool too because this one is green
with a gold shift to it so it's that greeny blue with a gold shift so that's
that one you can see there and same deal you can turn
/ and this one is white on the reverse you can see I was playing around on
topic earlier with a few ideas might have been having a few things out there
but you can do the same thing take the paper add some ooze had some sprays add
some mediums and your Nouveau drops and your glimmer paste and you can turn it
into any color gross got a question so the satin paper here you can see is
rather than being glossy it has a matte finish but the pearlescent has almost
like an iridescent finish to it if I put them side-by-side it's kind of hard to
show I guess on camera can you see that Greg yeah so this one is shimmery but
flat the pearlescent is more iridescent and kind of has a texture to it so it
picks up more of the light so that's them side by side okay and we have one
more card stock I talked about this one last week so this is the silver strokes
this is a foiled Kraft cardstock now I think this one had got a really bad rap
from people first sorry because people saw this like okay that foil looks
awesome yes I love the foil and not sure I like the gray in the background what
do I do about the gray well because this is foil this resists so think emboss
resist you can add anything to this that is water-based you can spray it with
your mica sprays you can add your embellishment mousse you can add your
aqua flows that we're going to share with you you can add your anything that
is water-based and the foil is going to resist it so you can create any color in
the background and it's going to pop because the foil resists you just wipe
it off with some kitchen towel we showed you in last week's live you can hop back
and look at that I added some of the tomato juice aqua flow on top and it
literally just wiped off of the foiled area super super simple and it looked
amazing and I had so much fun so you can turn this into a bright pink with a grey
coiled silver candy stripes you can make it brown you could leave it
you can turn it into gold you can use you to stress oxide sprays and then just
wipe you can what else can you spray on there just dress oxides you can real
iterally just spray-paint ink anything but use water base because you're going
to need the water base to wipe off on there too so that's my top tip with the
foiled craft cardstock so you have loads and loads of fun because that foiling is
basically like an embossed resist so that's the top tip in there too so lots
and lots on there so if you have any questions leave them in the comments
greg is scrolling through the comments to make sure and I am trying to to keep
my hand in as well okay so watch we move on to next let's have a look at what new
and Nouveau things we have if Greg can survive till we get there so in the
meantime we do have a new merry and bright paper pad which I can lift up and
share with you this was in the kit that we showed you last week which is now
closed but there's 24 sheets in here there's a 6×6 pad 8 designs 6 of each
and I have put them all out down at the bottom here so they're double-sided
sheets so this is the red page there's one this is on each side this is the
green one on each side gray one on each side and the multicolored one on each
side as I say you get six sheets of each of these so there's eight patterns in
total if there's one maybe you don't love well you can stick that side down
really nice in here acid and lignin free so you can use it in your scrapbooks if
you want to and of course you can use it in your card-making okay so let's have a
look at those Nouveau things so moving over here we have two new my chemist
sprays which I'll show you in a moment so we have two new colors it's called
barrel barrel swell and sin crimson velvet we have two new glitter drops
I'll get to show you what they look like in a second we also have a new jewel
drop for you you crystal drop a new shimmer powder
which you know how much I love my Shipman powders and eight new a glimmer
pace so let me clear some space so that I can show you where all of these
gorgeous things look like let's just collapse these together okay so I did
grab myself some cardstock in advance let's start off with the shimmer powder
so if you haven't seen shear powders they are amazing so I like the easiest
way to do this is to pop some water down with your lightness bottle and think of
this like a chili powder less is more because you can always add more now what
you're going to see is explode so this one has pink yellow orange grey all
those kind of thing and the reason I like to put some water down first is it
captures the crisp colors of the crystals in there and it creates less
mess for us to clear up afterwards and then if you need to you can always add
some more color and then we can heat dry a little bit too so yeah we are able to go live despite
Facebook having some issues so Craig was not aware at all that Facebook went down
today he told yeah he totally missed that memo just very almost living on
Facebook Gregory Smith so you can see here how all these gorgeous colors are
coming out it also shows you a little bit of a sample on the back it's called
lunar rock hits so it's got some really beautiful colors in you can see here how
I'm kind of playing around with different things I probably should have
put my glass mapped out a little bit too Craig's just dying in the background so
they're all good he tells me we have some kitchen towel around it was
around earlier it's gonna grab it yeah so then tonic sugar powder is a bit
different because they have a micro included which many of the colour burse
don't have inside of them but I'm going to give this to Gregor to do in close-up
so you can see there's lots of colours in here there's pink there's yellow
there's gray it's a really gorgeous mixer car I can imagine Jing bonfire
night it would have been great for fourth of July fireworks so many
different things that we could do in there too
lots and lots of different things on there as well lots of you loving this
shimmer powder yeah I love my shimmer powders too they're just so much fun on
here so there's that one now let's do a couple of dots of our new nouveau drops
so this is the new glitter drops called red Sunstone and I'll get them to Greg
when they're done so this one is a pink with an iridescent glitter we also have
another one this one's called silver crystals this is a white with an
iridescent glitter and it dries more kind of like silvery clear then we have
a new crystal drops called blushing red which I love because it's almost like a
neon we also have a new jewel drops and jewel drops dry more translucent and I
saw a sample of this one a creative Asian and I have been waiting for this
and then I'll give those to Gregor to show you I'm also gonna spray these mic
my so I'm going to spray them slightly off to the side cuz I didn't bring any
splat box down with me so the micro miss you do not want to spray them or shake
them rather up and down you want to go around and around or just kind of bang
them on your hand to get them going and then I'm going to spray them
I'm gonna spray them over here because it doesn't matter if he gets on the
concrete this one's lost pressure there we go okay Oh super pretty color this is
almost like a sage I'll dry it off for a second so pretty and so much kind of iridescent
to it as well I'm more listening you drip on the floor rather than the table
just because it's a little bit easier to clear up and I'll give you another top
tip with the sprays too so I'm just gonna dry off this corner I'll give that
one to Greg so when you have you might want to grab the corner yeah so when
you're done with the sprays you want to turn it upside down alright I'll wait
for great I'll spray I'll spray the red one one I'm waiting oh wow and I'll Drive the red one come have
some more kitchen towel please grow well I need like D finger stuff okay so I'll
put that down for a second so top tip to clean out your Nouveau sprays I'll dry
this off whilst I'm doing it so when you're done with your new go spray you
want to hold it upside down ideally trash can or splat box not concrete
floor because Greg's will tell you off for this but it's only a concrete floor
you're going to turn it upside down and you're going to sprit until your nozzle
is empty and that's going to get the majority of anything that you don't want
in your nozzle out again because it's just air in the bottom here and that's
going to keep your nozzle nice and clean so again
tip it upside down spray until all those micro particles have gone I mean I will
anyway just kind of give it a rinse through with water but that gets rid of
the majority of things that you don't really want in your nozzle and then kind
of give it a wipe to win kitchen towel so that's going to get rid of the
majority and then I just give them a rinse for safety but no you don't I like he doesn't do I
promise you he doesn't so this goes in here I'm just gonna give this a quick
dry but this is gorgeous this is absolutely beautiful color it's gonna
dry this off and I'm gonna give Greg's a non icky corner so you can see and then
I'm gonna start opening this glimmer paste whilst Greg shows you that so
let's grab something to open this with the new glimmer paste is called
Esmeralda green again beautiful beautiful colors I have a piece of
cardstock here ready I'm just gonna kind of wipe this lid on here I mean look at
that color here you go great look at that color
I think it's absolutely gorgeous and also if I I did happen to grab myself a
piece of dark cardstock because I really think look how that Esmeralda pops on
black it's not cool I can just imagine putting that through a stencil I think
it's gonna look awesome and again whilst these are designed to be holiday colors
I really don't think you are I have a bin over here I don't think you
understood this Esmeralda to me kind of reminds me cock feathers I can really
imagine you know using it the whole year round so I think there's some really
really awesome colors in here too okay so let's try some other things so these
are all our new Nouveau items let's pop them up here oh thank you I've been doing videos all
day so I have to put makeup on it actually she is correct
he's sure yes he's fine you're fine Greg he's fine anyway on to the rest of the
collection so oh these are all the fun parts we get so not that the other parts
weren't fun so we have to embellishment mousse we have honeydew and we have
fusion right so let's open them up and dive straight in
let's grab my craft pick because this is the easiest way you'll notice some of
the packaging on the mousse have changed slightly as well so look at that color
isn't it awesome let's open this up the honeydew okay so I'm just going to grab
myself a little bit of a foamy to show you okay so this is the honeydew I'm also just gonna pop a little bit on
the edge of my black and then this was the I'm gonna learn all the names yeah
this is fusion red so you can see they pop nicely on black
and that's another great thing about embellishment boosters it works really
well your dark card stocks and then this is how they pop I mean look at that
remember with your embellishment boost it has a shimmer to it so you can use it
as metallic watercolor you can use it through a stencil you can use it like a
paste there is just so many different ways you can put some way to put this
that you can use your embellishment with it's a really versatile medium we have
tons of videos over on the Hedgehog holo channel about you know different ways
you can use your embellishment mousse different ideas I think it's super
versatile okay so that's that you also have a new set of aqua flows you have
grenadine red you have tomato juice and you have impressed heel so let's open
those up and I can show you the colors inside I'm going to pop that to the side
there and we can see any more questions Greg L any more fine now you're fine now
don't forget of course to share and let us know that you've shared to enter our
super giveaway for this week or this quarters fringe release because you
always have super giveaways for the trends trace rich or any just been there so the girls got parents were here last
weekend and they did a 49 state tour in five weeks and yeah they've just been
they with a couple of states before they got to us I promise you that Greg is okay he's not
really sick I wouldn't make him work if he was really sick no I wouldn't I
wouldn't know he wouldn't I wouldn't like with Ryan yesterday and it was fine
okay so impressed he'll let's see you want to
get rid of these at the yellow color like I just did unscrew it give it a
little squeeze till your water color comes through
look at that I really like these teal colors I've totally got into my teals
it's a pretty color isn't it okay so that's your impressed teal this is your
grenadine red we go maybe another dress yeah kind of like a more orangey red and
then we have tomato juice lots of you sharing thank you and thank you for the
congratulation we just hit 40,000 on YouTube so for those of you watching we
are giving away 400 dollars in tonic gift cards slash four hundred pounds
depending on your location so if you want to win one of those you can hop on
and find out but look at those gorgeous colors in the Aqua flows love those
colors so yeah absolutely said so we're totally vivid about what I was about to
say love these colors and there's just so many against so many things you can
do we have tons of videos on different ways to use these
we guested photonic / Ellen Hudson on different ways to use your aqua flows
they're a super versatile medium again so lots of different ways you can use
these and then again we have glitter markers so this one is called fired
brick if you want to give it a little shake when you get it and then what
you're going to do is let me grab another piece of paper I'm
also gonna grab a dark piece this time I'm gonna go navy blue and the reason
for this is because I love how they pop both on white and on dark cardstocks
so what you're gonna do is just hold it down it's gonna take a minute or so to
prime the first time and then you never have to do it again but you could again
you can use them as a glitter watercolor you can use it as a glitter ink we have
another video on all the different ways you can use it super versatile mediums
if you're watching on Facebook go check out the Hedgehog holo channel we do lots
of videos photonic on different ways to use all their mediums so if you're a bit
of a Nouveau medium junkie like we are then you can go check out tons of ways
to use your mediums here we go so it's pretty much primed now you'll see the
inks coming down into my nib so here you go you see how bright that color is it's
also full of glitter so you've got lots and lots of shimmer and shine in there
too but even better look how all that shimmer and shine pops on dark
cardstocks and as I say you can also do this with
by using as a watercolor you don't just have to use it as a pen you can also use
it as a pen on your stamps and use it as an ink pad and it still keeps all of its
glitter in it so I think that's super cool too so tons and tons of things you
can do with it check out the videos on how to use them and all the landing
pages in the description plus all the coupon codes you know the usual things
are there too okay last thing I have to share with you are
the new hybrid ink cubes I've actually had these since creative ation and I use
this marble statue all the time and I'll tell you why because it is the perfect
no line coloring ink first of all the other colors are just gorgeous I'll put
them out onto some paper for you so you can see this is the sliced strawberry so
again really vivid really pretty color this is the Moroccan teal again really
vivid really pretty you can still use it with the craft you know
drag it down you have to do it quicker because it's hybrid so it does you know
dry rather mean water-based but this is awesome look at that really light shades
are there I know it's really hard reg but that's kind of the whole point is it
is the perfect shade for no line coloring and it's the nouveau hybrid ink
so you can use alcohol markers you can use watercolors you can use a bit of
both you can use color pencils it's awesome it is the best color for no line
markering no line coloring there the words I'm looking for it is awesome
so I have been really really pleased with this color as I say I was lucky
enough to get it at creative ation and I had been thrilled with using it ever
since Jenny was there one of our design team
members she also had a top tip for us that I thought I would share with you is
she takes these cards and she cuts these pieces off puts a hole in them and then
puts them on a book ring and then that is her like system force watching her
Nuvo pads and I thought that was genius kind of wish I'd done that when I had
all my other pad cards so that's on there too so lots of you are loving this
by the looks of it oh yes and you won't see them that much on dark I mean you
could go as dark as maybe blue so you could go like into a color like this but
you couldn't go super dark because there so you can see you can see up the pink
there they're not a pigment pad so they're not going to sit on top they're
a hybrid but you could definitely do your gray and use it like a watermark
and then do your no line coloring techniques so that's how it would come
out so you can see how they pop but on the white there you can see if you want
to do something you – on vanilla you could do it on a light
gray it would definitely work on any of those kind of light neutral colors tans
to do those no line coloring 's and this color I'm really really petitioning hard
to get us a full-size of the marble statue because I think it's awesome so
so that's that so aren't having some questions about the perks if you need to
get in touch with us about the perks just send us a message or apply to you
straight after the live and we'll cover that off for you we'll send you any
updated links that you need so what else are still they doing that in a large
size I am trying really hard to get us a large size of that because I love it and
I'm already on my second one of these because I just think it's awesome and
I've been practicing my lo line coloring okay so hopefully that answers all of
your questions what have I missed Craig I did that let's go to marker it's yeah
we good all right so the only other thing oh yes we did forget something so
we also have some embellishments totally for that and so we have new glitters we
have the strawberry sorbet glitter no tip this so Greg can see it but you can
see in here hopefully you can that it's like a coarser glitter it almost looks
like a sugar crystal but in red so this is the strawberry sorbet
then we have the tropical oasis sequins which I really love because they're
different sizes so I was like the feather tonic give you a variety of
sizes and then we have another one of my favorites who do you remember the orange
circles that we had in trend number one well now we have fiery Phoenix circles
look at these that are going everywhere but the hair just so cool look at these
are like raspberry pink pea red with this that gold tinge I just think
they're awesome you can kind of see in the side of the packet there I love them
I feel like I need them in bulk somehow they're just so cool and then we have
Mermaid Parade stars as you would expect confetti of stars to use in your
interactive cards or maybe your shakers and then you have two new embossing
powders we have a sports car red perfect for Greg and we have turquoise lagoon
and then what I did here which is also perfect for your swatching was I took
the little circle that was on the top and I just heat embossed it I held it
with my tweezers heat embossed it so this is sports car red that's red with
like a gold I don't know shadow what's the word I'm looking for
Greg it's gold its got like a gold hue to it as you move it yep and then that's
the turquoise yet they are a bit sticky so lots of those on there so yeah so
that actually is everything so you've got two new glitters and then two new
kind of sequin embellishments and two new embossing powders as well so don't
forget this assay to check out those links we always do appreciate of course
when you use our links as well lots of fun new things embellishments
papers nouveau we're gonna be course doing tutorials and things on it thank
you for all the well wishes with my surgery as well we will be here next
week for a live we hope to have the next tonic kit for you and then they will be
pre-recorded live so Greg will be here chatting with you we will still have
daily videos on the Hedgehog Hollow YouTube channel and tonic tutorials for
you too so no fear we will be here every single day and you just won't have us
live live like this but you still got to chat with us well Greg anyway you'll be
able to chat with Greg and things and then I'll be back as soon as I can be so
we have plenty of content plan with you for you even lots of fun things going on
still lots of Giveaways and say we still got those four hundred dollars of tonic
gift cards to give away that closes the day night tomorrow night here in the
u.s. time but you can enter it worldwide because it will be credit to the store
so oh we need winners Gregg we need winners okay so I'm gonna pick my
facebook winner my facebook winner is Paula Johnson congratulations
Paula you were the closest one to the one that I stopped on so send us a
message with your snail mail information so we can send you out a goodie bag and
now I need to load YouTube comments okay so I stopped on I can't read that far
away Deborah the dowel by dowel not quite sure how I say that but
congratulations Deborah you are our winner tonight again
send us a message with your snail mind information so we can send you out a
goodie bag and congratulations everyone thank you so much for watching I hope
you have enjoyed tonight's reveal of the full merry and bright collection we are
super excited and go ahead shop away we can't wait to see what you make me there
don't forget to tag us for a chance to be reposted over on our Instagram and
Facebook pages you can join the tonic Studios USA Facebook group as well and
there's lots of fun things that happens over in there too thank you for joining
us I will see you again very soon if you're watching us on Facebook don't
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Hollow with lots of tips tricks and tutorials of course using all of your
favorite tonic Studios products I'll see you again soon bye


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