First-look at the Twitter PWA for Windows 10
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First-look at the Twitter PWA for Windows 10

– Microsoft’s about to
release the latest version of Windows 10 called
RedStone 4 and with it comes Progressive Web Apps. Today I’m gonna show you the
first one that’s available. It’s Twitter. Stay tuned. (techno music) Okay, before we get
started, if you don’t know what a Progressive Web App is or a PWA, and how it differs from a
traditional weber apper, well that’s okay, I did a whole
other video explaining it. So go check that out first. Now for those of you who are
on the Windows Insider Program, Twitter is going to be the
first PWA app you can download. In fact it’ll just update
the existing Twitter app to this new format. So here it is the Twitter
Progressive Web App. Now why is this so interesting? Well, this is actually Edge, right? So this is running mobile, through what looks like an app. And it’s a little bit
more than a web wrapper. For instance it doesn’t have
any browser controls to it. It feels like a native app. It has it’s own icon. It watches from the program
list and everything. Now, it’s not all complete yet. This is still a very beta. They’re putting this out there for Insiders to try right now. I’m running this on 17133. And they’re gonna get feedback on it. One of the main features of
PWA, it’s not even on yet. That’s service workers. So that’s coming on when
RedStone 4 actually launches in early April. They’ll be turned on through the store. That’ll allow things
like push notifications, offline caching and more features, that makes this a true app to come online. So right now it doesn’t work like that. Scrolling is very good. If you haven’t tried
Edge yet for RedStone 4, the browsing experience is much better and you get that all here. So it’s very smooth and fast. In fact I just tried
Twitter through Chrome OS. And this is actually way better. Now, not everything works, so
when you go to post a Tweet, you can do photos, you can do your jest, you can do a poll, but you
can’t control paste an image into this yet. So that’s one of the
features that’s coming online a little bit later. There’s also no dark mode yet. We expect that to come too. And you can’t upload videos, but again, that’ll be coming on later. As Twitter themselves
explain, a lot of people don’t upload videos
from the PC to Twitter, but they will be bringing
that feature there as well. Then again, all this stuff is brand new for both Twitter and Microsoft. PWAs have really not launched
into market place yet. So they’re figuring this stuff out. And Microsoft is figuring it out. How it works with UWP, but
it should be pretty neat. Especially what’s cool is you
don’t need to upgrade the app through the store. This will get updates through the web and it will just come through
by refreshing the app. But you do get a dedicated icon. This will be getting push notifications that come through the Action
Center and a lot more features. But overall right now,
it feels really nice. It’s very responsive. It’s quick. It doesn’t crash and
it looks very familiar to all those who run
android or any other version of Twitter. Now one of the weird UI
instances is two back buttons. As you can see here. If you use android in
Twitter that’s actually pretty familiar. Not really sure how
they’ll solve that here, but that’s just one of the
weird UI inconsistencies. They both work. I actually prefer using
the one for the app itself. But as you can see here
everything plays fine, just as expected. So, pretty solid start to Twitter, but we’ll have to see the app evolves over the coming weeks and months. So there’s a quick look at
the first Progressive Web App to hit the Microsoft Store. Now Twitter’s available
for all those currently on Red Stone 4. And if you’re a Stone
or Fall Creators Update you should be getting this OS update later in April. When you do you’ll just
be able to go to the store and download Twitter and you’ll
get what I showed you today. Now if you have any
questions about this app, leave them below and
I’ll try to answer them. If you liked this video
give us a thumbs up. And don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching, take care everybody.


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