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hi guys welcome back to my channel thank
you very much for stopping by today I am going to show you my training set up I
am NOT an expert in this area at all I am still ISO question myself Elena
I’ve been Dublin aim here and there for about three years now but if it’s not my
full occupation because I still feel like I need to learn a lot when it comes
to this and for trading you will need good setup to be able to execute a very
successful trade and not having the right computer or Internet can cost you
a lot when it comes to gaining or losing so you need a lot of you need the right
components of machines and systems to be able to be successful at the trading
game so let’s crack on and let me show you what I have here I have this Lenovo
gaming laptop I like to use this one because it’s very fast
it has a one terabyte hard drive and a the processor is an Intel Core i7 that
is what I use for my main platform this is the platform I use I use create 0 for
the purpose of this video I have opened a demo account to show you around if
we’re to get that far with everything and the disclaimer is that I am NOT a
teacher at all and/or I still consider myself Elena if
you are serious about trading and want to trade take the right courses make
sure you’re in the right frame of mind to trade and you have the temperament of
somebody who can trade I see a temperament because you cannot be
somebody who does things out of haste you have to be patient you have to have
your emotions under control it is a very broad subject trading you
have to know the technical side of it and have the theory which is the
psychological aspect the emotional aspect you have to have all of these in
place I mean checked before you can say I am a
good trader and I can teach somebody I am still working on that so I wouldn’t
say I’m a teacher at all I cannot teach I can only point you to what I I
normally do when I sit down to say I’m trading I have these three set up
normally I will have my chats on here so I know I have my one-minute chat five
minutes and on one our chats set up on here for every stock that I want I want
to look into then I have this epitope monitor this monitor is a slim line let
me check the respect for you so it does not work on its own you have to connect
it to a the laptop so it it is an extended I don’t know what’s wrong with
it at the moment it’s not working I need to set it up properly but I connect that
to the main laptop and then it gives me understand and view of the laptop so
I’ll have my chats on here the five minutes one minute and then the hour so
this is there is SS mb 1 6 8 b portable monitor slimline and it isn’t very
high-tech it’s USB powered and the resolution is 1 3 6 6 by 7 6 8 pixels so
it’s not a very sharp machine and this is a I would normally have my the chat
room on here and the newsfeed on here you will need a good news feed to tell
you what real-time was happening and I joined the chat room because they also
the mentor I follow sometimes has what he would do a breakdown of what they are
looking to buy that day and what he’s buying and if you are
interested you can also buy it of course you have to do your own research of the
things he’s talked about I mean the stocks he’s talked about but it gives
you an idea what’s happening and you in some sense don’t feel alone by yourself
when you’re trading you have all of these people trading I won’t show you
the screen but yes so it is a very simple setup this is just an ASA I see –
– and it’s a an all-in-one desktop so this is what I use for my day-to-day
computing and this is for my trading and for editing the platform I use is the
trade 0 platform it is very good because they have small cups account by Smokeout
something below 2500 pounds or Dallas and so people in the UK tend to use this
a lot they have the 0 Pro which provides the speed and features needed for active
traders and they have 0 web which is an easy browser-based platform that will
run on any device then the 0 3 is a totally free real-time browser-based
training system and then of course they have them zero mobile what is done html5
mobile platform you can access from any mobile device so it works for me this is
what I’ve been using like I said this is a demo account so they give you about
400,000 buying power to play around this is not real money this is paper money so
if you want to have a look and play around on the platform you can sign up
to a demo account that will help you navigate what the platform is what you
are doing before you get into trading with real money right so this is about
it this is very simple sometimes some people have about 6 30 inches
monitors everywhere I don’t know how they money to read all of that but this
works for me it works perfectly this is my simple trading setup a home nothing
fancy I cannot do the big monitors I will just go crazy my head will spin so
this works for me used a really flat desk top and you’re good to go really
right so that’s about it it’s very simple nothing fancy like I already said
if you have any questions at all regarding the hardware the platform
please leave me a comment below and our do aught to answer them if you haven’t
already subscribed please subscribe and like the video and I hope to see you on
Sunday thank you very much again bye


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