How To Create A Podcast Feed With PowerPress - Podcast Tutorial

How To Create A Podcast Feed With PowerPress – Podcast Tutorial

hey guys welcome back to another techguru video today we're going to take a look at podcasting and specifically how to use power press via your WordPress website to create a podcast fee to submit to itunes stitcher radio or wherever else you want to distribute your audio podcast so the first thing you need to do is open up the backend of your WordPress website so go ahead and log in there and then go to where you see where it says plugins click on plugins there and then you need to go up here and search for a plug-in so you'll go to add new so you're gonna add a new plug-in and once you're there go ahead and search for power press or you can search for podcast whatever and then once you've done that you'll see the first one that comes up it says BL you be rry power press podcasting plug-in go ahead and install that it'll have an install link there install that and activate it and then once you've done that you're going to see the power press direct link down here where you can change settings and that's where you're going to create the feed for your podcast to send out to iTunes in those places to you know serve your podcast so go ahead and click on the settings there and then once we've done that you'll see a few different features available you'll see on the Welcome page here the Welcome tab but the first one that you want to go to is the basic settings so go to basic settings and I'm gonna walk you through each of these to make sure that your podcast looks and sounds the best that it can when you send it out on to iTunes or stitcher radio so the first thing you're going to see here is episode entry options so each time you upload an audio file to your host whether it be lips Lipson twitch is what I use for SoundCloud whoever hosts the file whenever you do that an episode comes out this is what's going to happen so basically here you're just going to want to leave the media URL so go ahead and leave the the URL on the episode there and then check the media file size and duration so you do want that to show as well once you've done that there all of that's the way you want it if you then want to go down here and make sure the first four are checked so audio player options video player custom podcast channels and category podcasting make sure those are checked and then if they are click the blue Save Changes button at the bottom hand side of the page next we want to go to services and stats so this here basically they're trying to sell you where they can give you podcast stats don't worry about any of that go to media appearance which is the next tab there by the stats tab now this is very important here under media appearance settings you're going to want to enable power press media players and links okay that's the default don't disable that make sure that is enabled okay under that under blog post and pages you want to display the media below the page or you can do it above it it just depends on your preference this is basically saying when someone comes to that show notes page or the blog page where the audio is hosted you know on your blog do you want it above the text or below the text basically you can do all of that here next you're going to see the media player go ahead and check the display player under media links there go ahead and display the play in new window link so you can you know have the option to display the audio player in a different window and then below that it says display download link you definitely want to give your audio listeners a option to download that to get it directly on to their computer or media player device below that you're going to see a few other options don't worry about any of that go down to the bottom make sure the top four are checked and then click on the blue Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen once you've done that go up to feeds this is extremely important okay this is the feed that you're going to provide to iTunes you're going to provide to stitcher radio so this has to be right okay so you can in hence all of the feeds which you know I recommend you can do that they also recommend that or you can opt to not enhance those feeds really it doesn't matter but if you enhance the feeds it allows for like tagging and category podcasting so it's always good to enhance things so why wouldn't you do that now the next thing is probably the most important thing I'm going to tell you in this video this is your podcast feed right here where it says podcast feeds I have a wildstar podcast which is a game that I play myself that I put out as well as a YouTube podcast and this here is telling me this is my direct link that I'm going to provide to itunes to stitcher radio that's going to send it out to the masses okay you've got to have this link and then once you have that you're going to need to validate that link okay so that's very very important okay so make sure that that link is validated by clicking on the validate button once you click on it you'll see something here that says feed validator and then if you've done everything properly you'll see where it says congratulations that is a valid RSS feed to send out so that's always good now our feed title all right so the feed tile is going to be the title of your podcast so whatever the title of your podcast is go ahead and type that in the feed title link there and that will be good there now next thing I want to tell you about the show the most recent episodes you want to show as many episodes as you can right you don't want to ever lose those episodes people may want to go back listen to old archived episodes so start with 50 and then once you go over fifty episodes number one congratulations because you've surpassed what most people do with podcasting and then you can change that later on down the road okay copyright you can add something there whatever you want to do you can choose to add basic show info whether you want to add you know location whether you're in LA Chicago whatever Atlanta and then episode frequency I put weak link because mine's a weekly podcast and I want people to know exactly when it's coming out under the TV settings or the settings you can choose the parental rating if you do have profanity and things like that you do want to select here wisely because iTunes will pull your podcast if you have profanity and do not mark it as adult or explicit once we're done there go ahead and click the blue Save Changes button there once again and then once we've done that go up to the iTunes link which is right by the feeds link okay now the iTunes subscription URL this you will not have until you are accepted by iTunes so once you are accepted by iTunes you'll have a link you can go to the iTunes Store click on that and copy the link and paste it there you won't have that to begin with do not worry about that now all of this stuff is very important iTunes is just like Google or YouTube it is a search Jinjin okay you want to add your keywords don't overdo it but you want to add your keywords so under program subtitle I put your number one wildstar resource under is the summary there I just put a brief summary about what the podcast is okay and then under iTunes program keywords add as many of those as you possibly can that are you know it's not overdoing it under the iTunes category select your category mine is video games yours may be business yours may be whatever select the category iTunes explicit is it clean is it not go ahead and choose that and then the iTunes talent name you'll put your name and then maybe a brief little something about yourself I like to put a little bit about myself again the more the better there so iTunes email this is for people to email you if they want email you in regards to the podcast and then you can set up a new iTunes feed there if you want to so don't do any of that make sure all four of these are checked just like always and then hit the blue Save Changes button down below the last thing you want to do is you want to add your artwork so click on the artwork tab right there by iTunes and then once you're there you're going to want to upload an image so for me I went on my computer and I added an image that I had created that I wanted to be my artwork for my podcast it has to be 1400 by 1400 pixels 1400 high 1400 wide and it's got to be in a JPEG format 72 PPI all of that is very important if you get one of those things wrong you will upload your podcast to iTunes and there will be no artwork and for you that is terrible because the artwork is something that will make your podcast stand out so make sure you do that you can also click on the preview link right beside that and it shows a nice little JPEG image of what it looks like okay go ahead and click the use iTunes image above with that checkmark there and then hit the Save Changes button once again you my friends are now ready to upload your podcast to iTunes to stitcher radio – all of those good places so now when you go up and you add a post so I'm gonna go ahead and go to add new post here in WordPress you're going to see a little option here that says podcast episode default it says media URL this is where all of the magic happens my friend you are going to then upload that link from your host so mine it looks like this here I use lips okay which is who hosts my podcasts or hosts you know I pay them you know 1215 bucks a month to host my audio and then they provide me with this link here okay I'll do a separate video on hosting and providing a host and doing all that but you should have all that figured out if you're to this point yours may be SoundCloud yours maybe someone else whatever it may be provide is that URL link directly to the mp3 file you're then going to want to verify by clicking that verify link it should show a green success button right beside that if it's worked and then what you want to do is if you want to you can specify the duration do all of that and then you also want to show the sharing buttons and then now whatever you type up here in the body of the post that's going to be like your show notes and in the title I would always put the title of that episode and then once we do that go ahead and hit the publish like you would a normal post via WordPress and then I'll go ahead and show you what mine looks like and then if we go to see all post you'll see here here's Episode one of this one here I'll click on that and then once I'm there it'll show here's you know a little bit of text about the show the show notes who posted it all of that stuff now we're gonna go ahead and view it live on the web site and this is what it looks like so you see the title of the episode there you see my name the date that I posted it a few show nuts there how they can contact me and then boom right here is my player right below that and then if I click the play button boom it starts playing right here in my my blog so a few things that I'll tell you number one always involved always incorporate show notes something about the show number two always put something in where they can contact you so here I have where they can contact me on Twitter or email and even a phone number call in for the show so do that as well also once you have your iTunes link you might want to drop that in here as well because they may not know you're on iTunes so put that on your show notes page as well so anyways guys hopefully this has helped you a little bit on how to use the power press plug-in to provide iTunes and stitcher radio in those places a podcast fee or RSS feed so anyways guys if you have any questions put them in the comment box below don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more great tech content just like this subscribe to my podcast if you want to if you like wildstar subscribe to that one if you like youtube and you're a content creator subscribe to that one anyways I will talk to you guys next time


  • Big Boss

    Great video. I have a question. I did create a feed, but I cant validate it. For some reason It just dont validate and I cant use it for Itunes

  • Shan Van

    @technologyguru Even though I've submitted my post and MP3 file and done your's saying under the "feed" tab in the powerpress settings that "You must create at least one podcast episode for your podcast feed to be valid"… I don't know what else I can do?

  • Walt Gogo

    HI, if Libsyn is my podcast host and I have a wordpress podcast blog associated with it do I submit the rss to itunes through both Libsyn AND WORDPRESS? Since both programs give the option to submit to itunes does it matter which you use or do you have to use both?

  • Victor Caffari

    Podcast Feeds- WARNING:create at least one podcast episode / Special Podcast only Feed: I do not have a VALID…
    how to creat a podcast episode?

  • Upload International Web Design & SEO Company Dubai

    Excellent tutorial. Thank you so much, you have saved me so much time. Keep up the great work!

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