Google Chrome Material Design Update 69– What’s new? What’s different?
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Google Chrome Material Design Update 69– What’s new? What’s different?

It is so exciting Google has updated the Chrome browser to version 69 and it is a material design What does that mean? I’ll show you today on dottotech Steve dotto here how they have you doing this fine day. At Dottotech We make technology easy so you can do more now today We’re gonna be taking a look at the new refreshed version of Google Chrome Which Google released in the 10th anniversary of the launch of their now legendary web browser Google Chrome? And they’ve now incorporated something called Material Design into their overall design of Chrome I don’t know about you, but I had no idea of what material design is It’s probably something I should know but I admit I didn’t know so I google-searched it and listens what I came up with Sit back and relax and learn about material design on dottotech Material design is a visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science Do you feel better informed now? no, neither do I let’s scroll down and take a look the goals of it are to create a Visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of Technology and science Nope Unified developing a single underlying system that unifies the user experience across Platforms devices and input methods that makes a little bit of sense to me Ok, so a common interface that works on all of our devices all of our operating systems. Ok I understand now a little bit of what material design is Reading through it. If you want to know more. It’s it’s they just want to create more of a real-world Physical metaphor to a certain extent. I’m not explaining it well Here’s what we see when we see material design in the browser. Here’s our new version of the browser It looks pretty much the same. Doesn’t it? But what’s different here is along the top now. They have little vertical lines instead of angled lines separating our tabs That’s pretty much it. I Know I’m gonna get vilified by the design community, but I think it’s pretty much a tempest in a pot of tea what is new is they’ve actually Developed some new and created and released some new underlying technology in the Chrome browser Which to me is far more exciting than vertical izing my-tabs Here’s what they’ve added Oh Before I go on if you don’t know if you have the new version or if you if your chrome has not updated just go under the about Chrome menu and there in about chrome it will check for updates and it will allow you to relaunch Chrome with the latest version if you don’t have The latest build already installed that is the easiest way to get to the the new version now here, there’s two areas that Google has I think significantly improved what chrome does the first is in the omnivore? The aamna bar is what we used to call the address bar now They have made it all curvy now, which is nice but a while ago they started to change how we interface with the address bar in the Chrome browser, and they Renamed it the aamna bar which allowed us to as we type information in it gives us instant access to what we’re looking for Rather than having to go to a web page. So for example, I’m a football fan and I want to see what the Seattle Seahawks Score is in their football game. I type in Seattle Seahawks and as I type in The name it comes up with the score of the last game so I can be disappointed Instantly without having to go to a page to look at the scores. There it is So I see the list now if I want to see what the weather’s like in Seattle this week Instead of searching in and going to a weather site as I start to type in the word weather It gives me the current weather conditions So it’s trying to anticipate what we’re looking for and fill in that information and it’s it’s pretty robust in what it does I think if you pay attention to what’s happening in the omnivore you type in search queries or type in different things in You’re probably pleasantly surprised with how much information is portrayed in how much it saves you time. For example, what day? is Esther And there it is it comes up with Sunday April 21st and 2019, that’s what if people don’t know What day is Easter if they have if they’re worried about that? I what’s the exchange rate? I’m in I’m in Canada And I want to go US dollar exchange rate and there it comes up with one Canadian dollar knows I’m in Canada is 77 US cents. There we go I know and I can be depressed instantly looking at how the Canadian dollar is doing against the US counterpart So the aamna bard gives us instant access to a lot more information pay attention to what’s happening there I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised the other big change that they’ve added is again subtle, but built into the autofill in password area, which if you haven’t checked out you should probably take a look at go into your settings in chrome and There you’ve got payment methods and addresses as well as passwords all clustered right here at the top So the first changes in the password area chrome will save passwords for you It always has saved web passwords for you But now it will suggest cryptic passwords Much like the way we do in LastPass or one password or some of the other more advanced password managers It still doesn’t have the sharing features and some of the other things that those tools have but it now will suggest far better and more cryptic passwords for you to use If as you as you’re creating new accounts on sites, that’s that’s a good idea for them to have added While you’re on it even though they haven’t changed this you should check out what’s happening in the payment methods in the Addresses area because this is something that’s just a good idea to refresh as far as your relationship with your Chrome browser at various times when you’ve purchased things in the past Chrome has said would you like me to save your credit card information or your Address and it saves that so that you can autofill forms in the future to speed things up So make sure that you’re comfortable with the information that’s being saved in these that’s all I’m saying is go ahead and make sure that the address is accurate as far as as far as your as far as your autofill and that you’re happy to have your credit cards stored in the payment system if you do have a Credit card stored with them and make sure that it’s the correct number and everything is up to date and if you’re uncomfortable Having your credit card stored in Chrome well Go ahead and delete it from Chrome and then enter it manually the next time it’s up to you to take Responsibility for your personal privacy Chrome’s gonna try and give you some nice benefits of flexibility and convenience by storing it for you But you might not be comfortable with that your decision all in all I think that the you know The as I say the actual material design part of this might be a little bit of a tempest in a pot of tea But some of the additional functionality of the new Chrome browser I kind of like I think that they’ve done a good job in adding to our browsing experience with the new version of Chrome I love reading your comments and suggestions. So please post below. I do read every single one If you like this video Please give it a like and share it with your friends or colleagues who may find it useful Now make sure you’ve subscribed and hit that notification bell And if you have time check out some of our other videos right over there till next time I’m Steve dotto Have fun storming the castle


  • Bryson C.Y

    I was wowed when it auto-update this morning and looked for your video to see whats in the new update. Thanks for the video @dottotech , it keeps me informed about current tech 😉

  • Manny Barajas

    Material design from what I recall has been a thing Google has been pressuring for the last 4 or so years and making everything look the same. One of the biggest changes was when they changed the old Google logo to the one we see now, that was before of Material Design. Everything after 4.4 Kit Kat has been following more of that material design (it's been a while and I have been very out if the loop but that's what I recall)

  • Nicholas Backwell

    The update to Chrome on Android looks like it has but foreground changes than the desktop version. I don't like the new tabs but welcome the background improvements!

  • Ryan

    Here's something that's new: Google Chrome ruined PornHub thumbnails. I can no longer view thumbnails for videos on PornHub that were not previously cached. Good job, Google. Ruining my browser experience 1 forced update at a time.

  • Philippe Doyle Gray

    Material design = make the tabs more square. I thought I broke one of my extensions, but no, it’s synthesising design and science.

  • Brajendra Vikram Singh

    While I was watching this, I opened my PC and launched chrome. It was updated to the latest version! All this time I was waiting for it to update automatically, but it didn’t. But just as I learned how to update it, it was already updated! Not that I’m complaining or anything 😁

  • Tattvavit dāsa

    I don't like the design of the tabs. I don't really mind the straighter tabs. I'm not talking about that. In full screen mode, I used to be able to access tabs if I pointed my mouse at the top of the screen. But now, I can't. See I have a 13" MacBook. And while doing my work, I want as much real estate of the screen for my work as possible. So I want that entire top to disappear from sight but still accessible if I want to change tabs. Chrome did that very well until this update. I think the people working at Chrome Material Design team don't use Chrome browser. Otherwise, how can they come up with this kind of a design?

    And regarding the suggestions and predictive info in the omni bar, Chrome was doing it well before this update. I have been using it for months now. So I don't see a point in the update really.

  • Antoine Dupont

    it surprised me this morning when I opened my chrome browser – LOL when you read descriptions written by engineers!! (I'm more confused after reading it then I was before)

  • Leafnovice

    Material Design, huh ? Not sure which psychotic substance the developers were on when they came up with their definition of 'Material Design' but it sure did work !! What a load of utter baloney

  • John Marshall

    “Material Design” is Google’s design parameters and it’s been around for quite a while. Basically, it’s very simplistic design not muddied up with unneeded design elements.

    With that said, this Chrome update is visually gorgeous… but functionality wise, it’s sluggish compared to the previous version.

  • jaltok

    Closed captions have a few issues that should be cleaned up, or at least give the community the ability to suggest corrections. #accessibility

  • Yadvendra Jadon

    Thanks Steve for this one.

    Update to version 69 today. I was wanting to understand "material design" and landed up here – always the easier way out.

  • Irene Sutton

    Thanks Steve. Good to have a reminder to check my addresses and payment details, I normally just set these up and forget about them. Good video and I hadn't realised I have been using the new version!

  • Robert Spiller

    Wow this sounds great but things are going too fast. Guess what! I tried to see if my chrome browser was updated, did exactly what you said, but didn't see what you showed us in the video….so how do I find out if I have the latest version now…

  • Dave Hatch

    I got 4 seconds in and instantly recognized this voice, flashbacks to the early 2000's of Dottos Data Cafe! You taught a generation then and continuing to share your knowledge now 🙂 Glad to see you on the screen sir!

  • carole jones


  • Google Name

    Why would you use their products? Read the latest leaked memo Google execs are fighting to hide. Read the Intercept article. They’re working to create a censored internet for the COMMUNIST Chinese government and I guarantee they’ll use the tools developed in the United States and around the world.

    Blocking searches for human rights? Democracy? Peaceful protest? This is beyond disturbing. This is next level Orwellian 1984 EVIL and you’re fueling it.

  • Amir Paydar

    It's absolute garbage. I used to be able to easily sign into multiple Gmail accounts like my one for work, school, and personal, and now I have to log in every single time instead of having the quick launch. Plus the rounded tabs and new tab page are driving me insane. Google sucks ass, I'm moving to firefox.

  • 1110jesse

    For some reason my chrome, ever since the latest update, doesn't work well. Have some issues with flash player always asking for permission and then crashing.

  • sachin kulkarni

    Chrome 69. So much freshness and newness added to a service we can live without 😂

    Read through :

  • Keith Morley

    Most people use Google Chrome. I am sorry Firefox is not faster! Firefox is not more secure, or any other web browser than Google Chrome.

  • The Lions Kiln

    I don't really mind the stylized changes. What is getting me is it has slowed right down upon opening/starting up. Used to be able to jump right in when opening Chrome, now it is taking 10-15 seconds to load, maybe more, and becomes unresponsive until it fully loads. So I jumped back to Firefox Quantum for now until this is resolved or I fix it on my end. What is going on? Anyone have any ideas? This happening to others?

  • The Meme Lord

    I fucking despise this update, its ugly, laggy, buggy, and broken, the first time I logged on sync was already fucking broken, it lagged worse than internet explorer, and i don’t even use any of the new features. I loved the last update everything was quick, easy and compact, this update is the Sonic 06 of Chrome

  • Tobias Wang Jørgensen

    HOW THE FUCK do you get back the normal design? This update blocks the chrome flag that changes the layout. WHY THE FUCK IS THAT?? HELP, or I'm going back to fucking Internet Explorer!

  • james spinella

    I like the new design it’s refreshing and comfortable I like how the I can have my gmail on one screen and chrome on another and everything looks uniform.
    I dig it.

  • Jessica Karl

    I updated to the iOS 12 on my iPad and it wiped out my apps that I purchased and some I got from iTunes. They are listed in my settings but no apps on my screen, ???

  • Casey Newman

    Not only is the design clunky and frustrating, but every time I try to upload anything to Google Docs for work, the entire thing crashes. I've started having to switch over to Safari just to upload work. It's also refusing to remember any of my passwords for emails and websites, no matter how many times I click for it to "remember me." Is anyone else struggling with this?

  • Habanero Jones

    It's clunky; flash settings reset all the damn time, auto-fill is obsolete as your settings will reset every time you exit the browser. Log in to sites running flash, you'll have to allow flash the next time you visit and log in all over again. This is iTunes and U2 album bundle all over again. Selfish to do something to celebrate YOUR anniversary by changing how users navigate sites with your browser – nobody wanted this.

  • Conceited Boy

    what i hate about the new update is how youtube looks ( im using the previous version of the new youtube btw) everything looks so small now and thats what i hate

  • Zia Siddique

    Another Great Video. Thank you. One thing that seems to be a common theme is that lots of things are hidden away in settings and it is not always clear what is stored and where. Would be helpful if Google and these other companies make it easier to let you know where everything is kept and what is stored. Most users will have an idea that type of data that is stored but if Google made it eeasier to find this data and then the user can take control of what his stored. What do you think?

  • Sergio Díaz Nila

    when chrome came first, the 1 reason i loved it, is because it was minimalist, all about content, now is as bloated as the old browsers were.

    and all this functionality is just to spy you

  • wynnbeez

    I hate the tabs. I always chose Google Chrome because it was sleek clean fast and uncluttered and you could get in and out of multiple windows fast now is just sluggish slow and clumsy

  • wynnbeez

    I’m ready to change to Firefox which is what are used at one point anything is better than 10 year anniversary of Google chrome on a smart phone

  • wynnbeez

    I wish I had never allowed my Smartphone to update to the new Google Chrome update. I wish there was as a good ay I could uninstall the new version and reload the older version. On my iPhone, opening multiple windows/tabs is slow, clumbsy and frustrating. Much slower switching between tabs.

  • விஷ்ணு கார்த்திக்

    WELP, Time to uninstall Chrome and install Opera. I started using chrome when i found it to be a better experience than using IE NOW i'll stop using it because i find it not to be anymore.

    THAT'S IT, I'm NEVER coming back! This UI can go straight to hell.

  • Deluxe Edition

    I'm not sure if it was an update to chrome or what that did this, or maybe an update youtube had, but after I was force-updated youtube went back to looking like a really older version and it's not giving me the option to stream youtube videos to my sister's xbox anymore or anything like that, is anything like this happening to anyone else???

  • Threelly AI


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