Google Home Features Update – April 2019
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Google Home Features Update – April 2019

it’s been a busy two months since our
last Google home features update video in that time Google has rolled out some
really impressive updates for the Google Assistant for your Google home devices
now if you’re not all caught up yet on our Google Home features update videos
click the card in this video I’ll also leave a link below in the video
description to a curated playlists of all of our Google Home features
updates videos that you need to know about so definitely go check those out
if you’re not all caught up you can binge them now it’s great but for this
video we’re going to be talking about what Google has recently announced and
there are some big updates here including interpreter mode podcasts on
speaker groups ride-sharing with the Google Assistant continued conversations
on smart displays and much more now do you note that these features have
launched or are about to launch in the US for the English version of the Google
Assistant if you live outside of the US or you use a Google Assistant language
other than US English you may not see all of the features that you see in this
video just yet alright with that let’s talk about our first feature which is
something I’ve been asking Google for for a long time you can now play
podcasts on speaker groups this feature is actually part of Google’s new google
podcasts service you can download the google podcasts app for your Android
device and there are rumors that Google will be coming out with an iOS version
as well Google podcasts in the simplest
explanation I can give just syncs all of your podcasts across all the devices
that you would be listening to a podcast on to play a podcast on a speaker group
just tell Google to play the podcast name on the speaker group name here’s an
example play the latest episode of the podcast The Verge cast on Josh’s bedroom
speakers alright playing The Verge cast Apple unveils credit card streaming
plans and more on Josh’s bedroom speakers you can play the podcast on your Google
assistant app on your phone stop it and then pick it up again on a Google home
device now most of the time it will pick up where you left off if you hit stop on
one device and then pick it up on another device in my testing sometimes
when you just pause it on one device and then try to pick it up again Google
doesn’t always start it off where you left off in the podcast on a previous
device so hopefully they will be improving the reliability of this
feature in relation to speaker group features Google rolled out a brand new
feature to the Google Assistant smart display devices that allows you to
control the group volume of speaker groups as well as the individual
speakers within the group which previously you could only do from the
Google Home app or using your voice it’s really great and this is hands down the
Google Assistant/Google Home feature I have been using the most so far this
year that’s a new feature in 2019 I have a lot of Google smart displays now in my
residence and when I’m playing music and walking around my residence and I need
to adjust the volume of a speaker in a speaker group I don’t have to have my
phone on me I can just go walk right up to a display in the room adjust that
speaker’s volume or the entire group’s volume speaking of smart displays
interpreter mode has finally gone live for Google smart displays interpreter
mode can help you translate between two people speaking two different languages
live in real-time on a Google Smart display now at launch the translator
mode works with 26 languages I’ll be sure to drop a link below in the
description to google’s blog post about interpreter mode where it goes over
which languages are supported and some more details about how the technology
actually works in case you’re interested to get started just say interpreter mode
and the Google Assistant on your display will enter interpreter mode you can tell
Google what language you want it to translate to and then simply speak and
it’ll translate ok before start talking make sure to wait until
you hear this sound let’s start excuse me sir could you tell me where the
bathroom is these famous in your father he has the cinema donde esta el baño
it’s like something out of Star Trek there are just so many use cases where
this technology could be very useful for example hotel concierge services or if
Google decides to roll this out on mobile phones which I mean come on
they’re totally gonna do that if you could use the Google Assistant on a
mobile phone when you’re traveling to a foreign country where you do not know
the local language this is going to be a lifesaver no longer are you going to
have to try to crush on a online dictionary or even Google Translate to
just translate simple phrases having a live real-time interpreter mode to get
around a city that you don’t know the language that is just ah it’s like Star
Trek it’s a future that I definitely want to sign up for to get out of
interpreter mode you can just use the displays main UI gesture to go back
which is a swipe from the left edge of the screen across it one major feature
for the Google Assistant that recently dropped is being able to book an uber or
lyft ride-sharing service with the Google assistant you can look up the
prices for lyft or uber from your Google Home devices and it’ll tell you the
average fare to your destination how much will it be to get a lift from
Austin International Airport to downtown Austin okay lift to downtown prices
started about $9 I’ve sent the options to your phone I need an uber from Austin
International Airport to downtown Austin okay uber to downtown prices started
about 17 dollars if you use the Google Assistant on your phone it’ll take you
to the ride-sharing app and you can finish booking your ride share there now
just as a reminder for those iPhone users out there you can actually have
the Google Assistant on your eyes we actually did a video on this a few
months ago I’ll link it here as a card in the video pause this video and go
watch that in case you’re interested also leave a link to it below in the
video description next up Google has added and expanded to
its cards when you ask it what it can do both on displays and on your mobile
phone it’s super useful to ask Google this from time to time because you never
know what new abilities you may discover that have been rolled out to it for
example in prepping for this video I asked Google what it could do scroll
through the options and click manage photos I for one had no idea that you
could have the Google Assistant show a list of your recent photos in a grid
view like they are on your mobile phone and you can just swipe through them with
the touch of a finger there are lots of other things you’ll probably discover by
just asking Google what can you do moving on our next topic isn’t a new
feature for the Google Assistant but I did want to mention it because it could
have major ramifications for why people choose Google Home speakers and Google
home smart displays and that is because if the rumors are correct from outlets
like Engadget, Apple Music will be making its way to Google home speaker
devices and smart displays at some point this year there’s no word on timing for
this yet but as soon as we know we’ll let you know now this makes sense from
Apple’s strategy they just brought Apple Music – Alexa devices made by Amazon
earlier in the year so this totally aligns with their corporate strategy for
Apple Music to bring it to a device like Google Home devices next up changing the
color of your smart lights with the Google Assistant
you’ve been able to ask Google to change your lights to a certain color for a
while now but Google has officially rolled out a way for you to do this with
touch through the smart displays as well as the Google home app just click on a
light group on either a Google smart display or in the Google home app then
click colors and then you can select the color you want to change the lights to
no more having to mess with multiple apps just to change
color of your life and do you know this should work with multiple lighting
manufacturers and it definitely works with the Philips you brand next up
another update for those of you who have Google Home smart displays continued
conversations has rolled out to Google smart displays now with continued
conversations you can basically say a trigger word then your query and then
directly follow it up with another query without having to say the trigger word
again so it cuts down on the amount of time you have to use the trigger word to
trigger the Google Assistant now this feature has been available for some time
on Google Home smart speakers but now it is available on both smart speakers and
Google smart displays Google who speak pleaded yet according to Wikipedia Peter
Paul Montgomery Buttigieg is an American war veteran politician and the
mayor of South Bend Indiana our custard and ice cream similar on the website they say both ice cream and frozen
custard are made with milk cream and sugar
the additional ingredient that gives frozen custard its creamy texture is
pasteurized egg yolk the last thing I want to give you an update on is
multiple lists with the Google Assistant a while back Google announced that they
had improved the functionality with lists and the Google assistant where you
could create and add to a list that wasn’t the default shopping list for the
Google Assistant create a new list okay what do you want to call it random ideas
okay starting a list called random ideas what do you want to add mini jet ski for
squirrels they’ve started to roll this out but so far I found this feature to
only work with the Google assistant on my phone and Google smart speakers and
not the Google Assistant on my Google smart displays the Google Assistant can
create new lists as well as tell me what’s on them and add items to them but
when I go and ask my Google smart displays to either add something to
another list or tell me what’s on it it just doesn’t
work we’ll keep testing this and let you know when this feature works a little
bit better across all of googles devices but for now it looks like it’ll work
just fine for google smart speakers and the Google
Assistant on mobile devices well that’s all the updates for today if you like
this google home features update video it would be awesome if you could hit
that thumbs up button below and subscribe to the channel if you’d like
to see more Google home features update videos like this one for 6 Months Later, I’m Josh Teder, thanks for watching


  • Why So Serious?

    I don't seem to get the choice to adjust the group volume on my google home hubs. Is there something that you had to turn on in the app to get this to work…you didn't really explain how you did it. When I touch the screen like you did…I don't get that choice…

  • Lolek Bolek

    Newsflash Josh, there is conversation mode in Google translate for a long time. It does the same thing as interpreter mode.

  • Janelee Keller

    Appreciate ALL Google Devices Updates Josh 👍

    Thanks once Again 😊,
    JaneLee 🕊️
    4:51 AM

    Good Luck navigating April Fool's Day Josh 😏 !

  • David Hemingway

    What about using the Google Home app in two physical locations such as a regular residence and a vacation residence. Control from one app on one phone.. Thanks

  • Robert Wielinga

    Nice all those new features. But please Google, make this Hub available in more countries and more languages. Because we want to buy and use this Hub in our smart homes in Europa! Every video I watch makes me wanting it more.

  • Nclght

    Apple music on Google home..
    lol I think that's a setup. As soon as a large number of people on Google use Apple Music, Amazon will suspend the service on Google products unless Google restores youtube on Amazon products. Brilliant maneuver… let's see if Google is a chess player.

  • Allen Buning

    I have the mini .. Hub and regular google home .. I only have disconnect issues with my hub.. I cannot figure it out.. Will disconnect for long periods of time.. And alot of the time i have to unplug it and plug it back in

  • tsbio

    Maybe they have changed it but awhile back I tried to create groups were one group was all the downstairs speakers plus upstairs kitchen speaker and another group with just the downstairs speakers. It appeared that I could not have the same speaker in two different groups.

  • steve

    Apple Music on google home hub – then I will buy one – for now will just use my Sony tablet as my home hub for the bedroom – with the google smart alarm clock app features you stop the alarm and it gives you your google news , weather, calendar 📅 and so on but can also play Apple Music when asked google to play something – have only just found all these features within the google clock app

  • Tomáš Slepička

    I really like your videos. What kind of router you use that you can have so many devices connected at same time? When I reached about 45 devices my router asus rt ac3100 started having problems. Everything kind of works but often keep having outages. Specially casting services and some smart lights are having issues.

  • Ethan Treachler

    why would you buy something with a microphone from a company that's made billions probably just off your data…………………………..

  • herrjonna2007

    If Im not all caught up, you should just give me a short summary instead of using 36 seconds to tell me to click a link.

  • Vlad Popovici

    Also a very cool thing worth mentioning after the April update is this:
    Before, in routines, when you added a custom action like "Turn off manual control for the thermostat in living room" or "Unlock the main door", the Google Assistant would speak back to you "Ok, turning off manual control…" , and just repeated everything. Now, it does the actions SILENTLY, no more stupid talk back confirmations…

  • Mr. Jordan

    man, in germany, we dont have access to buy a google home hub….looks really nice…the google smart display is ugly imho

  • Trance Tallentine

    So stupid – when I'm working around house I like to listen to jordan peterson compalations (on youtube) while I work. I have 8 google homes in my house –

  • J. H. S.

    Why does Google home put istself always on "quiet" instead of keeping the loudbness the user wants ? After each fuicking night I have to check whather this fuckingt miserable tools still is loud enough forme or not. So what is this shit ?? I.e. setting an alert on loudness level 1 is utterly useless !!!

  • Lord Aries

    @6 Months Later Reviews what are the key differences in hardware on the new google home hub version? is there any reason to pick this one over the old one if I don't need a translator or podcast sync?

  • Nawit Atd

    I'm now using 3 different apps in Android to cast to my 3 LG Google Assistant/Chromecast built-in at the same over my Wi-Fi. It's not a problem because I'm not casting music but Dishwasher sound to block out my neighbors. So it doesn't matter how unsynced they are now, but if I wanted to play music obviously I couldn't do that.

    The problem is with Google refusing to fix their Home App so that the speaker group would work. Obviously the hardware is working fine, and technically there would be no need for the Home App, a third party app could sync and cast to 3 speakers also. But there is no other app, and nowhere can you even find people talking about this bullshit probably because Google is censoring it and possibly because it only happens to me because Google has it in for me. Fuck Google and fuck LG though.

  • Andy John

    Hey Josh, I have created some Albums in google photos but google home photo frame app says no albums found and to try again later, do you no how to fix this?

  • Kurt Love

    I kinda want one of these. But idk if I really need it? Like my phone ready does all the things it does….but still lol

  • Ruben Kelevra

    Still no continues conversation in German. It's so stupid, since the conversation features itself work fine, the mic just deactivates instantly. 🙄

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