How Do I Add a Sitemap to My Website?
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How Do I Add a Sitemap to My Website?

how do I add a Sitemap to my website hello and welcome in this video session I’m going to take you step-by-step and show you how you can create an XML sitemap for your website simply you go to Google and type XML sitemap generators there will be many many many different ones that allow you to quickly create your sitemap I’m not going to recommended any but I usually use this cause it’s pretty good I I use it once you do that simply copy your URL obviously and let those generators know which website they need to create the sitemap for all you do is you create your sitemap now I have a one-page website right so as you can see it’s gone ahead and created the sitemap let’s say 1000 different web pages so it’s gonna go and fetch those details okay so all you do is you press on create XML Sitemap option and once should that this particular URL generator gives me the details I kinda of have to do bit of work as in copy and simply open a Notepad document on your website on your local computer just a Notepad will do paste the details the Sitemap generator has created for you you need to save the file as save the file as any name you want but the extension must be XML format so we save it as let’s save it as sitemap.XML that’s the trick dot XML we save it and once we save it all we have to do with is upload that file to your website if you’re using Filezilla or Dreamweaver and so on but through your hosting account all you do you log in find the files option once you do in to your files option surely it will be public underscore HTML folder where your website resides in all you have to do is simply upload that file you’ve just created once that’s online if we then go and double check yep thats online no problems that’s how you create your sitemap for your website I thank you very much for watching
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