• Justin Weichel

    I was watching one of your Udemy courses, which was great! "BG Tube – Tips and Tricks to Earn a Living Online" So thank you so much for all the great info! After watching it I was looking for your link to SkillShare.com to get the first 2 months free and to give you credit. Is there a promo/discount code? Thanks!


  • Wahid Creative

    All your videos is about promoting your courses , I understand that you want to make money bro but things does not work this way , you have to give values to your audience , it's not about marketing , it's about trust and believe me my friend , if you keep going like this you won't survive 🙂

  • Shams K

    Amazing Bryan…keep up the great work…u r doing favours to real info seekers…money chasers just don't know what r u talking about…so, thanks for honest video…

  • Biker Guy

    Hey Bryan, could you use Aweber or Constant Contacts instead of Gmass / gmail? Would either of them ( Awber or Constant Contacts) shut your account down for sending emails from a scraped / harvested email method? Not that I would disclose this information, of course there is always the unsubscribed button people could use. Just curious… Thanks

  • Haneef Yusoff

    Hi Bryan…
    I see that for Facebook crawling, you did not use Email Exporter (Chrome Extension) to extract emails. Why?
    Or it is used only for Google and other Search engines? Thank you

  • Jason Higgins.

    Hi Bryan….helpful video. What way do you send your email campaigns?//

    do you use gmail. yahoo, aol SMTPSs or do you use a VPS? its easy to get emails but the problem is how to send. yahoo aol gmail are basically crap as your limited to 200 a day plus they eventually block your sending. How do you do it Bryan?

  • Bryan Guerra

    🎓Try All My Courses for Free: https://bryan-guerra.teachable.com/p/bg-university/?product_id=1068707&coupon_code=FRESHMAN

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