How Suze Orman SCAMMED the Poor and Middle Class
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How Suze Orman SCAMMED the Poor and Middle Class

After this film was produced and after the statutes of limitation for her gold and card scams had passed, Orman reinstated her CFP status


  • Oh yes san dee

    Prepaid card can’t track down nothing …. fees …. loaded with fees, monthly fee, fee for withdrawal, can’t withdraw more than 300$….. scam of the scams I learned the hard way

  • David Gibson

    She's got the same eyes as Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Aileen Wuornos, Countess Bathory, Bernie Sanders, and Jeffrey Epstein.

  • Victor Bravo

    ….has anyone taken NOTICE….. that our slimy government officials… who are paid [by us…] to prosecute scum like Suze… are in bed WITH HER!!! ….. and are pocketing a load of pay offs… for helping her?!?!

    Welcome to America…

  • R McK

    You missed the best footage that illustrates your point in one single frame of video… The HGTV celebs at home interview with Orman sitting on her multi-million dollar yacht, sleeves-rolled-up to expose large Rolex … ALL while wearing an "Approved" purple visor.

    Does she completely miss the irony of filming interviews in this manner, while claiming to stand-up for the poor .. and claim to be altruistic and "giving everything away free", as she claims?

    Video for reference (jump to 4:38 for a nauseating screenshot):

  • Nola Susan

    Anything Winfrey has anything to endorse is bullshit and only benefits one person – Oprah. So, get real folks and open your eyes.

  • Tiffany Patton

    okay, no one HELD A gun to anyone's head about suzie. She's a crazy bitch who couldn't be calm if her life depended on it, or anyone else. She screams, is loud (not in a good way), changes her story EVERY DAMN DAY, while bragging! WHAT EVER POSSESSED YOU IDIOTS TO FOLLOW THIS FREAK IN A CULT PATTERN IS BEYOND ME!

  • Sarah Jane



    43:06 Did I hear that right? She says that the intention of her card is to give people the LEAST COST EFFECTIVE WAY for them to be able to pay online, to be able to have a card to access things.

  • SabineEins

    she is so unsympathetic i wouldn't buy anything from her she twists and twirls disgusting. why do so many Americans fall for this sort of scam? Loud and blaring, its the American signature mark.

  • Airick Anderson

    Yuck!… I remember this vile women always yelling through the TV, with her arms flailing through the air with that maniacal & freakish look in her eyes!… I never did like her and for good reason!…

  • StoopidVids

    Wow, Suze Orman is even more of a bitch than I previously thought! >:( Also, this is unrelated to the video's content, but your voice reminds me of Adina Porter.

  • JD S

    She didn't scam me….I "surfed" her programs, now and then, listening a bit, but mostly being too much a skeptic to buy what she was selling.

  • d e

    It is false that we still preach to young people that owning a home is the American dream. Anotherwards you are a dumbass if you still think that! Owned about 4 homes then got smart and started renting. I also use CASH as they do nickel and dime you to death. So part of this is very true HOWEVER she alone is disgusting! Loud mouth fake bs rolls off her tongue.

  • Jason Harris

    well done, love!
    r u an empath? I am & Id like to support ur work!

    do u have a Patreon acct


  • alc4ever24

    I learned a lot about Elizabeth Warren from this documentary. She sides with the winner. When the winner starts to lose, she turns on them for the new winner. She rides on the back of the winner's success. She's done this to people in political races, before and after. Watch her closely! It's very transparent.

  • Paul Sluszko

    Red and blue becomes pur… ahhhhhh. She IS a genius. Phew. I was worried by all the other non-sensical crap and contradictory lies coming out of her mouth.

  • Tony Bobér

    This is the woman that Elizabeth Warren who is running for president, endorsed as the most honest and hard working woman in the nation. With judgement like that, she certainly not going to get my vote

  • Andrea Laughlin

    The reason most of us are in debt is because we are poor. We don't make enough to live. So we leverage ourselves to get possessions and we need credit cards to survive. It's a vicious cycle. More than half of the country makes less than $30k a year. There's no way to live on that. Anyone claiming they can help you get out of debt is a lair. No way a prepaid card is going to earn you a good credit score or every homeless person would be in 900s. Listening to talking heads will get you screwed every time.

  • Ramesh V. Iyengar

    Suze won't even respond to any queries, way too over headed, talk to your local accountant they are immensely helpful

  • Denise Hicks

    She is crazy. My mom kept giving me her books and I keep throwing them away. She just seemed off. Now we know. Lo ,I never liked oprah either.

  • MrDarren5012

    The whole point of a credit card is having access to money you did not earn yet..hence “credit” a prepaid debit card is just using you cash that you already earned and putting on a card..has zero to do with credit..

  • Gaye Blinman

    Oh nooooooo – SENATOR Warren KNOWINGLY SUPPORTED Suze & Her SCAMMING 💔🤥

    Is There Anyone People Can Trust 🤔 With Our Money – Our Own Country – OUR WORLD 🌍

  • chris papa

    Okay. Listen to this: This lady is not in prison. She appeared in “fake news” channels. These channels are controlled by Soros and by the Banks the wall market! So they use her to manipulate the masses and rip them off. So why otherwise this would go on?

  • Gretchen Wenzel

    THANK YOU…. CONFIRMED WHAT I WAS ALREADY FEELING…. There is a product of hers that I was going to buy. When I checked it out, it became clear very quickly that there were issues. When you have Oprah Winfrey, QVC, News Channels or any place that you assume you can trust, (if for no other reason, because they don't want to ruin their own reputations) back someone…. People can be very easily taken for a ride.

  • PearlPerlita Venegas

    I always knew something was fishy about her My gut was right!!!! She is a weasel! Karma is a Btch tho….Karma gonna get her

  • Jeremiah Larkin

    Never liked her or Orprah! They are such CROOKS! And Is she Dead 💀 yet! I can’t stand her BIG ASS 👄 MOUTH! May she ROT IN A POOR MANS HELL!💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Nick Bargas

    Narcissists are being exposed for what they are. Don't be angry that she used the lesbian community to stair step her self to the top by using others. It's what narcissists do best. Just understand that these people live among us and we must learn that they are not what they seem to be. Wait for the mask to fall and then look into their dark empty eyes that have no soul. Matthew 10:16 " "I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves."

  • Dax Inventor

    She does look somewhat mad around the face. Hard to trust mad folk. Hard to trust her. She says one thing today, and then does a complete reversal the next day. Maybe she will end up in Washington DC all of the rest of the con men and women will welcome her with open arms. Hmmmmm!

  • Ah Dindu Nuffin

    Why US has so many Charlatans? And why seemingly the people there are so gullible? Is it because of the notion of the "American Dream" or something? Has this been instilled into your minds since the day you born? I really pity the poor uneducated old guys who buy into such scams.

  • Jani Liebenberg

    She came to South Africa and huge billboards were displayed everywhere. Something about her just warned me there's something wrong there. I never bothered to buy any of her books or attend any of her conferences.

  • Rachel Matthews

    I have been known to be a follower of Suze Orman until I learned more about finance on my own. I begin to find holes in some of the financial tips she shared. Thank you for putting together this video.

  • Aussie Pom

    I reckon when Orman looks into the camera lens and spouts her garbage, she's all the time thinking to herself "I created this card for all you dumb idiot morons because you're so trusting of talk show hosts and I knew that with my card I could easily get my hands on your hard earned money. I can start any scam and you dumb idiot morons will willing give and follow my advice. Oh God bless America and it's dumb idiot morons".

  • Mo Pena

    Orman is the puppet to the bigger issue. Our trust in this entire system. You have politicians, the media, billionaires, trusted institutions…all supporting what this criminal has done. People go to prison for years for a joint. Oh wait, Juilian Assange and Chelsea manning are in prison for exposing wrong doing. Wake up my brothers and sisters. Our children depend on the actions we partake on today. People will watch this and go watch a game or movie on tv right after. And whats up with the 2k+ dislikes?

  • Hasan Erdim Ateslier

    great work, this not only exposing Suze Orman then all persons, company, institution, media, bank ect. in short all you see and is mentioned in this video are scam, fraud and con.

    As long as they have a profit they support and back each other which is clearly seen in this story.

  • Angela Mendieta

    Okay so what did she do to you to make you finally expose her I am not surprised this is what you people do lie still and trick poor people carry on

  • ashton blanche

    So sad to learn this about Elisabeth Warren. What a disappointment. I liked her, but cant see her in the same light after learning this.

  • F U B A R methink

    she talks down to people… ok ok when you make a scheme in witch the rich get screwed over example Jordan Belfort and Madoff, stole from the rich, gets jail time, but this thing steals from the poor and goes on touch, its easy anything she tells you to invest in… DONT.

  • F U B A R methink

    you Americans get fucked over…. use get charge for using your own money wtf, theres debit cards here but no charges. you use what you have in your bank, if you go over its called an overdraft but just pay that back, then all good. she is the worse person i know but the people stupid enough to fall for this shit wtf wise up, u deserve it, for trying the easy way… easy way to quick money through the gold and easy way to get a credit score backfired on use, now you look for someone to blame for your stupidity. im sorry it happened to use but if use didn't try the easy way, well there be no Suze fucking Orman

  • Sandra Fant

    This is why I don't support E. Warren because she backed Suze O without investigating her. if this is how she's gonna run our country I don't need her!!! Suzie O is a liar!!

  • SVT

    Proverbs 22:7 "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender" / FICO score = "I love debt score" / Manual underwriting for mortgages / Dave Ramsey

  • Maria Badillo

    Thank you for the information. For something she said in one of her appearances on Public Television, I immediately knew she was just another seller. Public Television likes to bring sellers to its shows.

  • Alva Shoemaker

    Y'know, I read her books, and decided then, that she's info regarding interest rates was just NOT correct! (Where DID she get HER info??!). I'm happy I did NOT jump on The Size Ormond Game—

  • Kay Rod

    Loud, Obnoxious, Narcissistic, Crazy eyes, I need to speak to your manager hair cut, Same joke telling lady wants to give me advice? No thanks.

  • loverlyme

    Why hasn't there been a class action lawsuit against this woman? For the fraudulent promises of that card; for the lack of service when using the card; for financial hardship with the decline of the card? Or even for falling prey to her uneducated advice on housing and gold?

  • Tina Schmidt

    I never knew about this. Guess cause I rarely watch tv. I’m amazed she hasn’t gotten in trouble. She basically manipulated the gold market let alone this predatory scam.

  • Arcelious Hudson

    I'm 39 years old , as a kid. I grew up listening to Tavis Smiley . I really looked up to him but , I now have to realize so slaves ran back to their Master . once they was free and as a kid . I always felt like Oprah Winfrey what's a sell-out

  • TheEndOfMyRescue

    Why does wikipedia have her down as having a BA in Social Work? She said Masters and not a BA i guess. She does sound mean. I wouldn't want that energy around me. She is like many rich people. Narcissistic with a God Complex. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

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