How to Add Twitter Tab App to Your Facebook Page
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How to Add Twitter Tab App to Your Facebook Page

welcome back to another video in this
video we are going to see how to get to return to have upon your Facebook page A
last video is out to get you do on your Facebook page you can also check that
video so here / returned about retired
bad present so you can use app selective appear this base that you want to add so
as been stopped the car as part of its tablet will take rise against installing
word Facebook page this yes so here we can see all we need to do we have to set
our Twitter profile here but if ordered to show some creates so here we can change it up with
the position like that so devastating cyclone and here and your profile name
or nickname be called back so just and they provide the europeans yes vote
this video free to all thanks for watching friends are premature for more
videos please share this video with your friends


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