How to Add  News Feed/RSS Feed to Your Website

How to Add News Feed/RSS Feed to Your Website

how would you like to put a newsfeed in your website would you like to have news about politics business celebrities or almost anything you can imagine well I'm going to show you the easiest and fastest way that I know how to add a news feed to almost any ordinary website anyone can do this it's very easy and it doesn't take any special skills or knowledge so here's how you do it step one go to your website then click to the page where you want to insert the news I want to play some news articles right here on this page step two click this little edit button which turns your browser into an easy to use web page editor if you don't have an edit button you can get one at next edit com step 3 locate the spot where I want the news feed to appear then type in a bunch of Z's this may sound strange but we'll come back to this a little later step 4 open a new window and go to a free news website there are plenty of them on the web I have this one handy so we can move quickly but it really could be any other news source a news feed works by putting a little code into your page so we're going to grab the code and copy it just select the code and hold down ctrl C or on a Mac its command C then step 5 go back to your web page remember the Z's we typed now I'll show you why we type them when we click the HTML button down here we don't need to know a thing about programming or HTML we just look for a bunch of Z's and here they are so I select them by dragging my cursor making sure not to touch anything outside the Z's then I hit my return key a few times this creates a nice big space for me and I can paste the code I got from the new site right here I do that by pressing ctrl V or on a Mac it's command-v okay now return to layout view and notice that the news articles don't appear yet this isn't a mistake the reason is because we have to view the page in a browser before the news code will work so let's preview the page and there's the news feed now I can close the preview window and click publish as soon as I see this little message telling me my page was successfully published I'm officially done my web page now has news articles in it and I've just saved myself a bundle of time and money thanks for watching you


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