How to download subtitles from any streaming or TV website
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How to download subtitles from any streaming or TV website

Hello. Today we are learning how to download
subtitles from any streaming website. I’ll mainly focus on TV websites,
but you can use this method to download subtitles
from any streaming website. You can use any browser for this, but I’d recommend that you
use Google Chrome. Lets begin with ITV. Open the website and click on the show
you want to watch. And while it’s loading,
right click and hit Inspect… ..and Network. Hit play. Now it will play some ads,
so I’ll skip. Now the show is loading.
Hit the pause button. And hit the subtitle. And again. And now search: “Subtitle.” If nothing appears,
just reload the page. There you go. Right click and open in new tab. There you will see a WEBVTT
file of the subtitles. Ctrl+A, copy, create a new text document, paste and save it. Now go to and hit Convert to SRT. Hit Files and New Text Document, Convert to SRT. Download. and subtitle file is here. Now you can use it in VLC player or you can upload it
to any other website. Okay, the other website
that am going to download subtitles from is: Channel 4. Same, hit on any show
you want to watch, hit Play Accept and Play
and while it’s loading, right click, Inspect and Network. Now, it will play some ads as well.
So I’ll skip. So, when the show
starts it subtitles. It’s loading, hit Pause and search: “Subtitle” And we have this file. Right click, open in new tab and we have an SMI file. Ctrl+A, copy. Paste here. Close. And again,
go to, Convert to SRT. Files, New Text Document, Convert to SRT. And download. And you have the subtitle file which you can use
in VLC player or upload to any website. Now, those two were
websites from UK, now try one
of the United States’ website. If you are living
outside UK or USA, you would require proxy
to use their websites. I’m using CyberGhost. Let’s go to their website. Let’s open this site.
It’s called The CW. Hit any show you want to watch. Hit Play. Right click, Inspect, Network. Now, the show is playing. If CC is not on,
hit ON button. Now, let’s search. If no result appears,
let’s try something else. “Caption.” If still nothing, hit reload. And now we have
a closed caption track. Right click and open a new tab. Ctrl+A, copy. Paste it here, close it. And now you’ll need a software
called SubtitleEdit. Open it in SubtitleEdit. And now save it. Save as… ..SubRip. And here we have our subtitles. Now, the lines are quite long,
so let’s split them. Go to Tools,
split long lines. Ctrl+S, close. There you go. Close it. Now, every website has
a different search criteria. Mostly for UK websites, It’s almost always, “Subtitles.” But for United States’ websites,
it’s mostly “Captions.” Or, you can just search “CC,” or sometimes you have to search:
“Timed Text.” And subtitle files will appear. You can use different search terms
to find subtitle files. And if you are unable to find them,
just hit reload, and they’ll appear. Thanks for watching.


  • Clara Cavicchi

    Thank you very much for your help! I was desperately looking for a method to download subtitles of my favourite webtv. Moreover, I would suggest using Jdownloader to download most of the subtitles file. How did you create the subtitle window with all subtitles?

  • pycur

    Here is an update for CW TV as now as today 2018-11-14:
    Use google chrome
    Start playing a video
    pause it by clicking on the screen.
    There will a green triangle pop up.
    Right click on it, and select view frame source.
    Delete viewsource from the new tab's url bar and simply open that link
    Start the video again, and pause it.
    Now right click on it's picture, not the triangle, and select inspect.
    In the new inspect window navigate to network in the top.

    Select XHR 2 rows below.
    Now refresh the second video, where you opened the frame's content.
    Pause the video to stop taking resources.
    Go to the inspect window, and enter .vtt into the upper left search bar.
    There should be the subtitle.
    But it's usually cracked to more parts.
    Select one and choose the preview to see it's contents.
    If you are lucky there is only one file.
    Select all content, hit ctrl-c and open up Notepad and paste it with ctrl-v, and save the file.
    If there are other parts be sure to copy all text to one file in the found order to the notepad.
    (but be careful, 1 subfile needs only 1 header, so just copy the other parts from the first numbered row)
    After that save the file as anything you want. Usually SRT is recommended.
    Go to the subtitle repair tool website, and upload it:

    And then download back the compatible repaired srt file, and name exactly as the video file.SRT and put them together.
    Open the video in mediaplayer classic and it should work now!

    It took me 2 hours to figure out how to do it properly. 🙂


  • Malinda LK

    Finally, I got a video tute that actually works. I's finding a way to download udemy video subtitles and now I have. I use pot player to play videos and it supports .vtt sub files. No srt converting's needed.

  • Jean-Paul Lebowski

    Good day. How can I download subtitles from this video The methods you specified do not work. To see the video, you must register on the site. This is a unique option, you will be interested.

  • Raphael Loriginal

    1:04 how that can appear if you write "subtile" instead of subtitle.
    Nevermind, I like this video you deserve,
    Thank you.

  • 베르무트

    Hey what about subtitle any language like they speak in English and i want to put subtitle in korean how do you do that

    ☞☜ like this they speak in korea but it has English subtitle so how do you make subtitle for English korean subtitle?

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