Google Home New Updates and New Features for June 15 2018
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Google Home New Updates and New Features for June 15 2018

Hello everyone. Thanks for tuning in
again. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve given you a Google Home and a
Google Assistant update for new products and new features in 2018 related to those great voice assistants. Let’s get going. The big news this week related to the Google
Home is the fact that it can now handle three queries at once from you.
So go ahead, put an “and” between your three queries and you can go ahead and
you’ll get three things to action from Google Home. I’ve been doing it already
in my home. It’s an instant update and it’s instantly available for you in all
kinds of countries. One of the things that we’re starting to see is the entry
of Smart Display settings and features in the Google Home application. So we are now seeing when you’re looking at different settings, and even
some of the applications in the Google Assistant store, we’re starting to see
if something is available for a Smart Display (with Google Assistant) it’s actually saying it at the bottom of the page there now. On that note, Lenovo came out, they had for a
small time on the B&H website, I think this was a mistake,
there was a pre-order opportunity for two of their Smart Displays with the
Google Assistant on board. So get ready for those. Those are going to come out and I think you’re going to see a lot of pre-orders from a lot of different
makers now that it’s being integrated into the Google Home and the Google
Assistant applications. Xbox One is going to get both the Alexa Voice Assistant and the Google Assistant here. It’s not quite clear today whether or not Alexa and the
Google Assistant are going to be able to control everything on your Xbox, but this
feature is coming for Xbox users and you’re going to be able to choose Google Assistant over Microsoft’s own Cortana. Every couple of mornings, I head down to
a Starbucks and I go I get a coffee and I use the app to pay for it. Now you can of
course order ahead right now, but what’s even better is now with your Google Assistant or your Google Home, you can go ahead and
order Starbucks, as well as from Applebee’s, and from Dunkin’ Donuts. So a
lot of new makers or a lot of new coffee shops. They’re ready for you to go
ahead and order through your voice assistant, and then you can just show and
and the payment’s already complete through your Starbucks app. Something
that we’ve seen back and forth between Google and Amazon is a real battle in
terms of trying to get kids using their voice assistants. Now the Google
Assistant has four new apps associated with it. Some of these are pretty
familiar names. There’s Learning Time with Timmy, Moshi Twilight, Little Baby
Bum, who really grew up on YouTube, and HarperCollins, which is a big children’s
book maker. So these applications that are available from these different
children’s content builders, they’re going to help you with routines with
your toddler, they’re going to help you with night time with your toddler, there are
storybook applications, there’s all kinds of opportunities here for you to
get extra functionality out of your Google Home or your Google Assistant, and really help your child understand something. As we’ve seen in the past
Google Assistant continues to develop and grow out in all kinds of countries
around the world. Google Assistant is now available in Thai on both tablets and phones. So again
more languages jumping into the Google Assistant, and these are always
precursors to the Google Home showing up in those markets. So I think we know
where Google Home is headed next. Now in a previous video I mispronounced
something and I’m not going to do it here. But a major major French grocery store, Carrefour, which is actually the largest grocery retailer in France has actually teamed up with
Google. And if you’ve been paying attention to what Google is doing on the
retail front, this is a pairing made in heaven so to speak. And
what they’re basically doing is they’re fighting Amazon’s expansion in France in
terms of grocery and retail growth, but Google is also able to fight kind of
fire with fire with a new or an improved online store. If you’ve been
following Google in terms of their design, and some of their new code and
what what they kind of announced as their new standard design, they call it
Material Design and Material Design is being integrated into the Google
Assistant, in the Google Home applications, as we go forward here.
There’s a new “Coming Up For You” section that has the new material design or
material theme within it. The assistant app through this gains a section called
“Keep Track of Things” which they’re thinking will include the orders and
reservations, upcoming trips, notes, lists
other things like that. The second large redesign was basically around Podcasts
and I think if you’ve used the Google Assistant, or the Google Home application
for that matter, to try and find a podcast, it’s pretty much impossible. So
here now we have a new UI coming to the Google Assistant app that helps you
locate podcasts that you’re going to want to listen to. Alright everyone, so
we’re seeing some great updates from Google related to the Smart Displays, some of those manufacturers are starting to come along. Google is now getting that
capability integrated into their apps. We’re also seeing the Google Home
continue to expand, and on that note come back to the channel here in just a
couple of days, I’m going to tell you when all these new features are coming.
Or I’m at least going to tell you what Google has told me about when all the
new features are coming that were announced at Google I/O 2018, or for the
features that you’ve been waiting for a long time. I know lots of countries have
been waiting, so stay tuned for that. That’s coming in a couple of days everyone. Otherwise, thanks for watching. Make sure you hit the subscribe button
at the end here, and you’ll get that notification
related to the new features coming from Google I/O.


  • Hyperbole Master Kerry

    Thank you for this information about the update.

    I am still working with their developers to help them figure out what happened when they broke the calendar functionality. I don’t know why other people have not seen the following symptoms, but it’s very repeatable here, and I demonstrated it to google support. For example, I will ask Google home “what is on my calendar for tomorrow”, and it will either give me an incomplete list, or it will give me a strange response like “what screen do you want me to play that video on”. On the other hand, when I asked my Apple HomePod The same question, gives a complete and correct answer.

    I do like asking google home to tell me a story. For example, tell me the story of Hantzel and Gretel. I really like the way it tells you the story.

  • Christopher Elliott

    Have you heard if any of this summers google smart displays are wall mountable? I'd like one in my kitchen, but I don't have much counter space. I'd like to mount it either to a wall or onto one of my cabinet doors.

  • michellewolfe24

    Do you happpen to know if google plans to make it so you can broadcast to a specific device as opposed to broadcasting to all of them in your home?

  • c z

    Hi, thank you for the prompt update on the new features. Do you have any information on Google assistant to support Chinese Language?


    I love my new Vizio 55" TV with Google Chromecast built in! (Plus it has the Amazon Prime Video app in it which my old smart 32" tv had (but didn't work)!–> Now I have the best of both worlds!)

  • Dorothy Cho

    I wish Google Home would allow us to play Apple Music using voice control. Because of this limitation, I'm having such a hard time figuring out if I should get a Home Max or Apple HomePod.

  • Nikola Kolev

    Hi! Great video! I have a question I am thinking of buying Google home. I live in Eastern Europe and I want to know if I would have all the updates, because I read a lot of comments about vast update delays for all countries except USA, is it true?

  • Connor S

    It's so annoying living in Australia and having these features not available for some reason. Things like routines and different voices aren't in my app. There's nothing stopping Google from bringing these features over, so I don't get why most are only in the US.

  • Jyst Doug

    Just watched your video… !! Only double (one 'and'), works great! Tried 2 ands but the reply was "i can only help you with the first request..then answers it.

  • Steven Clodfelter

    The three queries isn't officially released yet. If you read Sarah Perez's update at the bottom of her article you'll see that the Google Twitter account people got a little ahead of themselves.

  • Steven Clodfelter

    Ok, the three queries is working for me now. It seems like you have to be fairly concise to make it work. Was the firmware updated recently? I'm fairly certain that my devices were on 131 only a couple of weeks ago.

  • Wayne Hayes

    I want to know about an intercom update and not drop in or broadcast. I have both Alexa dots and Google mini and to my knowledge if you use the drop in feature on Alexa it only going to that one device I want to see it on all devices at the same time and as for broadcast it is only a one way massage and not two communication

  • Alexander Richmond

    Are you an oiler fan or detroit fan….i was at Yzermans last game…also what firmware number are you talking about?

  • randomaccount

    I'm going to France next week, do you know if I will be able to grab a GH Mini in physical stores? Or is it only available online?

  • J L

    I'm in the preview program and while I can do three actions at once it usually only succeeds with one. And it says sorry im unable to process your request…sorry I'm unable to process your request and then follows through with one successful action. Two requests always succeed.

  • Bryce Hinckley

    Question??? Google mini's speakerphone function works sometime…but more than often the party on the other end hear's a broken or garbbled voice…Even when I am standing close to the speaker and trying to speak very clearly. Is this something that google plans on fixing….will update be able to fix that problem.

  • James Stokes

    Your video has some interesting information. The one thing I think you need to improve is your cadence and intonation. Your voice does not rise and fall very much, this makes your voice sound somewhat flat.

    I think that in order to capture your audience you need to inject a bit of personality into your voice so that you sound a bit more impassioned about the topics you cover.

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