Google’s Medic Update (Broad Core Algorithm Update) – How to Deal with a Google Drop
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Google’s Medic Update (Broad Core Algorithm Update) – How to Deal with a Google Drop

Welcome to SEO on the Sofa, Today we are going to talk about the Google
Medic Update that happened at the beginning of August. Google ran a big update that affected a lot
of rankings, especially in the medical industries. And what you need to do to optimise for this,
if your rankings did drop, is to optimise for Expertise, Authority and Trust on your
website, or E.A.T. If you sell products you need to make sure
that the products that you’re selling are safe, you need to check your online reputation,
make sure that if you’ve got any negative reviews that you address those, respond to
those, try and have them removed, and try and get people to change their reviews. You also need to have clear contact sections
on your website, a clear about us section on your website, and a customer service section
on your website would be a good idea as well, and links to those areas of your site. Try and improve your reviews as I mentioned
before and get more positive reviews to your website and try and maintain and update your
content, and be an expert in your field. If you are not an expert in your field, try and
get content from experts in your field, either have them write the content for you, or try
and get links back from their site to your website. Good luck and hopefully if your ranks did
drop you can use these tips to improve them.

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