Facebook Business Page – 2015 – How to Invite Friends to Like

Hey good day folks, this is Tom at Marketing Consultants Web Development
and Digital Presence Solutions for Business Owners Today ! What I want to do is – show you very
quickly how you after having set up your Business
Facebook page How you can invite all those from your
personal page all the stuff did you read on Facebook
Help page the Internet Videos on YouTube are ALL Outdated & wrong. I think the most recent one is 2011. IT has CHANGED All right, so here’s the correct quick way
How To Invite Friends to LIKE your Facebook Business page 2015 today is March 6th All right, so you’re on your business page
there’s not much options here except to share. What
you really need to do is go up here and use Facebook as “yourself”. Open up your personal page make sure your name is up here in the
header. On you cover photo, you click down here on these little 3 dots – you see that there isn’t any way to do anything here either What you have to do is go up into the
search area and put in the name of your Business
as soon as you click on it your Business will load but you’re still looking at it
as yourself right ? NOW you’ll see these
3 dots have a lot more options on here, at this
point what your gonna do is select Invite Friends It will pull up the list of friends that you
have on here you can invite those that you had not
already invited I see that I have a few here that I
haven’t invited before I will go ahead and do that. That’s pretty
much all it is. Now you close it out messages have been sent to those friends
to come LIKE your Business page that’s as simple
as it is! all right you can see that you’re still logged in I’m gonna do this one more time real quick it’s under two and a half minutes right so first thing you need to do is Use the page as “yourself” make sure your name is up here…
type in your Business name as soon as that page loads click on the
3 dots and Invite Friends. That’s all there is to it
folks. If this has helped you out in anyway I sure would appreciate a LIKE at – THANK YOU

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