Herman Ostry and the Barn | 6 News Stories
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Herman Ostry and the Barn | 6 News Stories

This is Herman Ostry… and it was his idea
to move a 20,000 pound barn with only man power. Because of new road construction, Herman Ostry’s
barn from the 1920’s kept flooding. In 1988, he asked for volunteers to help move
it by hand. Thousands turned out in Bruno, Nebraska, to
watch. Many thought the plan would fail but Herman
was always confident. hundred percent that it’s gonna work because I have faith in our maker 344 people signed up and methodically lifted
and walked the nearly 20-ton barn 115 feet to its new location. Herman Ostry is still frustrated by one thing
though… everybody thought it was important except the Guinness book. The Guiness Book of Records rejected the Ostry’s
application because using human muscle to move a barn is “not an activity…of widespread
interest.” What would Herman say now if the Guiness people
showed up? “it’s about time”

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