Facebook Ad Tips for Local Businesses
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Facebook Ad Tips for Local Businesses

Here’s a couple tips for running a
proper Facebook ad for your local business. One of the first main things
you have to do is make sure that the post is perfect before you turn it into
an ad and that includes clicking on the boost post button and the reason is is
because once you click boost post or started as an ad before you get approval
you cannot edit the post. So if you make a mistake you can’t go in in there and
change it the only way to fix it is to stop the ad create a new post fix the
errors and start again. So make sure that your post is perfect before you click that
boost post button. So what things can you look for to make sure that your title is
going to grab attention so make sure the first line means something to people
make it a benefit or something that’s gonna make you stand out and leave
a little whitespace around I like to go one line whitespace one line whitespace
one line it’s a way better tactic to attract a person to looking if you have
all of your words in one big paragraph the the main point is gonna get lost in
the words so make sure your title or your first line is has some white space
around it so people can actually see the one line and get the gist of it just by
glancing at the thumbnail is kind of important most videos autoplay but it’s
a something somebody may see it right off so make sure the thumbnail is good
usually a person looking at the camera is a great way to grab grab attention
another good thing to look at is is there a person on the camera people on
camera always get more attention its instead of just holding the product up
in the video actually have a person talking like I am doing right now it
gets a lot more attention you can use emojis there’s theories out there that
emojis really work there’s some theories out there that Boujis are are not
working or it’s just a fake way to get attention you’ve got a test for yourself
so make some video ads with emojis and make some without and I said video ads
so that brings up a really good point could you make this at a video most
businesses are only using pictures for most of their ads but video ads work
extremely well so can you turn this into a short little video ad and if you’re
already doing a video ad is your opening line gonna grab attention from people is
it going to make people stop scrolling and going wow this is exciting I have to
walk this another way to get them to watch it
is is the video native to the platform for example are you trying to be really
salesy or trying to be sorted down-to-earth and focused on what the
benefit is to the person watching native to the platform also means having a
person on camera which I just mentioned but it’s really important that it’s more
what the platforms about video is also native to the platform video is so
important on Facebook in fact it’s probably the more viewed post on
facebook our video so it should be video is your video fairly short especially
for local you’ve already got the attention of people because hopefully
some people do know your brand already so if you keep it nice and short you can
get to the point I have a clear call-to-action what they need to do to
get this or to to take the next step don’t ramp a lot about how good you are
focus on the benefit to the person watching the video what is the benefit
them to watch the video and what’s the benefit for them to take action I always
like to say make a list of all the things that make your business stand out
and dig really deep on what that is don’t just say we have great customer
service focus on things that really mean something to people that’s gonna grab
attention because everyone will say I have great customer service and put that
in the video and be very clear and concise and don’t ramble on about stuff
that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t create any value for people focus on the
value for the person watching the video another extremely important tip did you
create captions for the video using the Facebook’s automatic tool you can go in
and edit the captions so they show or you can actually make your own captions
for the video so they show up immediately because a lot of the
captions are turned off if a person chooses it but if you have text on your
video right away especially the opening it’s really important because Facebook
doesn’t play audio for the videos in most cases and most people don’t watch
videos with audio so you have to have so you have to have some kind of text in
there to get people’s attention and to understand what the videos about so a
good title a good opening sentence on video and good text will really grab the
attention and if it’s all the same it’s going to really grab the attention of
the viewer and they’re gonna continue to watch it and find out what value does
this video have for them another really important thing you have
to do with an ad in a lot of businesses missed this point is make sure that
you’re able to answer the questions immediately or comments that come up on
your post a lot of businesses will run an ad and then you go and look at their
comments to have an answer people in three days so make sure if you run an ad
you’re willing to sit there at midnight at 1:00 in the morning
at 10:00 in the after 10:00 in the morning whenever it is 10:00 at night
you’ve got to answer those comments and reply a couple hours of delay is okay
but the quicker you can respond the better it is for the ad the better it is
for the algorithm so though optimize your ad better and the most important
part the better value it is for the person watching the video when people
ask a question or make a comment on a video they want a response right away
and that is so important because if you wait three hours even you’ll lose them
they might not even answer back so it’s really important to try to answer right
away and you’ll be amazed at the results you get especially if it’s 2:00 in the
morning and you answer a question people will be blown away by it before you run
the ad or turn the post into an ad make sure that you have an end goal is your
goal to bring people into the store is your goal to get people with the
messenger to get a coupon is your goal to get them to comment is your goal to
get them to call you have some kind of clear call-to-action and just one not 15
like you see a lot make one clear call to action so that people are more likely
to take it and you’re also able to direct them exactly where you want them
to go and it could be as simple as come into the store to get the deal or come
into the store to get value whatever it is it’s so important to have a clear
call-to-action and have that in your video at least once maybe even twice and
also have it in the text portion of the post make sure before you even actually
make the post or make the video have a clear idea and who you’re talking to so
if you’ve got a business that has a lot of different customers but this
particular value going to create is beneficial for just one portion of them
make sure that you’re talking to that person so for example if you have a
sports store and you deal with young people in skateboards and you deal with
middle age with skates for their children make sure that your post
clearly talks to the right person so you’re not going to say use skateboard
language to reach out to the person buying skates for their daughter so
really think about that before you make the post if it’s necessary sometimes you
just want to say come into my store and that invites everybody and that’s fine
but if you have a specific message for a specific target make sure you’re
speaking to them in the video another important aspect of running a Facebook
ad that businesses miss out on is tracking make sure that you have a way
to track the results of your ad if your result is getting a coupon downloaded
then make sure you track it if the if the end result is actually getting that
coupon in the store make sure you track that as well are people using the coupon
so and and make sure that you know that you’re spending five dollars a day but
you’re getting five coupons being redeemed which results in a profit about
twenty dollars then it’s worth it five dollars to get twenty dollars in profit
is worth it you should do that all day long
so make sure you have a tracking process and that includes informing all of your
staff in the business that you’re running this ad so when the someone
calls up and ask you about the ad the staff isn’t sitting there going I don’t
know what you’re talking about man and I see that happen a lot
so make sure staff are informed and make sure that you’re watching and tracking
how effective the ad is because if it’s not effective shut it off and that’s
another key thing what is you can shut off those ads any time you want just
click off button or click the little toggle switch and the ID is over so give
it a couple days if you’re not making any money or you’re not getting the
results you want to get if you’re not getting the downloads you want if you’re
not getting the comments or not whatever it is that you’re trying to get stop the
ad don’t waste your money on something that’s not working those are a few tips
on how to improve your Facebook ad performance and of course you know I
prefer video so if you can turn that post into a video you’re gonna be way
better off I’d love to hear about your current successes with Facebook ads and
specifically video ads so feel free to let me know what’s been going on in your

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