How to do a Twitter Poll | Creating Twitter Polls
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How to do a Twitter Poll | Creating Twitter Polls

In this video I’m going to be going over what
Twitter Polls are, how to create them and how they efficiently and effectively help
you in your communications and marketing efforts. So what Twitter Polls are, are just a great
way to ask your audience a question and they can answer and give you a response directly
in Twitter. That’s kind of the basic overview of what it is. What you’re going to want to
do is, when you log into Twitter is your going to want to click on the tweet button. Once
you have the new composed tweet window open you’ll see three options here; media, locations
and poll. Click add poll and this is where you can begin to construct your poll. So lets
ask, “What is your favorite pizza topping?” The default sets it up with two choices. You
can add up to four. So this is where you would remove them. So for this purpose let’s do
three. Cheese. Black olives. Peppers and onions. So now you’re limited to a certain amount
of characters. See it starts to go red once you can’t add anymore. Select the poll length
here. Up to seven days if you want to run it for that long. But typically a poll is
just good for 24 hours. And then you would just press tweet! This is where we can see
we have a poll. Then you would wait for all the responses and then you would see the number
of votes casted, the time left, and that’s how to construct [Twitter Polls]. So now you
know how to create a poll, now you might ask why this helps my marketing effort or why
this helps my communication effort. I think the biggest reason is it just creates a more
engaging environment for your audience. And it’s also a great resource for you to better
understand your audience. Now, one of the main things I use this for is a content creation
resource. So when people cast votes on polls, I can use that data to create either an infographic
or point to it in an article to say look at this data. Some other things that people do
is use it to ask their audience to vote on future content that they’d like to see. It’s
just overall a better way to build an interest and fun with your audience as well. There’s
so many different ways you guys can go about developing Twitter polls. Now just a few tips
for when your creating them: is use hashtags, especially when they’re trending, because
when people are going through the trending topic, there’s rarely ever polls so when you
do see them people typically vote on them and it will increase engagement significantly.
You can include links in polls. If you have an article or story that is relevant to the
poll, you should include it in the poll because that will help drive traffic to wherever you’re
trying to point people.You can also use emojis, too! So make sure when you have the opportunity
to use emojis either in the response or in the tweet; that helps it make the poll a little
bit more fun and a little bit more engaging. Thanks for tuning in guys. I hope this helps
you understand Twitter Polls just a little bit more. If you guys have any questions hit
me up. I’m always here to answer anything you guys have social media related. So thanks
for tuning in guys and I hope you guys enjoy!


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