Google Pixel December Update is Out! – What’s New?
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Google Pixel December Update is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
the December update is finally out for the pixel devices this is the security
update that comes out once a month lately and this is my pixel three XL now
we’ll take a look at the build number and then we’ll talk about all of the
improvements across all of the different pixel lines with this update so let’s go
ahead and take a look at the build number you’ll see the build number is PQ1A.181205.006 and in this build
there’s been a lot of little bug fixes that I’ve been waiting for before I do
the review of the pixel three XL now this one was sent to me by Google and
not pink so I could check it out and they were nice enough to send this to me
and this particular build really focuses on all the bugs that this thing has had
for quite some time and the first thing is improved memory management the memory
management on the pixel three XL was terrible but this carries across the
pixel two all the way to the three XL and you’ll see if I go between these
different apps what would happen is I’d have some open and then they’d have to
reload over and over and over and they seem to be working just fine now so if I
go between different apps they’re staying open and not reloading and it’s
really nice to see that as simple as that is it seems like they’ve fixed it
so far the next group of fixes has to do with the camera capture performance so
on the pixel twos and newer the camera capture performance seems to be much
faster if we snap a couple pictures there maybe bring in the case that I
have back here it seems to be nice and fast when we’re snapping pictures and
that is for the pixel to inure and then they’ve also improved auto focus on the
pixel three so the auto focus seems nice and fast and smooth I can’t say whether
or not it’s much different I always thought it was pretty good but
apparently they’ve improved it a little bit more and the shutter speed as well
on the pixel 3 and 3 XL the next thing they’ve improved has to do with the
notifications so if you have a pixel stand and you put a 3 or 3 XL on the
pixel stand the visibility of those notifications has improved on the stand
also they’ve improved hot word performance when using the pixel stand
so if you’re talking to Google it should recognize you a little bit better this
time around now also with this always-on display
they’ve also improved the actual display triggering what turns
this on so it should be a little bit better I don’t know if that improves
battery or anything we don’t mention any fixes for battery either
now there’s also improved USB audio accessory detection on the pixel 3xl
only so if you’re using the USB audio in the pixel 3xl this should be picking
that up better if it wasn’t before so hopefully it fixes that sort of thing
and then if you’re using Android auto Android auto compatibility has been
improved for the pixel 2 and 3’s and also the audio performance of Android
auto on the pixel 3 and 3xl should be better as well so some of those cars I
know weren’t working well with the pixel 3 XL it should be improved this time
around now if you’re using Bluetooth unlocking with the Bluetooth feature
this has been improved as far as the performance on all pixels so it should
be a little bit better also if you’ve got a connected Bluetooth device the
actual behavior when toggling Bluetooth is a little bit different so turn it on
and off it doesn’t really look any different there let me get my pixel buds
will bring in the pixel buds here and must have hit that let’s see what
happens here these should work there we go pixel buds 100% battery triggering
everything looks about the same to me but there’s a little bit of improvements
there and changes as well improved Bluetooth and adjusted volume behavior
now the other thing too is HDR contouring on certain media apps now
they don’t say which apps they’ve improved this with on the pixel 3 & 3 XL
for HDR video viewing they just say they’ve improved it so I’m not sure
exactly what that means or specifically what they’re talking about whether
that’s Netflix or YouTube or one of those just HDR contouring should be
better and then the final thing they’ve talked about improving is or really
haven’t talked about is a sounds app and the sounds app here you’ll see it looks
a little bit different and if we go down pixel sounds just for you so if we take
a little bit closer look at this you’ll see they updated it on the 3rd and then
also it just looks a little bit so let’s see if we can go in there we go
go into custom visuals for each sound choose ringtones notifications and
alarms exclusive collections and I haven’t been able to get into this yet
but it’s there I just don’t see it so this should be turning on soon I wasn’t
able to find it anywhere in here or within settings so I’ll keep looking for
that and maybe I’ll be able to use it but that’s it it’s a nice little update
that should fix a lot of the problems that I was having with the pixel 3 XL so
I’ll be able to review it and see what it’s like now if you’d like me to cover
all the updates on the pixel devices let me know in the comments below I don’t
generally cover them sometimes they cover the betas when there’s a new
version out but let me know your thoughts about that if you’d like to see
more coverage on the monthly updates for the pixel along with all the update
videos I do on other devices as well let me know in the comments below if you
haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and like oh and this wallpaper
will be linked in the description as well thanks for watching this is Aaron
I’ll see you next time


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