Five BIG Disney News Stories This Week!

Five BIG Disney News Stories This Week!

hey everybody it's AJ for Disney food vlog today we've got some awesome news stories to share with you you know how sometimes every once in a while I like to share with you when there's huge news weeks and this was one of those situations in Disney so let's get started first up Disney has committed to reducing their plastic waste that they put out there every year and they are going to get rid of single-use straws they are going to reduce the amount of plastic bags they use and they are also going to start using refillable amenities in their resort hotels so what does that mean for you well Disney isn't really clear on what that means for us it could mean more paper straws like they used in animal kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge it could mean that you get the choice to purchase reusable Mickey straw or a regular reusable straw we just aren't sure all of the flushes that they serve in Disney World they now come with a reusable mickey straw so that I'm sure was the start of the test program for this the price went up a little bit of course but you get the reusable Mickey straw which they consider to be a souvenir in the merchandise locations they're going to cut back on plastic bag usage so from the press release it basically says that guests will have the option of buying purchasing reusable bags so I don't know if they're going to not give you plastic bags at all or if you'd have to choose between the two you can get the plastic bag if you want or you can purchase the reusable bag and then the hotel amenities they are going to start using refillable hotel amenities and this is this is something they did when they first opened I think art of animation they put those wall canisters for the shampoo and the conditioner and the lotion over in the restrooms and so it might be a situation like that that they put these wall canisters in all of the bathrooms and the hotels I'm not sure I'm not sure what they're gonna do so we'll see what they did commit to start using some refillable amenities in the hotels all right next up there is a new restaurant coming to Disney Springs this came out of nowhere you guys we had no idea rumors we had no idea Guy Fieri is going to be opening a chicken tender restaurant you know chicken tender quick service restaurants have become all the rage they're all over in my hometown where I live right now there's like ten different chicken tender restaurants and and so Disney Springs is getting its own and this is gonna be Guy Fieri's so they're gonna have chicken tenders and lots of sauces for their chicken tenders and side dishes guy says it's gonna be flavortown we'll see what happens but that restaurants gonna be called chicken guy and it's going to open this summer so it's coming really really soon so stay tuned to Disney food blog join our newsletter and definitely get informed if you're interested in the chicken guy chicken tender restaurant coming to Disney Springs this summer next up be our guest has a brand new prefixed menu that's launched just yesterday and this has been long and coming I think we reported this back in March of 2018 and it just launched so it's a be our guest prefix dinner menu so things like filet mignon and other options are available but your choice I believe of appetizer and entree and dessert but it is all one price so you only pay one specific price and you get those items so we will have a review of this new prix fixe menu up on Disney food blog we probably have it there already go check it out right here and I know a lot of people have been interested in intrigued and what you know what what's this gonna do to the restaurant is this gonna make the reservation availability go up or down because it is extremely pricey and I believe it is a to credit restaurant at this point stay tuned to dfv check out our review and let us know what you think in the comments next up bank bonds opened over in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure bing-bong sweet stuff is the confectionery over there on Pixar Pier bing-bong as you know is the imaginary friend from inside-out and he cries candy tears and so that's a big theme over there in Bing bong so they have lots of cake pops that are inside-out themed they've got Bing bong caramel apples and other Pixar caramel apples they've got exclusive being Long's taffy all kinds of good stuff unicorn bark you guys unicorn bark the biggest deal in there right now please the slush is that they have lots of different flavors lots of different flavor mixes they're basically Goofy's glaciers so they're just slashes that you can get pretty much anywhere but because of all the different flavors and the different mix ins they've got it's an interesting collection for the menu so definitely check that out and go read our full review right here and my favorite news of the week the Food and Wine Festival booths are out in Epcot they just put these out last Friday and we're seeing lots of booths returning which we love and of course they haven't announced the menus yet for food and wine so we really have no idea how many booths there are gonna be or what specific booths there are gonna be but from what we're seeing we're guessing on at the return of a lot of our favorites like hops and barley the France booth will be returning Canada of course of that great cheddar cheese soup and the filet mignon over there so we're expecting to see a lot of our favorites returned Australia looks like a little paint job we were reporting on those menus as soon as we hear about them but in the meantime you can always go pick up our DFP guide to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival that's on sale right now we have a preliminary edition out right now with all of the special events and all of that information in there purchase that guide you'll get the updated final version as soon as those menus come out we'll get it out to everyone who's already purchased absolutely free so there's some great awesome news that we found out this week please let us know your thoughts head over to Disney food blog and read up on the rest of this stuff we want to hear what you have to say in the comments do you like this kind of video do you want us to do more of these where we kind of talk about the news or the new stuff that we found definitely tell us we take your feedback very seriously is AJ for Disney food blog and we'll see you real soon


  • Peter Jacobs

    So much for planning/budgeting in advance. We booked be our guest at the earliest possible time and then made the rest of our dining plans based on our Disney dining plan. Now we won’t be fully covered by the plan now that bog is two credits.

  • Tori M

    I love DFB guide videos they always give me so much advice and since my family is going to Disney world around Christmas I watch these video 24 7

  • 392Firepower

    Way past time to start reducing plastic and straws. But kudos that they finally are doing it. Plastic straws are so unnecessary and one of those things that is an absolute luxury for spoiled people, and nothing more.

  • spacebug30

    I love how they will reduce all the single use plastic stuff! I have heard stories about how in America they use so much plastic, like in a grocery store they put like 2 or 3 things in a bag and then get another one :O Over here, grocery stores don't even have a bag, so you either bring your own or put everything back in your cart and put everything in the car just like that. I can't believe how people can be against reducing plastic, just take one of these little foldable fabric bags with you, they take up very little space and it's always handy to have on with you.

  • Laura Lyons

    Sorry but this is just another way for Disney to act like they care about something and make more money too. Joining the war on straws! Reusable straws are dirty and disgusting as are the soap dispensers on walls in hotel rooms. Hey Disney, why don't you charge for toilet paper in the hotel rooms? Or you could just do a surcharge on the bill. You could also have the hotel guests bring their own towels, maybe sheets too. At approximately $800 a night, your "guests" are already getting a bargain.

  • Sorcerer Heidi

    Wonderful job, AJ. The greatest with the latest! I'd take whatever content you want to give, as long as it involves food, so can slobber over your awesome pics and videos! 🙂

  • briananddeanna Anderson

    Yes Keep us Informed! We all love you AJ! We need a West Coast Disneyland Meet and Greet with you AJ. I know we are not as exciting as the East Coast!

  • j burggg

    I'm enjoying all the crying and whining in the comments. Don't worry, WDW is not banning tissues for all your tears.

  • Kalli Maynard

    I have no interest in:

    lack of real straws, unless they intend to include a straw (which I will then throw away anyway)
    reusable bags because no. I am not bringing a bag to freaking disney parks to carry my stuff.
    those awful wall canisters. They're disgusting. I refuse to use them and I shower less because of it.
    Be our guest's new trash menu. What garbage. There's not even a master's cupcake on it for a dessert option. It's awful. It's honestly worse than the lunch and that's saying something. How you can screw up something like this, I don't even know.
    Anything bingbong. I was glad when it died in that terrible movie.

    The only good thing in this entire video: Food and wine fest info! And the menus are out now!

  • Taywi

    Recently went to a Disney store (which are under the same rules as Disney parks) I was offered a reusable Disney themed bag for an extra charge of about $0.65

  • 2013bandmom

    When we were in WDW in April we stayed at All Star Sports and they had the refillable bottles for Shampoo/Conditioner/Shower gel.  I took a picture, but I don't know how to add it as a comment.

  • candyclan

    I do NOT spend over $500/night to stay in a deluxe hotel to find “restroom dispensers” in my bath! And can you imagine the soap scum and mold that will accumulate around them as they age? Yuk! This is NOT conservation on Disney’s part; this is just a scam to expand their bottom line! Bob Iger is so money hungry; he’s helping the company completely lose their commitment to CUSTOMER SERVICE and MAGIC!

  • Angela Mozingo

    Wondering if they will bring back Light Lab for food and wine this year. It was a huge hit with my son!

  • Gabllie

    I'm very excited about all the Eco things coming up… We need more green ideas!! What about paper bags instead of plastic??? not sure. Thanks for the week review!! :). See you next time!! 😀

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