How to Create an Easy and Fast Website? / 如何創建一個簡單快捷的網站?
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How to Create an Easy and Fast Website? / 如何創建一個簡單快捷的網站?

Hi guys, My name is berry arias Hee Does Berry Arias talk to you, is it okay? can train a professional website for your
business … Why is a Web Page necessary? cb1
Customers have changed, they are already
bored to go shopping physically because of traffic and insecurity, they prefer to use
the Internet Before buying anything, first check prices and products using the Internet… Having an Internet presence attracts new customers and opens businesses nationally
or internationally Half of the entire population of the world is on the Internet, if your business
is not there, it practically does not exist … Okay What do I need to have a Web Page? What do I need to have a website? Okay A web designer and programmer can charge
about $ 500 to $ 900 for creating it … Okay But today I will allow you to have it at an affordable price, from $ 200 USD … What do you have access to with our Professional Website Package? Hosting and Domain for 1 Year Web Design and Development Okay Advice and technical support for 1 year Image gallery of their services Okay Contact form Video of your services Normal Price: $ 500 USD – Temporary Promotion
$ 200 USD Ready, let’s take a look at how the QuickBuilder tool works The first thing to do is access the Google
search engine and type the word QuickBuilder Site We enter and create a free 7-day account
by filling out the form Then we must wait 24 hours to activate our account. With the Access data we receive by e-mail,
in the login session we enter the data and access Now what we have to do is click on a new project We choose a design, the one you like
and enter the name of your project and click on create Let’s start creating our website by dragging
and dropping our business information It is very easy to create the website Ready now that we’re done, click on save
and then on view Ready, this is our new website for our business and that
our customers can look at our products and services Remember that in QuickBuilder there is
a training so that you learn perfectly to use this powerful tool You can also add a .com domain to your design They also have support area in case you
need help
Ready, that’s all, guys, click on the
link in the description of this video and start creating
your website today! Bye, I’m talking Berry Arias }


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