How to Find Liked Pages on Facebook
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How to Find Liked Pages on Facebook

Hi Sheryl Loch here with Hot Blog Tips dot
com []. And in this video, I’m going to walk you through the funky
steps you have to take, on Facebook, so that you can find a list of all the pages you’ve
liked. I don’t know why they seem to have hidden them. But, we’re going to walk through
and find those pages for you. Ok here we are on Facebook. I’m logged in
and I’m on my Home Page. Once you’re on your Home Page, You’re going to go to the left
and scroll down to Like Pages. When you click this you may think you are going to see all
the pages you’ve liked, you might be wrong. What you get when you get here, as you can
see you can Promote a Page you’re an admin of. They also have recommended Pages and page
Invites. If you click on Your Pages, it’s just going
to show you all the pages you are the admin for, or that you’ve created. So instead, we
have to click Create Page. Once you get here, if you were coming here to create a page,
you could do that. Otherwise Pages I Admin or Pages I Like. Click Pages I Like and Shabam!
Here is a list of all the pages that you have liked on Facebook. Why they are located back
here, I have no idea why you can’t get to them easier.
But, when you go to look for your pages and read through your list, you might want to
check and see if you have Hot Blog Tips as one of the pages you like on Facebook. If
you don’t, I strongly suggest you go find it and give it a like.
And there you go, that’s how you go through the funky steps to find your Facebook Pages
that you’ve liked. Hope you enjoyed our video, be sure to share
it with your friends, so they can find the pages they like.


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