How To Find Vacant Houses

How To Find Vacant Houses


  • springer 11724

    But why doesn't people who need to sell their house simply put it up for sale? That way they would get fair price, not have to give it away at deep discount.

  • Matthew Investor. Realtor. Advisor.

    great teaching Connor!, you're a mad man… come to NE Florida and speak or do some teaming up here, Jacksonville FL is hot


    How do I get the list from the water company I’ve called like four and they’re all saying they can’t do that

  • Surreal Estate Deals

    Your stick figure drawings always put a smile on my face! Look at this guy, pulling his hair out ….I got a good laugh and had to restart the video again. Why does he look like he's smiling while he is pulling it out?? Haha sorry Conner I joke…really love the content! Keep it coming!!

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