• jen tape

    hi zanna, i love your lovely tips for fitness beginners like me. how long time youve been doing this fitness if i may ask. your new friend here.

  • Shaira Etabag

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  • Caroline McCarthy

    Hey! Great video! I am looking at changing my career from Marketing to PT. Just wondering how you managed to become a PT so quickly? Which course did you take? Thanks!

  • Christina McShannon

    Hi Zanna loved the video. You are such an inspiration to me and have really helped to get me back into fitness and lifting weights. I lost my way for a while and really struggled to motivate myself to get back into fitness. It's slowly coming back and I owe a lot of that to your book and watching your videos. Thank you 💜

  • Hellen Le Bacq

    First off, love the video and a peek into your life. Just wondering how you got into going to the gym etc. were you very into it before your gap year?

  • Jon Hipp

    This was amazing Zanna! Such great info and exactly some of the questions I've had recently! If I could double-thumbs up this video, I would. 🙂 KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!

  • Zahra Khimji

    Thanks Zanna, really needed to hear this as I'm starting up my wellness profile at the moment and needed a boost!

  • Lauren HalseyPT

    I was just about to write a comment about how annoying it is that every other person on social media seems to be doing it now to get something out of it rather than just being real – but I seem to have been beaten to it by Susanne (and she put it better than I was going to haha). And side note : I always thought "shit hit the fan" meant it went bad. Never knew it could be used for a positive turn of events. Anyway pointless ramble over, great vid! 🙂

  • Spencer Wilson

    This video is so helpful! Are there any tips you could give to grow an Instagram page after you've started it?

  • Abi Jackson

    Absolutely love this video! Thank you for being so honest 😊 as someone who's just started a health and fitness blog this was so useful and had tonnes of helpful tips!

  • Abi Durrant

    Love this Zanna and everything which you do. Has motivated me to revaluate my goals as PT and where i want to take my business 🙂

  • Lacey Melton

    Happy belated Birthday Zanna!! I Loved this video on so many levels. Thank you for just being down to earth and open about your blog and YouTube channel in that it really takes HARD WORK! As a viewer/subscriber I think it's so easy for us to just think… Oh yay! another video, that's so easy. Or, look at that, another jammed packed blog post on amazing training info. I'm sure she just whipped that up in no time. Hah! To be a fly on the wall and see what you do to prepare, plan, train, learn, read, and research is mind boggling! You Rock!

  • Karli

    I so appreciate your honesty, Zanna. I found myself nodding along. You are so smart and hardworking. And are totally on the money about the booty pics – people want someone who is reliable and motivating instead of something solely aspirational. You're a gem!

  • Joanna Rohlf

    Here from Elle's video! I already explained this on her video, but this helps me so much to know you went through the experience when you made a career change. I am in that boat literally right now myself, and I am both super scared about it, but also extremely motived – Especially knowing I am not the only one who has gone through this. Loved this video and subscribed! 🙂

  • Autumn

    Happy Birthday Zanna!!! Thanks so much for all the great info. It's definitely insightful and super inspiring. Cheers to 24! 🙂

  • Susanne

    This makes me sad in a way, because most of those questions are related to how to make money from blogging in the shortest amount of time. HOLY COW PEOPLE. If you are not willing to blog for yourself (for weeks, months, years or even decades), do not do it at all. Blog is a personal space, where you can express yourself, your journey, your life.. Passion is one thing that you can´t fake and if you blog about your passions (whether it´s fitness, cooking, crocheting or gardening), people will find a way to your content and you will get followers/feedback/be successful. I have been following blogs for almost ten years now and kinda miss the personal vibe blogs used to have before becoming commercial 🙁

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