Fotos y Videos de Facebook en Kodi
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Fotos y Videos de Facebook en Kodi

Hello again INFONAUTES … welcome or welcome to a new installment of your YouTube Channel INFODUCTIVE this time I bring you a very interesting add-on with which we will be able to have our photos and videos of our Facebook account available … yes, you heard them well Facebook content within our Kodi … interesting right? … we started! the first thing we are going to do is to go to addons, we’re going to give the package from the top left and we will select install from repository because this add-on I’m talking about is inside the official repository of Kodi … click on Kodi Add-on repository and let’s go down until Add-ons of programs. In program addons we have to look Facebook media here it is click on it and we give the button to install let’s wait for it to download and tell us it’s activated how you see is installing the dependencies, remember (it is already!) remember to have installed the resolves that I already explained in a previous video and how do you see we have Facebook media enabled … we are going to go back we are going to put in addons of programs and here we have Facebook media let’s click on him how do you see it appears … initialize … authorize Well, what we have to do is precisely what is indicating us here is to enter the website that is called A) Yes so that I’m going to open Google Google Chrome remember that you can commute I can switch with Alt + Tab … it can also be done with the windows banner and with the tabulator alt + Tab we give him this we have to do exactly with the same equipment, with the same device it gives us 5 minutes, it seems to me they are, and here we have the code that my is giving me: YZ2H-V7VC … always the same as YZ2H-V7VC sorry … YZ2H-V7VC YZ2H-V7VC YZ2H-V7VC YZ2H-V7VC … to each one will give you a code and once entered we give to enter and shows up to start the session. We started the session putting our data and our password … remember that this will allow let’s have access I will continue as Pedro and so I will have available, already this, the full authorization we come back al Kodi we wait a little It is done! it appears to us that the authorization has been carried out correctly, this is simply and simply so that our complement have access to our account, in this case mine, is this to our Facebook account and from here how do you see, we can see the albums that we have I’m going to click to show the albums that we have that I have many the instagram photos as you see they appear different contents and I’m showing them we can use this to have direct access and if we click on any of them As you see, it shows us in full screen and as always with add-ons even if it’s from programs with the image complements using the cursors we can go to the next photograph, the next, the next and so on successively, as you see, we have inside our Kodi our own content our Facebook content … interesting right? good… I hope this information has been helpful … remember that here at the top we are indicating what it is if we press upwards as you see, we are changing we also have access to the content of our friends, photos and videos in which we appear … good! It’s interesting, right? … I hope this information has been helpful remember to subscribe to the channel … remember to leave comments … like also remember that, based on the amount of likes, according to the themes, is what I take as a reference to know what type of content I have to continue creating … thank you very much to all … see you soon INFONAUTA


  • Jose Joaquin Berenguer

    Muy bueno si señor, me gustaría subir este vídeo tutorial tuyo en un foro que participo muy a menudo, eso sí solo con tu permiso y todos tus derechos puesto que solo lo subiría para que los amigos del foro sepan como hacerlo, no te canses nunca del trabajo que haces pues nos estas ayudando mucho.
    Cuidate Máquina, un abrazo

  • iann mendez

    no funciona al entrar al apagina que indicas y meter el codigo le doy enter y se queda en blanco y en kodi sigue esperando y nada


    Con registro te refieres a ajuste,, porque alii tilde una opción de aceptación,, igual yo tengo una caja Android,, al volver a la pantalla anterior,, me trae un código nuevo,, gracias

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