Facebook is lying about your data
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Facebook is lying about your data

– Following Facebook’s scandal
with Cambridge Analytica, Mark Zuckerberg went before Congress for two days of questions on Facebook’s approach to users’ data. As Zuckerberg presented it, Facebook users are in complete
control of their data, with the company taking
only what they share and deleting anything users
don’t want on the network. – On Facebook, you have
control over your information. The content that you share, you put there. You can take it down at any time. The information that we collect, you can choose to have us not collect, you could delete any of it, and of course you can
leave Facebook if you want. – Now, none of that’s false,
but it’s not the whole picture. There’s a lot of data
that Facebook collects behind the scenes, and
most of it isn’t obvious from Facebook’s privacy tools. So, active Facebook users can modify or delete their ad targeting data or download almost all the data Facebook has collected on them. But there’s a lotta data that falls outside the reach of those tools. – You’ve said everyone
controls their data, but you’re collecting data on people that are not even Facebook users, that have never signed a
consent, a privacy agreement, and you’re collecting their data. And it may surprise you
that on Facebook’s page, when you go to ‘I don’t
have a Facebook account ‘and would like to request ‘all my personal data stored by Facebook,’ it takes you to a form that
says, “Go to your Facebook page, “and then on your account settings, “you can download your data.” So, you’re directing people that don’t even have a Facebook page to have to sign up for a
page to reach their data. We’ve gotta fix that. – The biggest problem is
something called shadow profiles, data that Facebook keeps
on non-Facebook users based on the contact lists that
their friends have uploaded. Even if you’ve never
signed up for Facebook, there’s a good chance that
you have a shadow profile. But you’d never know that from Facebook’s data privacy tools, because those tools only work
for active Facebook accounts. – Congressman–
– I’ve logged outta Facebook, do you still have the ability to follow my interactions on the web. – Congressman, you have
control over what we do for ads and the information
collection around that. On security, there may be specific things about how you use Facebook,
even if you’re not logged in, that we keep track of to make sure that people
aren’t abusing the system. – There’s a lot of other data that you can’t get through
Facebook’s privacy tools. Zuckerberg kept telling Congress, “You can download all your Facebook data,” but the download tool
omits a lot of information that Facebook clearly collects and uses, like the location that
it pulls from your phone or web browsing data collected by Facebook’s
Pixel tracking tool. Zuckerberg also said that Facebook also gets rid of all that information when you delete your account,
which is sort of true. But what about the shadow profile that predated your account? We just don’t know. The biggest problem is that we don’t know how much information
falls into that category or what Facebook’s rules
are for dealing with it. We don’t know who has access
or how they could use it. In this week’s hearings,
Zuckerberg didn’t want to admit that non-profile data existed at all. But over and over, members of Congress were
ready to force the issue. – You didn’t know what
a shadow profile was. You didn’t know how many
apps you need to audit. You did not know how many other firms have been sold data by Dr. Kogen other than Cambridge Analytica
and Anoya Technologies, even though you were asked
that question yesterday. And, yes, we were all
paying attention yesterday. – The big question is what’s
Washington gonna do about it? One idea is the CONSENT Act, which would require
explicit opt-in consent any time a tech company
uses or shares data. There’s also the Federal Trade Commission, which is investigating whether Facebook may have violated an
earlier consent decree. But no matter what happens, you
can expect to see Washington putting a lot more pressure on Facebook in the months to come.


  • Huckleberry Finn

    In principle, Facebook does nothing else than Google. Google also tracks every user and creates profiles of all their movements on the web, even if the user is not registered on Google. With Google Analytics, Google Apps or Android, Google has much more data than Facebook and no one cares.

  • Erika Rice

    Can we get you in front of congress to explain this? I know Zuck was dodging questions but my mom understood it when you explained it. Finally.

  • CSTwister

    The data a shadow profile can collect is very minimal because it’s easy to reset your profile by changing IP, clearing cookies & etc

  • Latest Sports - Viral Sports Clips

    They're clearly tracking everything you do on the web. Zuckerberg keeps dodging this question again and again. He doesn't want you to know that they do this. Just my opinion. Not happy about it. I want them to be regulated.

  • Double Dub

    Thats funny. So we blame FACEBOOK… when actually, the data breach was from the people who gave facebook access to the contact book.

    As soon as it's not a big corporate company, noone even blames the people who caused the problem.

    IF MY NUMBER IS IN SOMEONE ELSE'S PHONE.. THAT DATA IS THEIR DATA! I can't control who has and doesn't have my number in their phone. Why should it be any different than facebook.

    Also, facebook's pixel tracker is not new, nor as invasive as you're trying to pretend.

  • darkcaste

    The Verge accessed the form where you can request data WITHOUT having a facebook account at 1:15, yet they seem to report the opposite?!

  • nitrowad

    Why did no one touch the fact that you can’t delete a profile – you can only deactivate it but all of the data is still there? When you log in again, everything is there again – it never gets deleted they just put one boolean to true or false to hide the data from users…

  • Jason Patello

    I really don’t think they’ll put much pressure considering Snowden said that FB and other platforms are a valuable tool for actively tracking all of us—(best part, voluntarily). As for the shadow profiles, that’s just a bonus. I’m sure they’ll put a band aid on this and make us think it’s gonna be safer, but the main benefactor of the info is still gonna be big brother.

  • Miguel Rolo

    I believe LinkedIn does the same. My father gets requests via email for LinkedIn and I am sure he doesn't even know what LinkedIn is.

  • Tagic Mrooper

    Yet the sheeps will keep blabbing on how congress went too harsh on him or how they have no idea how facebook or internet works. They know exactly how they work, they just wanted to hear those answers from Zucc, who kept avoiding direct answers not to mention tried to hide the fact about the data leak a few years back. Would an innocent person do that? I doubt it.

  • global.001

    Zuckerberg did lie saying that users can choose what data Facebook collects. A fee weeks ago Facebook advised me they were going to take all my contacts from my phone. There wasn’t an option to say no, I do not consent to that. Even if I do delete my Facebook profile, they will still have all my previous data. Zuckerberg was uncomfortable having strangers know his personal details however is happy to sell ours to make himself rich. He has no morals.

  • Miguel Chavez

    I agree, Mark was careful and not completely honest in his responses. Unfortunately other companies have the same power as FB. Congress should have hired some tech ppl to help them understand how these technologies work.

  • William Su

    And I'm okay with it…. Congress gave me aids by not having any idea of what they were asking… They had no idea what was the real problem…. Tbh none of their data collection affects our daily lives and betters our lives if anything.

  • Arlen Spatz

    I have proof deleted photos are still on Facebook. He’s lying through his teeth. Deleted all my photos. Facebook still recommends featured photos and shows previews of photos I have deleted. This is a scary thing.


    I thought he sold Facebook to the CIA for 3.2 billion dollars ? It’s the CiAs dream . People volunteering all their personal information . People are stupid ! Get off Facebook! Take your privacy back!
    Don’t know why it matters . Google, Verison. AT&T . SprInt , our cameras on our phones and lap tops, our gaming systems, cameras in space and on the cameras on every street corner are all invasive and violate our privacy,save our information aswell. Which isn’t legal. They all should be sitting there with Mark . We should be asking all of these govt bullied corporations the same questions they are asking Mark , and we should be asking our govt these questions aswell. Why are they taking away our privacy? Phone calls, texts, you name it . People need to shut the govt down!! Time to get rid of the govt all together . Such liars and defrauded of their own American people.

  • learrus

    I could not believe the lies he was telling the government; the idiot thinks he admin in the court room too!

    I hope they send him to prison, it will be hilarious. Set up a livestreaming camera on him for us all to watch as well!

  • Ay der la

    what bs fb did nothing wrong and wasnt the reason zucc went before congress to tesitfy about bots in the election ???

  • Dan San

    All this while Google's monitoring these videos publicly uploaded to YouTube and yet we don't talk a lick about that. The first rule of internet club. Don't talk about data mining in internet club.

  • sneakypete187

    What can you learn from this??? Oh yeah, what should be common sense by now but the public is so out of touch with reality.

    Never trust a Jew….

    There is a reason why they have been expelled from 109 countries. Figure it out already people…

  • Elias Dargham

    When you visit facebook while not signed in, remember that they will store cookies on your browser which can also help track you and your data.
    Imo, 4chan makes a better social media website, everything posted there is done anonymously, with minimum user data collection and privacy invasion. You can also pickup some good hacking lessons too!

  • Feza

    I have no problem facebook tracking my data. Frankly I do not understand why it is such a big deal for facebook to use my data so that they can bring me more relevant ads. I simply don’t give a damn.

  • Dhilip Kumar

    I just want to know how many people here are IT experts and know how exactly Big Data Mining works. To all the people, if you want social media service for free of cost, then let them mine your basic information and let 70 million small businesses run seamlessly. Again, people still have complete control of their data in Facebook. They should know what sort of apps they opt in for.
    On other hand, have you guys forgot Equifax hack? Lol. That's the one you should be worried about.

  • Achmad Syauqi

    first thing need to be corrected . his not collecting your personal data it is you who gave them your own data

  • Ayush Saxena

    Holy smokes!! So this means I have a shadow facebook account that I don't know about just because I appear pictures that my friends share? Wow… That's another level privacy violation.

  • saintontwowheels

    What you're talking about is a database file. I don't think normal users know how to open and interact with a database. I don't think they give 5 cents even if Facebook provided them with an Excel file full of location info and url clicks and what not. Only geeks and paranoid people will.

  • avalanchesoul

    First, everybody needs to understand the words separately and together SOCIAL MEDIA. Second, you really want privacy? Don't have social media accounts. They aren't actually necessary to having a social life.

  • Nisco Racing

    You could make a trap around this, and sue them for collecting your data.
    Who will be the first to make this contraption?

  • Zutraxi

    Congress is dumb.
    Okay I see that the shadowprofile is an issue however HOW is Zuckerberg supposed to know the business of a private external company. Isnt that kind of data Collection they only want the government to perform

  • JD Bock

    So, should we expect to see the same legal treatment to all websites that we visit including Google? How about the government? I say we should push this. We should still have the right to privacy even as we embrace new technologies.

  • zEropoint68

    what he keeps saying here is that his company has set all the defaults to wide open, and even though they're under no obligation to tell you what, where, and how to control all those default settings, it's your fault for not switching them off. the problem is that everyone he's speaking directly to is too ignorant of the topic to even realize what questions they should be asking.

    where's, "why didn't you set the defaults to what you would personally want for your data and let users decide if they want to share more instead of setting everything to be completely transparent and have it be like pulling teeth to get you to tell people how to turn it off?" which one of these r/oldpeople asked him that question?

  • erniecho

    If any company deserve to be fine it would be Facebook. They kept on selling user data even without our premission. Now, that data is out there for any hacker to get and use. Please, Congress fine facebook for a billion dollars. I’m tired of this company taking our infomation and miss using it. They definitly broke the law by grab data from our phones and user profile.

  • K

    1:05 what bullshit is the guy talking about. That is the normal "request my data" page not some "request my data if I do not have an account" page. Is this an intentional manipulation by The Verge with putting up a page that does not relate to what the politician is saying or what?

  • MN Irwin

    "And of course you can leave Facebook anytime you want." Last thing I heard is that your FB account NEVER goes away.

  • Philip Fong

    FB leave us no choice during sign up that all uploads belong to them even if we close the account or deleted any content, it only goes to the trash bin. It means we relinquish our rights to FB.

  • SpaceCityCowboy88

    These old political dummies are bullying him because they don't know better. He's done nothing wrong. Learn computer programming then try and solve the problems your speak of when you have that kind of infrastructure and are trying to also implement security and keep up with ai. Y'all lame

  • jan deen

    They will block you for no good reason and not present proof or definition of their so called community standard.

  • michaelcorbin2540t

    Mark Zuckerberg is bright ,smart and great person some people need to learn that he has to make a living if you post your stuff on facebook then you consent to the rules read them stop knocking mark for your info when it was u who posted it without reading fine print and rules

  • David Pumpkini

    Add to this the latest leak which says they let Bing, Yahoo, Netflix and Microsoft read your private messages or see who your friends are even if you made them private. So from this April video, he lied to congress. He must be jailed for upto 5 years, just like CNN is asking for Flynn.

  • Luny Bunny

    Is the Zuckerberg's personal life an open book? Has a skeleton hidden in the closet? Why not to share it with everyone around the world, including all genealogy secrets? Or something else, that can be used against you by malicious person?

    Why not undress yourself in public Mark ?: 'Nothing is sacred. Nothing is secret […] Bregna in my hands […]' ( Trevor Goodchild )

    The most terrible thing about expose your personal life for all is abdicating your freedom of speech to receiving threats from governmental, stalkers, corporate or from unknown nature. It's a police state. I hope Facebook has the same fate in the stars as Orkut, Myspace, Geo-cities.

  • Andrew Bjork

    On one hand, every Facebook user is a sucker with myself included. On the other hand, anyone using Facebook has to ask himself or herself why they allow such a company to utilize their personalized data.

  • Dawn Pettersen

    Do we have anything like protection from Facebook and what they do, in New Zealand? Can any NZer answer this question. – I'm curious.

  • Earla Weese

    The Zuckerbergs are EXTREMELY corrupt and abusive. The disgusting moderation team also shamelessly provokes users for their own benefit by banning them for 30+ days for doing absolutely nothing. They endanger people and infringe rights and they know it.

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