How to Fix Your Facebook News Feed
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How to Fix Your Facebook News Feed

Hi, I’m Angela and I am a Facebook
addict. I have a page called ChickFix, and normally, I make these quirky little videos about home repairs and about home repairs and maintenance. Sometimes cars too. But today I am stepping outside of my cone of insanity to talk to you guys about how
you can make your newsfeed actually show you what you want to see. There’s been one of those cut-and-paste things going around Facebook lately that says that Facebook is limiting you to only seeing 25 people, and if you don’t like or
comments on this post right now, I’m GONNA DISAPPEAR FROM YOUR NEWS FEED FOREVER! Much like all things that are not
entirely true but kind of believable, there is a little bit of truth to it.
Your Facebook feed has two settings. If you click on those three little dots
next to “News Feed” you’ll see “top stories” and “most recent.” To get to the same thing on the Facebook mobile app, look for those three horizontal lines. Most Recent
is exactly what you think it is. But Top Stories uses algorithms to try
to define what you want to see based on your like comment and share history.
Facebook is very cagey about their algorithms because they don’t want
someone like me to be able to come in and trick it. As if I had that kind of
skill I haven’t been able to find any kind of proof that it limits you to 25 people, but it does assume that the people that you comment on or like are
people that you care about seeing more often, and it de-prioritizes other stuff.
So, if you go and “like” my page, my next couple of posts are gonna show up in
your top stories. But if you don’t click like or comment, it eventually is going
to drop off. And unfortunately, that makes situations like this happen to me all
the time: Hey have you ever done a video on how to fix drywall? Yeah I did three and I posted them just last week. You’re kidding me! I’ve liked your page, why did I miss it? Because Facebook thinks you don’t REALLY care about me. But there are some things that you can do as a user to make sure that you don’t miss anything
that you want to see. if you want to see If you want to see the most recent posts, just set your news feed to “most recent.” And I know what a lot of y’all are saying right now: “I already did that and it’s still not showing me everything!” That’s because Facebook resets you back to top stories at a minimum every 24 hours. So even
though you may have set it to most recent last week, it’s back to top
stories now. One thing you can try is frequently changing your Facebook page back to most recent. This is a great option for people
like me who are on Facebook every day. But if you’re someone who logs on every
once in a while, something really cool could have happened three or four days
ago that you’re not gonna see because it’s gonna be buried at the bottom of
the news feed. “Hey, I heard your cousin had her baby last week.” “Well, why the heck didn’t see it?” In that case, you want to keep it on top stories, but you want to set your preferences. Click on those three little dots next to news feed, and scroll down to “edit preferences.” This pulls up a whole list of things you can do, including prioritize who to see first. You can choose up to 30 people or pages
that will always show up in your top stories, regardless of how much you like
or comment on them. Now with your news feed, you’ll have to change it both
on your computer and your mobile device separately, but your preferences will
stick to your login, so they’re gonna show up across the board. “Why is this post still at the top of my news feed? She posted it like a week ago.” If there is a post in your top stories that just won’t go away, or if you have a situation like
this: work with I was telling you about “You know that guy I work with I was telling you about?” “Which one?” “You know the one that thinks he’s
being funny and clever, but he’s really just insulting people all the time? I gotta unfriend that guy.” You don’t necessarily have to unfriend somebody or unfollow a page. Click the three little dots next to their most recent post, and that gives you
several options for hiding somebody, snoozing them, or unfollowing them. I have a vested interest in making sure that if you’ve gone through the trouble of
liking my page that my videos actually show up on your news feed. But this
doesn’t necessarily make me an expert at Facebook. So if you ARE a Facebook expert,
or if your experience has been a little different than mine, please feel free to
comment any suggestions below on how all of us can make our news feeds work better for us. Thank you very much, and follow ChickFix!


  • MrSmid888

    My news feed only loads 4 posts every time I refresh.
    No idea why.
    I can’t flick through endless posts anymore and I’ve tried all setting and deleting the app and reinstalling. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Hippie Abuela

    Great info! Thank you.
    But can you explain how to fix the problem on your phone. I dont go on Facebook on a comouter or laptop…just my phone. Can't figure out how to fix the issue on my phone

  • Brandon McLean

    Hey hello!!! First say in big letters YOU CANT CHANGE YOUR NEWS FEED FROM YOUR PHONE!!!! So login to your account via computer and then as a intelligent person you can figure it out yourself without all the mumbo Jumbo!!!

  • Patrick Edgar Regini

    I use "back-page" a lot because I remember things I wanted to see while I'm looking at a video or post I chose to see first. My pet peeve with both Facebook and Youtube, is that every time I leave the page for whatever reason, I later come back and it's no longer there AAARGGH!!!! Plus there is no way of going back to it. Do you have any ideas to help me with this? The way I deal with it is right click "open in another tab" on each video I want to see. But I don't always remember to do that, and if I'm browsing through both facebook and youtube I end up with 20 tabs open in just a few minutes!!
    PS, I feel it's a real stupid feature they have and it surprises me not more people complain about it. I understand why they do it, but still its seems like yet another example of how wanting to control people too much backfires and just ends up creating problems.

  • DJ Jordan

    FB is a corrupt piece of shit now. Banning people for 30 days and so on. Can't wait until something better comes along because FB is rather USELESS NOW with all their double standard censorship.

  • Lights Off

    Been looking on how to disable newsfeed auto refresh. Its freaking annoying. U know When you open somebody's post or link and took you a while to go back, the original post has gone. The newsfeed refreshed automatically. I want to disable that shit feature. thanks in advance. Cheers.

  • Richard Landfried

    Some times my news feed opens with: Welcome to Facebook and won't do anything but let me add friends. I've tried clicking on "most recent" in the news feed menu. Sometimes that helps , sometimes it doesn't. There are times I open and close Facebook trying to get to my news feed and just give up and walk away.

  • Matty Matt

    This past weekend in particular, I keep seeing the same posts from like the same 5 people or so everytime I go to my newsfeed. No offense to any of them, it's really annoying. Fixing this problem is even more annoying. So basically this is Facebook's way of getting us to interact more with our friends and things that are posted so that we will get to see more. Again, very annoying.

  • Jason Juneau

    When I click the 3 lines on mobile, all it does it bring up a menu to view my profile, find friends, settings, etc…nothing about changing the news feed.

  • Michael Pooley

    My newsfeed isn't loading anything at all it's all blank can anyone help me as it's for my business. It's a friends requests one

  • keith wheeler

    I find logon can be awkward over the free Wi-Fi  connections at times with different networks  in the UK calls for a re-think about what is free ?????

  • nzer48

    Hi heres a very odd question re Facebook. Bear with me….. My cat decided to run around over my keyboard while out and opened all kinds of files and also managed somehow to enable formatting on a page I run. I now get underlining bold and the paragraph symbol when I am pasting or writing a new post??? Its crazy I know…..and I have absolutely no idea how to stop it let alone find the bloody formatting tool to turn it off. Any idea what my mad cat has done??

  • ricky martinez

    facebook is so God damn stupid mark is so fucking stupid and my feed is blocked so now i search my friends posts manually. its like some one does this shit cause hthey dont like you. same thing happened to my other apps too. coincidence i think not

  • Ali Obaid

    Hello Angela😀 I’m so delighted that I’ve found your YouTube channel you are an awesome person😀 thank you for your tips😀 and I love your sense of humor😂

  • Miguel Roy Alfonso David

    Hi ma'am would just like to possibly ask if you have any idea regarding the issue that I am currently experiencing at the moment.

    My facebook news feed isn't loading up like being stuck after few post. I've already reported this with Facebook but no actions is being made. Been experiencing this for 6 days now 🙁 I badly need your help. Thank you

  • Lon Gleason

    Hi, I just found your page. I totally agree with Ali Obaid. I am glad I found you on YouTube. Your personality and humor are delightful. You share very helpful information in a fresh and enjoyable format. Blessing

  • Tom Chesney

    Does anyone know how to stop the timeline from refreshing while I'm looking at it? A year ago I never had the the problem but now the problem is daily. I can be in the middle of reading comments and it refreshes and I cannot find that posting.

  • Donna Benson

    Can't we get these instructional videos with print also or cc? What about deaf people? My computer has lost its sound and would you believe there's a video WITH SOUND to tell you how to fix your absent sound problems?!

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