Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach – Capitulo 1 – Fandub Español [Proyecto Flower]
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Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach – Capitulo 1 – Fandub Español [Proyecto Flower]

The following video may contain very strong images that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Discretion is advised Proyecto Flower Presents To a story of
UnrestedJade To a comic of
TheFluffySlipper Translate by
CIRUSBMAX Chapter 1 *Ahh… We’ve been here for a while now.
It’s strangely quiet… *He’s strangely quiet. *I guess even Papyrus can slow once in a while.
It’s novel, though. *Novel is good. And novel Papyrus is better. *You know, it’s been a while since i did
something like that. Hey, Papyrus? YEAH? You’re my favorite skeleton. OF COURSE I AM! YOU’RE MY FAVORITE MAGICAL
TALKING FLOWER! Aw, shucks! If i had blood,
i’d be blushing right now. A FLOWER WITH BLOOD SOUND
PRETTY GROSS, FLOWEY. Yeah. That would be pretty messed up. *Ahh… Papyrus can always surprise me
like no one else. *No need to rush this… Papyrus, we’re friend, right? YES, WE’RE GREAT CHUMS! I’m glad. UM, IS SOMETHING ON YOUR
MIND, FRIEND? BECAUSE I’M A GREAT LISTENER. As matter of fact. Yes, there is
something on my mind. I was just thinking about how tough you are. REALLY? Yeah. I feel really safe hanging out with you. You wanna know a secret? Did you know i wasn’t always a flower? GET OUTTA TOWN!
REALLY? Yeah, silly goose There a reason there’s no other magical
talking flowers around here, you know. I used to be a really strong monster; a really
rare, special one. I was a BOSS MONSTER! WOWWIE! I know, right? Don’t tell anyone. I bet you’re wondering how a boss monster ended
up as a li’l old flower, huh? It’s a super big secret, so i’ll whisper it to you. I died. Crazy, huh? I should have disappeared, but i got stuck
here, in one of the flowers i fell onto when i died. Don’t ask me how. I could see my own dust around me when
i woke up. THAT’S AWFUL! Yeah. A bunch of humans came after
me when i was just a kid They beat me to death! OH MY GOD!
EVER HEARD Nah. The real kicker is that i was strong enough
to have easily killed them. I could have WIPED THAT MISERABLE
VILLAGE OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. Sorry! It’s a sore spot. I’m sure you understand. Getting murdered is no
fun at all, gosh! I…
I BET NOT. I didn’t believe in fighting back then. I was just a kid!
A nice kid. You weren’t born yet, but i net if you’d been there with
me, you’d have projected me for sure! ABSOLUTELY! NO WAY WOULD I THE GREAT PAPYRUS. HAVE
SO TERRIBLE TO A CHILD? The world is a cruel, could place, Papyrus.
It’s kill or be killed out there, you know? I didn’t want to believe it, and look where mercy got me. You always pull your punches, too. I don’t know how strong you are for sure. Could you really have saved me? Could you have killed them, or would
you have made the same mistake i did? I… I don’t want to bum you out, Papyrus. I’d like my sad fate to do some good in the
world, you know? I told you my secret because i
thought it might help you. HELP ME? I DON’T FOLLOW YOU. Well, silly. I want you to learn the lesson i died to learn. We’re going to try a little exercise, if you don’t mind. I, UM… I THINK I MIND. A LOT.
IF IT’S ALL THE SAME TO YOU. I’m going to attack you, Papyrus.
For real. And i want you to fight me. I want you to fight me for real. I want to see what you can do when
you don’t pull your punches. I-I DON’T WANT TO FIGHT YOU. I know you don’t, friend. But if you don’t, then i’ll have to
find another way to teach you the lesson. Now, i know the great Papyrus wouldn’t dream
of running away like a coward, would he? Because that would disappoint me PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T WERE FRIENDS,
AREN’T WE? Of course we are, you silly goose. You are my favorite, after all. Now, are you ready to fight like your
life depends on it? BECAUSE GUESS WHAT? IT DOES Good boy. To be continue Subtitles by Proyecto Flower


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