How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook Messenger App For Android & Iphone-2019
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How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook Messenger App For Android & Iphone-2019

Hello what’s up guys and welcome back to my youtube channel “Teconz”. Today I will show you how to activate your dark mode feature in your facebook messenger application and this feature almost works for all android mobile devices including ios iphone also. In yesterday night the social network Facebook announced it’s new update and
this update is called as “Dark mode” feature. So all the people’s are know that facebook messenger application, so due to this reason I directly go to my tutorial.
First of all I try to open my facebook messenger application via my
new android mobile, but this dark mode setting is only visible by sending the “moon emoji” to any one of your friends contact. So here I try to open one of my friend contact and then tap on this text message column and then press that emoji icon. Finally in this emoji section you can select this second
emoji’s list and then scroll down, then locate “moon emoji” and this is that
moon emoji, so I try to send this moon emoji to my friend. Once you send this emoji it shows lots of same emojis… and it indicates my dark mode settings are now ready to use. But if you send this emoji in first time your dark mode settings are visible in this same chat section. But unfortunately here I send this emoji in second time, then how to activate it?.Just go back to one step and then press your profile icon and it is placed at the almost top of left side corner. Finally I get the option called “Dark mode”, so just click to enable
it. And then you can see my dark mode feature is now ready to use and this trick works very smoothly… So this is the way you can easily activate your dark mode feature by watching my tutorial. For more tech videos you can subscribe my
beautiful tech channel “Teconz” and thanks for watching…


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