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    Billy, we need new Facebook ad training on the new mandatory CBO change coming next month. Facebook is doing away with ad spend budget and moving to CBO. Do you have any experience using CBO over ad spend budget?

  • Gennaro

    Hey billy what should the average cost per click, cost per lead, and average conversion rate be for real estate? Im assuming the CPC and CPL will be much higher, and the conversion rate much lower than the ones mentioned at 4:20 in this video because it is such a high ticket niche. Thanks for the advice!

  • Jay and Cory

    I appreciate your efforts. Keep up your hustle.
    Do you have a video of what happens after they submit their info? I know you mentioned before that you use Zapier to send it to a clients phone. Where does their info go if you don’t set up Zapier?
    Thanks in advance buddy.

  • Ana Lozano

    Im 15 and interested in buying your course however personally I think that im very mature in a business sense. Can I still reciprocate your other students resulta?

  • ItsTrizzyTV

    Great video Billy!

    If I’m using FB ads to drive traffic/sales to our boutique, should I use a landing page or send it straight to the website?

  • Prometheus Theseus

    Great video Billy! I know depending on budget but what is a good amount of ads per week, 3? like Mon, Tue, and a Friday? I know facebook needs time to test them out to see which performs better, right?? Thanks in advance!

  • cpresr1

    Hello Billy, You are the best! You care, are genuine and give nothing but value in your videos. Thank you for your step by step method of teaching. Love you my brother!

  • Martha B

    Hey Billy, Love your content, Was hoping if you can answer my question?

    Is it necessary to have a click funnels account to run facebook ads? ( I only ask because I bought a course and was told I needed to have click funnels but I'm seeing otherwise)

  • GoodDotGood

    Attention to Billy Wilson

    Hi [Billy] , I hope you can clear my doubts. I'm curious if your course will work in Asian countries.

    What I meant is because I live in Singapore, I am very interested in your course. But I am not sure will it work in Asian context since our culture and the way we think is different.

    Also I've seen so many different SMMA, I liked you so much because you're honest. However, I really need to know what is that you teach that is so different from other SMMA courses out there?

    If anyone can answer this help me with it. What makes Billy course so different from other SMMA?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Chris Jordan

    What’s Up Billy 😄 I need your take on this question that will benefit a lot of folks in this game : You say use the ‘ CONVERSION’ objective but in 2019 , the Facebook algorithm WANTS 50 conversions a week ! Before it will fully be optimal . Now most local businesses are not pulling in 200+ leads per mo. Unless your a restaurant. So why use that objective when you can’t fully optimize for it ?

  • Vocalpro International

    Great video Billy. As always. Thank you.
    Hey could you please consider doing a video on why ads die?
    Ive been using your strategies for three months and have had really great results but ALWAYS, the ads ramp up for 5 or 6 days then they die. And this has happened 50 times consistently.
    Yet I see other people's ads with 360,000 views, 25,000 shares and a million comments.
    So my ads can NEVER develop social proof and I'm restarting all the time from scratch.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Learn to Earn

    Nice video. I have a question,if you can suggest me fb audiance for Personalized products like jewelry,tshirts,watches,home decoration etc. But all products are customizable.thanks

  • Min Chang

    I need a rockstar social media marketers with proven results! I can do the sales side as I already work with ton of e-commerce owners 🙂

  • HypeeMan

    Do you create one ad per month for a business page? If not, how many ads would you consider creating per month for a business page? (What's the range?)

  • Ralston Van Der Schyff

    Hi Billy..thanks for the great tutorials!
    Re: FB Business Account, does creating a new Business owner & creator of an AD Account, always need to be a person who has a Personal FB Profile? I'm a bit confused with all the personas.

    Thanks, Rally

  • Luis Bisono

    Great video. You just got a new subscriber! I have a quick question. When you have a performing ad under $1 CPC, how long should you let it run before killing it or change it around? as part of an adset with a $5 daily budget ?

  • Richard jr Roundtree

    Hey Billy,
    I'm Rick I have been watching your video's for like a week now. So, I ran an ad using Facebook lead pages like you recommended and out of the first 244 people the ad reached I got a lead at $6.88 per. Is that good? Anyway, I don't know how to access the lead? Like, where do they send it to because I have no idea. Can you shed some light on this one??

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