Google Classroom Updates Classroom Stream – move a  post to top
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Google Classroom Updates Classroom Stream – move a post to top

Hi everyone this is Brad – nice new updates
in Google classroom the first one is the ability to go into your stream and move
an item to the top quickly and easily so your students can find it so that is a
nice feature the other one is the ability to go in we’re gonna go into the
settings gear and classwork on the stream which you can now do is show
attachments and details I don’t want to select that and select see if and I’ll
show you what it’ll look like so if you go into classwork I’m just going to
create a sample assignment so just call it sample and sample and then what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna go into drive we’re just gonna let lets go this item
right here what you can do is you can instantly assign it and what’s really
nice when I students go in on the stream they can now easily see that there is a
file to take a look at right there if you want to change it back just to show
you here you can go ahead back show condensed notifications and if we go
back into the stream you can see now it just has that there is a new assignment
so they would need to select that and go from that so if you have any questions
let me know thanks for watching take care bye bye

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