Facebook Real Estate Marketing Ads: How to Generate Real Estate Leads on Facebook using Facebook Ads
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Facebook Real Estate Marketing Ads: How to Generate Real Estate Leads on Facebook using Facebook Ads

Thanks for joining us and today we have our esteemed guests
Mr. Travis Thom from elevated real estate marketing and Facebook coaching how are
you today, Travis it’s great Thank You Jessie thank you for the opportunity, I’m
excited to share some great insight with Facebook marketing great
so everyone there’s a live chat on the right hand side if you have any
questions throughout this on trying to hold on to them in the last about 10
minutes or so 15 minutes will basically be doing a live Q&A so if you have any
questions about anything you’ll be able to drop that in there any other
questions that you may have in the meantime or if you guys want to chat
amongst each other if you have some friends that are on this webinar as well
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everyone can just kind of in the chat real quick just let us know you can hear
us in cioth easily and that way we’ll be confirmed just so that you know we will
be recording this so you’ll be able to see it a little bit further down mine as
well great so um a little bit about myself a little bit about Travis so why
should you be listening to us me personally I’ve been in real estate for
about the last 25 years or so got started in 1987 as a mortgage lender and
personally did a couple thousand loans in 1997 I got online and started playing
around with the internet because this looked pretty interesting by 2000 I had
taught myself how to program built a bunch of different websites and was
generating somewhere right around 300 leads a day in working those leads
personally 2003-2004 got out of the mortgage business focused entirely on
selling leads and basically conversion and that has basically led into what I
basically the product that we created which is called action Co Travis house a
little bit about yourself alright Thank You Jesse um so I’m Travis Tom I
am the founder of elevated REM we are kind of a hybrid of things we have a
software-as-a-service company that does single property websites and home
valuation Lanie pages and then we have our elevator of REM Facebook coaching so
we have the consulting and coaching where we do a deep dive basically into
Bill mystic ated Facebook ad campaigns for
lead generation brand awareness building funnels and really focusing on actual
results and not just getting likes and comments so we’re excited to share with
you some of the secrets today and dive into a few of those things of creating
an actual funnel from top to bottom right we’re going to be easily be
covering the front end in terms of building the initial campaign building
and then going through the entire lifecycle because it’s one thing to
generate the leads but then you need to get that into your CRM and then follow
through the entire lifecycle in terms of the initial response once you get that
lead and then that nurturing of that lead long-term so we’re going to break
this up into two parts Travis is going to start at the bottom and then or at
the front end of this and then I will end up at the end and then if you have
any questions we’ll have the Q&A thereafter so Travis I’m going to go
ahead and make you the presenter here so that you can share your screen and start
sharing those knowledge Bamba all right let me know if we get the
screen all right and you should be good to go all right you see my screen okay I do not see it as of yet
basically advice okay can anyone give us a comment if they can see melted hey no
not yet all right let’s try for Travis you can maybe drop into the backstage
and I think there might be a share screen button in there see start sharing
when we go backstage in the meantime everyone um if just for
a show hand through basically the chat how many of you are already running
Facebook ads currently just if you can just basically say yes I currently am or
no I’m not basically great looks like most of you guys are awesome
oh let’s see here Travis there’s a button right next to the bottom right
hand corner says start sharing so you see that screen that item there’s Travis
uh-oh looks like we may have lost someone so in the meantime what I will
start doing here is up Travis there we go all right looks like we’re in
business Travis we are good we can see your screen that we can’t hear you at
this point so if you can just make sure that your mic and cameras are basically
on that’d be great all right for we’re almost there sorry obviously to
tech nerds having some difficulties alright I think we’re good to go alright
alright perfect can you hear me now yes yes okay we’ve got we’ve got visual here
we got visual everyone’s confirming perfect all right
so essentially with with any type of Facebook ad campaign or Facebook ad but
we want to begin with the end in mind and what I mean by that is we want to
start to create what is our goal right what is the end game ideally right must
most kind of real-estate campaigns um our goal is to generate a closing write
generate some sort of read that equals then turns into a buyer or seller but
also we want to then identify what is that prospect who are we going after
so we’re touch into that in just a minute here so today’s goal right
creating a lead ad creating an ad with the right ad copy for the right prospect
and then targeting the right prospect reaching your ideal buyer engaging them
and in order to trigger the fire funnel that we’re going to be creating and then
a workflow right some sort of automated workflow plus a process that is going to
follow up via text message and voice mail right so a brief outline of who we
want to attract right in in creating buyer personas and so we also run a
Facebook advertising agency as well as our coaching and inside of there we
often develop these personas and when we were running so my background – I was in
real estate for over 15 years running large condo 10s developments we would
build buyer personas of who we were trying to attract
so with these personas we this helps us build out what that targeting is really
going to look like who are we really going after right so begin with the end
in mind right who is this ideal prospect here so this is David and Laura they’re
in their mid-30s they’re first-time home buyers that are currently renting and
they plan on buying within a 12 radius of their current home now a few
things that we need to know a few statistics here these are all taken from
the National Association of Realtors 35% of all home buyers were first-time
homebuyers in 2016 and that’s actually sure to rise up a bit in 2017 right
reading Forbes hmm not suggesting no it was definitely a
big rise in terms of the Millennials that everyone is anticipating that’s
going to kind of flood the market here pretty shortly so there is definitely to
be exactly not exactly this there’s what I mean think almost 80 million strong
right that are entering into the market so we’re just about to hit this next big
push this next big wave and so that’s kind of why I’m referencing today
first-time homebuyers I know that some people on here may not ideally being
going after first-time homebuyers I went up to growers sellers or whatever might
be but this should give you a little bit of information about statistics so you
can either start to actually you know we look at historical data in fact that
data as we’re building the campaigns right versus just kind of guessing well
I think I want to go after these people right now and I say have yeah I was just
going to say you know one thing that’s important for everyone that’s listening
is really pay attention to what your local market is because you have to
think of the people that are buying in your area so although Travis is
addressing a millennial buyer in a particular area if you’re in a lecture
area then you want to build a luxury persona or whatever basically your price
ranges think of who your existing buyers are in your local area that you’re going
to be running this ad I think that this is kind of on Travis this is what you’re
kind of going down knowing exactly who you need to target basically exactly
really kind of carving out these segments and and this is just a little
bit of information right but this is information from the National
Association of Realtors I know Jesse and I share a lot of data back and forth of
you know who’s buying and what are the trends and how are they engaging with
certain types of technology so use this basically as part of your PlayBook
right there’s great information in there 37 to 51
by the age group was based report is having the highest household income so
some of the really kind of take note there and that 60% of those recent
buyers were also married couples and then 17% which is really kind of a
leading buyer are single females and then another interesting one which is
that most buyers are buying within a 12 hour radius on the previous home right
so as we start to build out our campaign we’re going to open up regeneration
right this is where as you’re going to end with Bill BB dad Travis a couple
people are mentioning that they can’t hear the audio can you just confirm that
you have your audio on I can hear you fine but I just want to make sure that
everybody else hear you as well they secluding click in that top right hand
corner okay some people are saying they can hear fine so all right looks like
we’re good so most people sound like we’re OK here all right we’re good sorry
about that thank you Nora so we’re going to start to build out our top of funnel
so I when we build up photos we label them tofu tofu and boeuf room right so
if my my favorite term is there we’re actually getting a t-shirt made that
says you’re in the middle of my funnel coming up pretty soon so tofu and we’ll
label es your first time buyer leads in Denver the actual market area so we’re
using proper naming conventions so we actually have that kind of labeled out
right so we know what’s going on locations we want to target people who
live in this location so we’re in it we’re going to target the Denver area is
our primary example here and we’re going to choose the radius you know based on
that data we’re going to start to go around I got 12 to 13 mile radius to
start with decease we’ve about 1.6 million people in here now D ages right
we’re going to give some sort of kind of buffer with the first time homebuyer
possible ages there we’re going to shoot for around 29 to 48 here and then we
have about six hundred and seventy thousand people now in this audience now
with detailed targeting I like to really have basically two to three different
layers here we don’t want to make it too complicated but
we are going to use likely to move we’re going to use people who have interacted
with Zillow that recently visited realtor.com we’re doing this because
Facebook aggregates this data based on what you’re doing through your Facebook
messengers your conversations right your web browser habits your emails your
actual geolocation what you’re doing and things that you’ve read or interested in
right all the stages get that famous like button that’s sitting on basically
everybody’s website so every time that you hit a like and you’re building your
own persona and that’s how Facebook it starts to identify these people on the
pixel data that all these sites are running as well exactly in it is you
visit those sites they have pixels on them it’s right it’s consuming that data
and okay and you’re talking to friends right you’re making comments you’re
actually visiting other blogs about first time home buying and reading
certain things having conversations this is all data that’s being aggregated and
pushed into then these optimal choices here for us to really
Soraya’s right on exactly who these people are so we’ve got Colorado
first-time home buyer for stem home by grant realtor.com Zillow right so we are
we’re also saying that they must match that the renters and that they’re
interested in buying a house and house hunting and now I’m going to accept rude
people that are homeowners right because I’m just going to go after first-time
homebuyers for this exact layer and we’re also gonna exclude people that are
recent mortgage borrowers and recent homebuyers so we don’t want to waste any
ad spend on those people that have already bought a home and if we want
this to be hyper relevant right so it might be annoying to those people they
would say hide this ad which would impact your negative score all right I’m
going to bump it up just a little bit here to get a little bit of a wider
range just something to add about 10,000 people or so so let’s see eighty one
thousand is kind of what we’re going to end up going on with this and one thing
that I notice on there you kind of narrowed that audience you continue to
narrow it deeper and deeper and deeper so that it’s super focused not just
adding everything in terms of likes at the top but you also use the
Eero function is kind of the qualifier to take that initial group and make it a
little bit smaller correct yeah exactly yeah and you don’t have to get so
lasered into where there’s not going to be an optimal choice there but just
enough so with placements here I’m focusing on mobile because I know that’s
where Facebook is really serving a great majority of all the ads and for this
type of budget I’m going to do ten dollars a day for the size of of
audience the rule of thumb is about $10 per 100000 kind of in your audience give
give or take okay so that’s so that’s what I’m trying to to accomplish with
this here mm-hmm now the ad name we’re going to call this
free list of homes so what we’re going to do is we’re going to create a
carousel ad for for the first-time homebuyers right so imagine I’m choosing
a carousel ad is because care site gets a really high preference right now as
far as an ad placement um into its feeding you know basically you higher up
in the newsfeed and it has a higher click-through rate because it’s kind of
a thumb stopper there’s not photos right i multiple image multiple so the more
images the more photos and the cares less the more opportunity there is for
engagement so with some of the ad copy here I’m going to put the word the magic
word free which really have you know draws in uh basically uh you know people
that are identifying with something that’s free and then I’m going to choose
the ad copy to be something more priced you know homes priced under two hundred
ninety nine thousand because we’re going after first-time homebuyers so okay
looking at the market and depending on your market right your market might be
first-time homebuyers under you know five hundred thousand all right
just right be aware of some of that that market data then a reference that’s
perfect for first-time homebuyers so I’m saying natural word first-time buyers
because that hyper relevancy of me actually having those words in there and
the ad targeting is going to super relevant so it’s actually going to
improve it really ride on the Facebook algorithm
okay so we’re kind of optimizing it right there and
the actual ad copy and getting that ready then I’m also kind of dropping a
hint there some of these homes may even qualify for special financing programs
because we’re targeting first-time homebuyer grant right right you know
first-time Home Colorado first-time homebuyer by our grant program okay all
that so headline you know you want to be able to tell them that take some sort of
action right take specific action quick here right to view the homes and
typically use for the actual the actual call to action button the download and
reason we do that is the download it has more of a psychological aspect of they
feel like that’s the immediate see right it’s almost a sub type type of
optimization in copywriting you see that we’re download you think well it’s going
to be instant I’m going to get access I’m gonna get s cry later I’m at exact
and Efrain reference on the copy right download the list now right telling them
again it to take specific action so and then we also going to write in here in
Denver because you want to name the location of the air you’re tagging once
again to make it hyper relevant we’ve tested this out where we’ve had the name
in there and we haven’t had the name in there the ones that don’t have the name
have a more relevant score oh and you you want you know an irrelevant score is
how how relevant the ad is with the individuals in the targeted audience and
how well I spawned into it so you know higher click-through rate equals a
higher relevant score more but also having a highly targeted audience and
then using some of those keywords of like the actual area right so if you’re
living in San Francisco you want to say you know see all the homes for sale
right everything so right so going on the classic you know right message to
the right person at the right time so the right time is then scrolling through
basically that our Facebook feed and then seeing the messaging that says hey
are you a first-time homebuyer or thinking about buying in Denver we know
that they’re you’re in Denver so they’re already the right person so if you
target the right person feed it to them in the newsletter and do
basically the right ad that is talking to that person that’s what’s going to
increase basically our click-through rate and overall your lead conversion so
that’s exactly and then you lead add form so here you want to identify your B
data form with the proper title of what you’re targeting so this is going to be
your your top of funnel so you want to name it your top of funnel um you know
in other quickly we’re told that the tofu tofu both we can’t forget the
vacuum there so I I like to use get instant access to the photos prices and
more because statistically right just see what I really wants to see photos
right correct the weather was a n/a our study that so that that was the number
one thing that people were looking for is more photos basically and then behind
that was no property details and interestingly enough like third or
fourth was actually floor plans because they want to understand that particular
space and floor plans was actually above 3d tours and everything else which is
kind of interesting as well so it is interesting yeah so so you know
historical data referencing those things in and using that as your advantage to
really leverage to optimize conversion rates so once again a referencing here
is this your little mini landing page that you’re saying homes are starting at
299 thousand but L you what is behind it so it’s not a black box right Rio
exactly like what is the benefit here what’s going to happen on the other side
so perfect for first-time homebuyers right referencing them against or
tapping into that psychology and then some homes may qualify for special
financing so we’re going to use the word show me the homes for the call to action
here because using the personalization of show me right as your interval s
we’re gonna hire quick the rate of things show me the homes right okay no
Moses that that landing page is kind of what you’re seeing when you’re using it
and the the facebook lead ad you’re bypassing the need to create a landing
page somewhere you’re basically this acts as an any landing page by then
clicking on that button you’re collecting automatically all of the
information about that consumer from their Facebook profile is
that right Travis exactly it auto-populates right it just
calls that data instantly in okay what I think that you want to have is your ID X
page ready to go and have that hyperlinks set up right so so we’re
going to send them here to homes that are priced under two hundred ninety nine
thousand right well this into the right location so we have a welcome screen
here right after they click on the ad then they fill the information that
little thought actually pulls in Auto populates and then they click there and
then they’re ready to go and can you elaborate a little bit more on that
facebook lead ad why it’s kind of converting is it because we’re not
asking them to fill out information they’re just automatically clicking that
button much like the facebook login it’s just sharing that information so by
eliminating the friction of filling out the form you can dramatically increase
your lead conversion and that way get your your lead cost way down right is
that kind of the byproduct of this basically okay it’s so insanely easy
right because it’s it’s uh it’s just basically them clicking on a button
right and it’s fast it’s lightning fast because it’s a Facebook asset right
since it’s this Lassa inside of the platform well being so fast there’s less
friction they don’t have to think about it they don’t have to type anything um
and your standard landing page should convert at 20% industry-standard 20% is
the conversion rate for most landing pages and beasts pick read ad forms
we’re seeing that 2020 all the way to like fifty percent
so okay no I mean if there is depending on the type of audience so you’re
serving this to a cold audience so it depending on ad copy and you’re
targeting you should’t conversion rate at a lower cost and also the lead at is
are ready mobile-friendly and because you’re almost they don’t feel like
they’re leaving Facebook at that moment where they’re giving up the information
where you as the advertiser or capturing that data there you the experience is
much more cohesive because they’re still on Facebook on the mobile device and
it’s only after they click the button do they end up on the website and directly
to the information that they were looking for I really yeah and you really
want to make sure that you’re sending them to a website that is built for
mobile because that break you break that experience then you’ve broken trust and
then you and then you kind of break the engagement right the opportunity to
convert them excellent after we create this lead form then we’re going to go
into audiences and this is where then we’re going to build just one of our
retargeting stacks so we’re going to create a custom audience here and then
we’re going to go to engagement and we’re going to choose lead add form and
then inside here this is where we’re going to build our custom audience so
I’m going to choose one of my pages here and then the form that we were using so
we have first time homebuyer Denver and you can have multiple forms here
depending on what kind of campaign you’re building but I’m going to say
anybody’s engaged with this form we have 90 days to target them but I’m going to
say in the past 17 days and then I’m going to go and just name this audience
this is going to be our mo foo right our middle of the flag and it’s going to be
first-time homebuyers basically days 1 through 15 now I’m not going to create a
lot of these retargeting stacks as you can see I have retargeting stacks here
for a seller funnel kind of in behind here that goes on for like you know
basically 50 different days and that’s kind of a different webinar that we
would go into with this i showing you that after you have captured anybody’s
engaged with this then we’re going to create a reach campaign and in this
reach campaign we’re then going to build out a retargeting ad that is going to
basically like right after they visit this website it should be within you
know the first hour that they will start to see an ad from you about open houses
that are coming up for this week okay so actually I’m in that frame of
mind and always staying right there because you’ve already piqued their
curiosity have them in that frame of mind and now you want to keep pushing
them pushing them down the funnel to try and eventually maybe get to a call or to
contact you directly exactly this is a really short photo that we’re going to
be showing you guys if we were to do a full retargeting stack here you know
we’ve come to might be like a two-hour webinar so we’re only going to keep it
down to days 1 through 15 all right but whenever you’re coaching anyhow you have hundreds of different
items for you to watch and so I would exclude an audience of 180 days from
from anyone that’s engaged with my website they have it as a true evergreen
funnel but I’m changing this here to a daily budget of 3 because I’m going to
base it on reach that we’re going to serve you ads the maximum number of
people meaning we’re going to hit everybody in this audience so I’m gonna
change the frequency cap to basically saying one impression every two days
during that that precious time of by the 14 days right most home buyers choose
their agent within the first two or three weeks of shopping for homes but
sometimes the agent doesn’t even know that right so that that’s that’s part of
the the secret sauce is that we want to keep in front of them and keep them
highly engaged and say hey there’s an open house is coming up you need to come
back to our website and check out all the open houses that are coming out
sorry have some ad copy here open houses check out all the open houses that are
coming up this week get a list of all the homes in Denver that are having an
open house don’t miss out write some I’m urgency there that’s going to be created
and so here the link that you would use is you would just send them to a
segmented part of your idx it says open houses so that that’s kind of evergreen
right those open houses of your idx is you know pretty smart most of who are
advanced enough today that where you can just have it’s always updating the next
open so that are coming up and that way it’s evergreen so whether John or Suzy
enter the funnel to morrow or you have David and Laura or
whoever else seven months later they are then going to see that same ad with the
same you know same open houses and this is a short funnel so people are going to
be spit out of those 15 days so there’s not going to be is not going to be any
ad fatigue all right they’re going to see this ad consistently over time
keeping in front of them with your brand and keeping them going and moving moving
forward and just to be clear everyone what you just need to do in order to
setup that is go to your own website perform the search for basically open
houses and then at top navigation bar you’re going to have a URL or web link
you’re going to copy that link and that’s the link that you use in the ad
so that when they click access the ad it takes them straight to that URL that had
that search preformed so that’s what we mean by clarifying or creating that that
landing page is just by searching that on your own idx website so it’s
important that you have that available okay exactly alright so that is our
first half of the photo summit stop sharing and hand over to you Jesse
great so definitely appreciate that so at this point what we’ve done is we’ve
created ads we’ve captured contact information from consumers and now
you’re staying in front of that consumer trying to become omnipresent in front of
their lives during the whole time that they’re thinking about buying or selling
because we’ve identified who that person is now ideally what’s going to end up
happening is that lead information is going to end up into your CRM and then
either you or an ISA or an assistant or a team member will start following up
with those leads almost instantaneously and what we know is basically na our
data shows that it’s critical that when you get that inquiry that you
immediately respond and is what Travis alluded to earlier the vast majority of
the people I’m according to na are are going to work with the first customer
or the first agent that deliver is kind of the best level of service to them
right from the very beginning so I am going to switch out my screen here give
me one second and it’s one of the reasons why we choose mobile right is
actually I having is because you have to think about the the the buyers journey
is that they’re on their mobile phone right there they’re going through
Facebook they see the ad they click on the carousel ad for the homes they end
up on your idx right property search and then a get a text message right right
away so it’s it’s it’s a hyper present right it’s alright they’re contained
with that experience and they do get off same thing then maybe an hour later or
sooner than the open is Epsilon’s to roll up and it creates that hyper
relevancy it’s all there and they’re starting to be really kind of and feed
into the funnel so we’ll talk about you know the the difference between the two
because a lot of you that might be watching this particular webinar right
now you’re struggling a little bit with that lead conversion and some of you may
be a little bit cynical in terms of these online leads that you’re
generating so you should be able to see my screen at this point and try to see
if you can just kind of confirm in the chat make sure that everyone can see
this is um in a referral type lead a person has asked another person do you
know of a good agent okay so their intent is that they’re specifically
looking for somebody else that’s why referrals are so powerful also the trust
of the person that they’re asking that referral from is transferred over to you
when they refer you over to that person now in an online lead you have to earn
trust and you earn that trust through basically your actions because they
don’t know who you are all they’re doing is primarily trying to
accomplish a task if you look at the ads that Travis had mention about whether
it’s you know find homes that are $300,000 or lower or basically a look at
open houses that neither one of those identifying
that like I’m going to be your realtor all we’re trying to do is we’re trying
to identify who that person is so that that way you can now take the
opportunity to try and earn their trust by building rapport by building being
responsive and by basically showing your local market knowledge so as we kind of
talked about you know the vast majority of consumers are online so you need to
be doing this kind of advertising on Travis I it’s wet like three billion
people or two two billion people I think is the most recent one I saw that are on
Facebook so it’s like over a third of the entire world’s population in the US
it’s probably about seventy percent of people are actually on Facebook so it’s
one of the best destinations the most cost-effective ways to be top of mind
with basically buyers and sellers some of the other interesting facts that
you’ll see in here is that about 72 percent of people are using their mobile
device during the home search process and it’s what ninety percent of Facebook
access is based on mobile is that where it is Travis ninety ninety-five
I’m all right around there don’t it’s really really big on mobile okay and
you’ll notice that Travis talked about doing an open house ad what we know is
about 50% of home buyers are actually actively going to go and look at open
houses and when you get them there they’re basically bottom of the funnel
NER tells us that when a consumer gets to that point and physically is jumping
into their car and driving and looking at properties they’re probably going to
look at somewhere between ten properties over the next ten weeks and end up
writing an offer and this is why it’s so important to be hyper responsive at that
moment in time obviously everyone knows Mobile is massive at this point how kind
of glaze through some of these things what you’ll notice here is what we
talked about this real estate search process so there’s this aspirational
part before they’re making enquiries this is where they’re on Zillow and all
of the different websites and taking a look at
interesting properties learning about areas talking about friends and family
and then eventually once there kind of convincing themselves that they’re ready
to purchase they start researching things like that telephone call of Rado
home grant that travis alluded to a little bit earlier so that’s why it’s
important to maybe reference in some of that targeting you know things that
relate to some mortgage processes because that basically means that
consumer has gone out and already gotten pre-qualified as they get closer to the
bottom of the funnel and maybe start clicking on ads like what Travis is
design earlier of actually looking at homes they start to drop into this
transactional phase and this is where they’re going to start to convert here
pretty soon this is just basically some information on based on where they’re
accessing the information and because the vast majority of the time they’re on
Facebook this is where they add sources at you’ll see that if they’re on mobile
their research process is really short and in the moment so it’s really kind of
driven by the gut it’s a reaction and it needs to be immediate because the mobile
device just gives us 24/7 access to information and so you’ll see how that
kind of goes down and if they are really interested there’s a much higher
likelihood that they’ll pick up the phone and just basically call rather
than try and fill out a form which is the reason why this facebook lead ad is
so powerful because they never see the form they just click the button it says
download and then they get that temporary landing page it says show me
the home and once they click on that that’s when you obtain the information
so really powerful so again why do you need to respond quickly to all of these
leads as they’re coming in this data is from kW and also from the California
Association Realtors and you can see that most of your competition they’re
not responding to these leads when they’re coming in this is why basically
some people are having difficulty with converting online leads that they’re
just not following up with and we’re never ever taking
that response or acting out in terms of following up with that lead and this is
a big problem once you start responding then instantly those people are going to
tend to work with the first agent who’s going to respond it delivers the highest
level of service now these consumers what they’re
expecting is an instant answer within minutes less than five minutes ideally
but the real the reality is is the sooner the better for you to reach out
and contact those individuals and what you can see here is our ideal time but
this is research data that shows you what the average agents are doing or
responding and based on again a keller williams on study the average person is
taking over an hour and 45 minutes to respond to a lead inquiry and if it’s an
email lead it’s six hours later now I want you to think about that how many of
you watching this webinar right now would wait six hours for response from
anybody probably not very much in fact if you are working with basically a
buyer and that buyer is pretty interested you probably have your lender
number one and your lender number two and lender number one is the guy or the
gal that you really like to work with and you’ll call that person and if they
don’t answer because you have a high sense of urgency and you’re trying to
accomplish a task of getting that buyer pre-qualified right away you’ll hang up
the phone never even leave a message and call your lender number two the
consumers are doing the same exact thing because they have zero relationship with
you so it’s really critical for you to understand that consumers are trying to
accomplish a task when they’re making these enquiries or responding to these
ads that task is usually to see homes and that’s why it’s critical for you to
basically respond very quickly in that experience right having the phone right
directly in their hand and exact we’ve talked to agents to say so you’re
getting leads you’re at 300 leaves what’s going on you know well I called
the leads the next day or a couple even hour later and I really say well they
said who or you and work before you would but why do
you call any why you call it but when it was done within that five minute range
it’s so hyper relevant it’s right there otherwise they’re going to move on
throughout their day and right when Thursday is like busy like everyone’s
else it’s just you know you need to be in that moment so it’s critical I and
and keep in mind that you know that person is may has been looking for 12 to
18 months so you might have they may have filled out an inquiry today but
they may have a call from an agent that they inquired with three months ago or
four months ago so that’s why they’re getting multiple touchpoints from
different agents and your ability to stand out is going to be based on your
response time here’s a little bit of data that was shown from the National or
the California Association of Realtors in fact that 94% of people that make an
inquiry expect an instant response now think about yourself or do you fall in
that category when you make an inquiry to any kind of business do you expect an
instant response and what do you do do you hang up the phone and call the next
person if you get a voicemail or if you get an IVR so it’s critical for you to
be in the moment what you can see here at the bottom is 49% expect an instant
that less than 18 percent of agents acknowledge that they respond in that
certain amount of time so this space here in between the two that gap is your
opportunity because na r again has done a study and the average consumer only
interviews 1.7 real-estate agents so the first agent to respond deliver a high
level of service be professional be knowledgeable seem trustworthy and able
to build rapport is the agents that are going to end up working with and some
other information that you can kind of see here is the difference even in just
a few minutes on your lead conversion right within one minute there’s a 400%
increase in lead conversion if you contact someone within that short amount
of time and you’ll be able to reach about 40% of the people and then it
there’s a steep steep decline in that lead conversion so
important for you to have systems in place to be able to follow up with those
leads and that’s kind of what we’re going to be covering here very shortly
and again mobile has changed the behavior the way that we search those of
you have had internet access for years now you may remember ten years ago what
was your internet search experience you probably you know didn’t look at TV you
went into your home office you access your computer and you set behind this
big monitor at you know 8 9 10 o’clock at night instead of watching TV and it
made sense to fill out forms at that time because they know that they want to
be able to get a hold of anybody and then hours later you know they know the
next day I’m going to fill out this inquiry and then the next morning
hopefully I’ll get a response but today a lot of the companies are still trying
to push forms as the way to basically generate leads and if you think about
the mobile device what it’s allowed us to do is have instant access throughout
the day to make inquiries and on the phone are you going to take the time to
fill out a form or if there’s a big giant call button are you just going to
call or do a frictionless lead experience as that facebook lead ad is
where they don’t fill out anything they press a couple buttons and they get the
information that they’re looking for very very very powerful so again what
are the top reasons why consumers are picking the agents that they work with
and it’s really important for you to take a look at this data here because
it’s really going to drive home the point you can see here that they
previously use the agent about 30 percent of the time now if you’re a
first-time home buyer this is pretty much eliminated you’re going to have
maybe referrals and things like that they’re going to represent 20 or 30% of
the market historically that if you take a look at the main qualities that the
consumer is looking for first person to respond most responsive and most
aggressive can be kind of lumped into you know the best follow-up with that or
with you basically the consumer is the one that you’re going to end up working
with when you total this it ends up being fifty or sixty
percent of the consumers decision is based solely on basically your
responsiveness very very very important part of of what we’re kind of talking
about here so in order to win when you’re generating online leads you need
to have systems or automation or assistance to be able to respond
instantly and then when you do make contact be sure to take your time and
have long meaningful conversations with those individuals because that’s what’s
going to build rapport and Trust don’t just hang up the phone and tell them to
meet you at the property interview that customer ahead of time because that’s
what’s going to lead into your lead conversion and I personally experienced
this working thousands of online leads on the mortgage side of things and I
know firsthand that that basically works this long meaningful conversation is
going to be extremely extremely important and obviously you need to be
empathetic to their needs and actively listen to what their needs are because
the number one complaint that consumers have about agents is that they’re not
listening they’re just throwing properties at me that don’t match the
criteria that I’m really looking for now that’s the reason why the vast majority
of agents or consumers are finding their own home online so be sure to actively
listen and really key into what they’re saying is the type of home that they’re
looking for the style in all of the details because the more that you can
share properties that match their exact criteria the more that they’re going to
trust you just out of a quick saying that I think people should kind of keep
in mind as they’re building the facebook as in and the full automation campaign
in today’s it online on buyer because they’re they’re savvy the smart is that
most buyers today disqualify you before you can even qualify them right now
they’re hyper aware of who you are in the properties that they want to see and
so they have the advantage of disqualifying you before you can even
actually meet them into who they are so during that three week four week time
that right most precious stretch where you’re going to keep in front of them is
your opportunity to send out the text messages the voicemail drops you know
keep those retargeting ads fresh in front of them um because otherwise you
know they may already said you know what this this person for me or they never
followed up I mean right no their journey right uh one of the smartest
people in industry Brian borio once a thousand watt once said the reason why
there’s 50 million leads out there it’s because there is 45 million agents that
didn’t follow up with those leads that they got because at the end of the day
there’s only 5 million sales so you have to think that every lead that is
available today is most likely because some other agent didn’t follow up and
build trust and build rapport and do all of those kind of things so what we’re
going to kind of drop into is now we’ve generated the lead so what’s the ping
points that we want to try and accomplish here for you we need to get
those leads into your CRM because you need to be able to follow up with that
person so what you’ll see here on my screen is basically our facebook lead ad
integration you can automate this entire process of these leads that are being
generated and have those dumped into your follow up boss your top producer
your boomtown any of those sources by using a couple pieces of software the
first one that you’re going to want to use is either going to be a safety er
integration or basically leads bridge we basically talked about using zapier
because they peer gives you a lot more access to a bunch of other types of
software and you can combine this with basically call action that is going to
help you with the instant response to all of those leads because we don’t
expect you to always be instantly available you should never feel like
you’re a slave to your phone as long as you have the correct systems and
automation in place to do the follow up for you and start that engagement for
you so here what you can see is what a savior lead ad would look like we
provided very simple instruction this is on our
website on health collection code and if you just do basically a facebook lead ad
integration search you’ll find this exact page and you can do this using our
software or not but these are the detailed instructions on how to do it
first you’ll need obviously a Xavier account you’re going to need to pay for
a premium account so at least a $20 a month account what that does it gives
you access to this facebook lead ad unit so as the leads are being generated by
Facebook the data saved on the dates on the Facebook server and so what you need
to do or what zapier will do is is going to go and get that information extract
that information from Facebook and basically push that out into your other
systems so in this case we’ll show you what it looks like by using on call
action as part of this so you’re going to create the connection to that
facebook lead ad and you’re going to connect it to your account and then
specifically to that lead ad form as Travis alluded to what did you call it
the tofu readout basically or the Denver tofu Lee s your throat exactly so you
would select that form to extract the data then you would connect that lead
information really simply create a new email which will look something like
this and you’re going to create an email body that can send out that lead
information to whatever source that you want to use in this case what we would
suggest is sending it into call action so that we can begin the rest of the
automation which I’ll show you here in a second so with call action what will end
up happening is you have some phone numbers where every phone number comes
with a dedicated email address we take that email with the facebook lead add
information and send it into your call action account call action will create a
contact profile extract all the information and then push that
information into your CRM all through automation
thereafter what will do is will automatically begin to engage that lead
through text messaging instantly so at this point you still haven’t done
anything you’ve captured the lead through the facebook lead ad you’ve
imported that into your CRM we’ve basically created a profile of who that
person is and now we’re going to turn back around and send out a text message
to that person in less than a minute and a half to dramatically increase that
lead conversion and so this is the back end of a call action account I’ll just
show you my personal account here and where we set that information up is here
in these email settings what you’re going to do is simply email a copy of
that facebook lead ad from zapier and forward it to your dedicated email
address and then we’re going to send out this text message here which could be
I’ll use one of our customers here Matt from great Las Vegas homes what you
would see here is that text message would be instantly sent to that customer
to begin that engagement and if they’re ready to engage with you they’ll
instantly respond typically about 60 to 70 percent of the time and now basically
you’re working with that customer and this is where you begin to actively
listen and talk to that customer over time basically and develop that
relationship and ideally go and show them some homes now one of the reasons
we were holding this today is that we’re getting ready to launch a brand-new
product it not only does this initial interaction but basically does your
entire long-term follow-up of all of your leads that are basically coming in
and I’ll show you this is a new product that we’re launching in the next couple
of weeks and it’s basically called our drip
campaigns and you’re able to build a fully customized drip campaign that is
multi-touch that includes a bunch of different campaign so to continue on
here I’m going to build a live campaign on call action you guys will be able to
test it and this will complete that entire
lifecycle from generating the lead on Facebook using Travis’s techniques into
zapier getting that into your CRM and now basically doing the long term follow
up with that particular customer so what you can see here is a brand new drip
campaign we’re going to call this our Facebook lead ads tofu Denver to stay in
the trend of basically what is happening or what we’ve been kind of talking about
here with Travis and what we’re going to do is we want to follow up with that
lead almost instantaneously so we’re going to pick a delay of let’s say a
minute or so because we want to make it look natural like it’s actually coming
from you and not just some automation this needs to seem very personal so
you’ll see here some different types of text messages that we can send out you
can send an audio text and image text a plain text a reminder text that goes
back to you to follow up with that particularly a vCard a video text and
this is like a native video text or an MMF text and you can also deliver a
voice message where call action will call that person back and leave a
message under voicemail so in this case we’re going to start off with just a
very simple plain text message and I’m going to build a campaign for you guys
so I’ve already prepared the message here and what we’re going to do is we
have basically created a new message that’s going to say thanks for attending
today’s webinar advanced training and we’re providing links to basically
Travis is coaching into our product here so at the end of this we’ll have you
guys go ahead and demo this in person and you’ll actually get these links to
these special offers that we’re kind of talking about now what I’m going to want
to do in here is I have that first step we’re going to add a second step in the
follow up process and we’re going to say we’re going to wait approximately 15
minutes at this point from that first text message
to do a follow-up offer and in this case what we’re going to provide to you is a
secondary text message and we at call action since this is brand new we’re
going to be launching this in the upcoming months we’re doing a special
offer for you where if you sign up today or before the 21st you’ll be able to get
this new drift campaign software for 50% off which is going to save you about
$600 per year so what you can see here now is 16 minutes after we receive the
lead from the consumer or from the facebook lead ad we’ve now touched base
with that person two times all through automation if the person responds to any
one of these messages goes directly to you and you just pick up the
conversation from there and then we’re going to do a short step here and what
we’re going to do is we’re going to wait one day and I’m going to do this message
at let’s say 10 o’clock in the morning and I’m going to schedule this to go out
I’m going to send a voice message so those of you that want to see a live
demo of this you can see here I can pick my audio file I’ve pre-recorded a voice
message to be sent out that’s going to be called webinar message I select this
message and now tomorrow at 10 a.m. you’ll basically get a phone call from
us or from me it’s going to leave a voicemail on your machine saying hey
this is Jesse just want to follow up say thank you for attending our webinar and
you know please feel free to go ahead and and talk to Travis or me with any
questions that you may have and now you’ve built up an entire follow up
campaign to go out to all of your leads you can run this as long as you
basically want and it will automatically follow up with all of your facebook
leads that you got so we solve the problem of the initial follow up of
being responsive instantly over the long term of that loan because we or that
lead because we know upfront there’s only a small percentage of people that
will basically respond you know you saw from those studies about 40
to 50% but as you increase those touches your lead conversion starts to go up as
well as those people start to respond back to you so I’ll show you here how we
can basically attach that brand new drip campaign that we built to basically a
phone number so I’m going to go to my call action phone number for 1 5 3 6 0 1
1 1 I simply go here and to manage and here
I’m going to assign my brand new Facebook lead add the tofu Denver we dad
so I go here to the bottom and hit save and now basically that campaign is
assigned to this particular phone number or to this email where you would be
sending those lead ads to so any of you that want to get a first-hand experience
and see exactly how this basically works if you call this number now you don’t
even have to leave a message or anything couple rings hang up and call action
will start that automated drip campaign that you just basically saw those three
steps and that would be the 3 steps to follow up that you can go ahead and do
on all of your Facebook lead campaign this cover is the entire lifecycle from
beginning to end of basically your leads so with that said let me close this off
again for 1 5 3 6 0 11:11 if you kind of want to see that firsthand
and experience that firsthand you’ll be able to experience that directly so let
me go ahead and close out some screens here examples we’re going to hop
switches so I was just going to say we’re going to take some q and a’s right
now is that okay with you Travis we’ve got a few minutes 5 10 minutes for some
Q&A ask any questions directly in chat and basically we’ll go from there all
right Travis any kind of closing statements on this so we have to
consider in the full funnel approach right so we have your you’re targeting a
cold audience cold meaning they’ve never engaged with you before and then you are
now generating those leads and you’re sitting to your website and
then you’re kicking off your middle of the funnel up so your your conversion
rate increases as you have retargeting brand awareness ads that there are going
over you know the life cycle right so let’s say two months three months
whatever that might be so there’s multiple different ads that are running
to those people and then they’re receiving maybe let’s say you have an
email campaign going out right from your d rim and then you have a text message
going out voicemail drop that all those together statistically there’s a study
done by an e-commerce research company that said all those combined increase
the conversion rate up to one hundred and seventy four percent so that’s
significantly really high and now when you think about I mean that study was
done on people selling you know ecommerce necklaces shoes letters write
those things online if you package that into real estate where you return your
ROI right your eternal investment is you know three four or five hundred thousand
dollar properties or more right and you’re running these systems you’re
you’re you’re working with consumers that need have a longer decision cycle
so they need be nurtured they need to go through an indoctrination pre framing
process to really understand of who you are what you do what you have to offer
and going through that process of going oh well you know this this agent is
everywhere and I are serving up all these things and so the acronym that we
use when we build our funnels we created a methodology called burst so not brand
story brand introduction reciprocity untapped opportunities social proof and
trust those are the those are the ingredients right in your funnel so the
open house one it doesn’t have to be in that order but the open house one is is
really one of the untapped opportunities kind of going hey open houses right
you’re bringing them back into that process so so just going to keep that in
mind this this whole holistic approach of that type of campaign so Matt you I
bet are in someone’s middle of the funnel right now you’re in
someone’s no 4s it’s right you need to yeah the consideration and I think as
you said you know we talked about being omnipresent in that person’s life where
a lot of people make a mistake is if they got a phone call all they do is
they only call back and you don’t try these different touchpoints if you think
of large brands what they’re trying to do is be everywhere in your life they’re
trying to be omnipresent so you want to be in their email so by having these
kinds of automation that creates that lead into your CRM you want your CRM
sending out normal emails market updates and important information so now you’re
in their email channel you want text messages to go out from basically your
automated systems to stay top of mind and to make it easy for that customer to
respond back to you and to get that conversation flowing you want to stay in
front of their Facebook because they’re they’re what living 20 30 minutes a day
of their time basically even longer than that nowadays Travis I don’t even know
anymore statistically it with so with the
Millennial generations threesome is three to four hours a day that they’re
on Facebook and most users on average are around hovering almost rent two
hours a day on on face you know so basically if we think about that they’re
spending more time on Facebook than they are watching TV and so you can get the
same kind of branding in front of that person that has already raised their
hand with you by staying in front of them and running these kinds of ads
during that next lifestyle how long do you suggest that they should
continuously retarget those customers that have made that initial inquiry
ideally I would run that for the entire life cycle of the retargeted audience so
facebook lead ads give you 90 days to retarget Badassdom audience so three
months and you know depends if it’s a buyer or a seller if it’s a seller right
then then you want to maybe issue for something like six months in
okay where you want to have more of a diverse advanced type of campaign um but
for like buyers typically three months and then you would really keep that
stretch however your ads to make sure they don’t reach ad fatigue you need
Brighton through more advanced that target of include exclude kind of
audiences and build out a targeting stacks um that’s definitely you know an
advanced strategy that we do in our agency or that we teach and reteach some
of our coaching plans how to build those advanced funnels I see Robert asked the
question here how much as you expect to spend on Facebook as weekly um well we
research as spent eighty percent of your asset is going to be at the top of the
funnel right your tofu driving traffic to the top of it to really get people to
pour into the custom audiences into retargeting stacks you’re going to spend
about twenty to thirty percent of your budget on the middle of the funnel and
bottom of the funnel so um you know two to three dollars a day and let’s say you
have you know four – anywhere from four to nine different ads and mill the
funnel you’re probably going to spend monthly you could you could have success
with a 300 to $500 budget in advant a month we have clients right now that are
generating you know over a hundred leads a month and in having a full funnel with
only four hundred dollars a month so so that’s happened to what we call this
cost per lead right on Facebook on some of you might be Zillow advertisers and
what you’ll find on Zillow that average cost per inquiry or cost per lead is
going to be somewhere between 50 to as high as $200 for someone to raise their
hand and pray yes I’m interested in seeing at home versus on Facebook if
you’re doing these kind of techniques that basically Travis is teaching here
what’s the cost of those leads on average per individual leads that you
can you can generate um probably three sweeps
anywhere from 50 Cent’s at the lowest that we’ve ever seen all the way to an
you know three three to four dollars but on average we’re looking at probably
around three dollars per lead on on average um lay there for a buyer for
seller you know it’s a little more elusive right that’s kind of like at you
madelung rail up and down that so you’re going to see that like you know once you
know every fortnight that’s going to be around anywhere from seven to fourteen
dollars personally but of course you know so these are precious and typically
with the sell elites right hope you get a listing you generate then another
listing another buyer from that it’s going to recede Elena I see you have a
question here so yes you can retarget people that have interacted with your
facebook lead at forum so in the begin of the webinar we showed here when
you’re creating your custom audience people that interact with your
physically dead form using create a custom audience of a certain amount of
days and you label as your middle of funnel arm and you’re going to be
basically targeting just people that have opened up your form or people that
have opened up your form and felt out the lead at form we want to choose the
greater most often being the greater some so people who open up the lead form
and then that also includes people that open it up and filled it out so that way
if you have a high click-through rate you’ve had three hundred and eighty-five
people click you know open and open it and go to it then maybe out of those the
people that actually open up the add form um even you might have let’s say
two hundred and fifteen of them and then you might have let’s say 75 of them that
are actual leads well you’re going to target right you can target all of this
215 people because that includes everybody so yes you rebuild custom
audiences based on that as well yeah I’ll take Roberts question here what
would be a great ROI for true lead so I think this is a little bit difficult
because it’s dependent upon your market right if you’re in a luxury area
obviously there are is a much higher off of
and transact and then say if you were in Houston where the price range it might
be a little bit lower but I think some real math that you can kind of use is
for every 100 leads that you generate if you have a system in place where you’re
actively following up those leads over an extended amount of time and we mean
being omnipresent with an email a text message an occasional phone call and
continuously being in their Facebook stream you can easily see a 3-2 to 3 to
5% lead conversion rate so if you get a hundred you can easily see out of that
two to five transaction now those two to five transactions just to be absolutely
clear are not necessarily going to happen in that first month because what
we know that when people enter into the market they’re usually going to take
about 10 weeks which is close to three months before they get into escrow
impose a transaction so what you need to take a look at is you need to be willing
to commit to these types of marketing activities for at least a six month time
span because you’re going to start seeing your ROI three and four and five
months out and then all of a sudden it’s really going to start picking up steam
on itself so if we take basically that math and let’s say you generate 1200
leads over a one-year period and that would cost let’s say what four hundred
dollars a month at the most you know Travis basically right maybe you have a
five but you know forty eight hundred dollar investment over the entire year
to generate those leads or to get those people to self-identify and if you
constantly follow up and have the systems and the processes in place to
have multi-touch campaign seem to be on the present with that customer and your
sales skills are really strong you can figure a 2% closing rate on something
like that so you can probably get anywhere between 80 to 120 transactions
now obviously this is dependent upon your sales skills so you need to look in
the mirror and say am ia good salesperson listen to
yourself are you really well scripted and you
have the patience to work these kind of leads the ROI is going to be massive no
matter what because even if you just at the basic basic math if you got less
than one percent conversion on 1,200 you’re still going to see 10 12 13 15
transactions a year and if your price range is let’s say $300,000 those are
nine thousand dollar transaction that’s eighty or ninety thousand dollars
hundred thousand dollars in gross GCI for five thousand dollar investment at
the 20x return on your investment very very doable very very possible but it
does require that you take the time to either learn these system and implement
these systems or do the hard work or implement some kind of automation or
professionals like Travis to build out these campaigns to make sure that
they’re always happening and you’ll see the ROI on that all right so we’re about
an hour and 10 minutes into this I think we’re going to go ahead and wrap this up
on any last kind of closing statements Travis you want to make on this you know
that right now the biggest thing that we’re seeing is people are leaving some
of the older lead sources so you know the kind of a big three right um and and
we talk to people every day that you know saying I was spending thirty five
thousand a month I’m spending five thousand a month you know spending $700
a month and the the cost per lead in those institutions has gone up right and
there’s a lot of competition and now they’re pushing that money directly into
Facebook Facebook is right now basically one of the hottest places to regenerate
right and and so that’s you know it there’s a lot of work that goes into um
turning over any type of client but a lot of this work is built right just
like painting a house right you know do the prep work put up the you know that
the the tape and the job cloth and then that’s now
percent and the rest of it is doing this thing with this type of campaign it’s
evergreen wimpy my evergreen is it constantly is going so if you set it up
correctly this campaign you spend maybe two three days building now it can run
over the course of six months to a year and produce all these leads and
opportunities for you so you’re just going about your day doing what you do
best and leaves are coming in are being followed up on they’re being retargeted
they’re seeing your ads and then they’re going through this psychological process
of seeing you everywhere which is the frequency illusion right of building
more engagement and opportunity to really close them so if anything yeah
take time to invest in yourself and really understand exactly how to operate
these systems right okay well we’re going to be wrapping this up there will
be a replay so we’ll be sending out basically an email when we end this um
this webinar will basically send you over to a page you can learn more about
Travis’s coaching if you want him to basically do all of this for you you can
learn a little bit more about call action and again we appreciate the
opportunity we know that you’ve taken the time to invest basically your
precious time into learning and hopefully you generated some value out
of some of the techniques that we’ve basically shared here I think that
you’ll find a lot of value of watching the replay over and over and taking
notes and watching those screen shares that Travis is doing to walk you through
basically that cycle again please feel free to reach out to either one of us
we’re here to help we’re also all over online so you can find us in all of the
big forums and groups and things like that and we’ll go from there thank you
very much again appreciate the opportunity Travis thank you very much
for being such a great guest and sharing some major knowledge there and I think
everyone’s going to come away with something great thank you again everyone
really appreciate it thank you I bye


  • Turner Mangum

    @Travis. When selecting your detailed targeting/Specific Interest, are you not concerned with Audience Overlapping when you consolidate interest like "Zillow" and "Relator.com" for example? Zillow's audience overlaps with a high percentage (>75%) of realtor.com. Couldnt that throttle your ad budget competing with two similar audiences over a long period of time. I have seen it happen more with long term campaigns with >$50/day budgets.
    Great video and excited to see CA's growth!

  • Edwin Baloloy

    Did Facebook get rid of Behaviors>Residential Profiles in the detailed targeting? I know HUD pressured them to get rid of languages so you can't target ethnicity, but I wonder if they got rid of it across the board?

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