How to Get Likes on Facebook
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How to Get Likes on Facebook

Launching a new Facebook page? Here’s how to get Likes on Facebook: Step 1: Fill out your Facebook Page with searchable information. Spend time optimizing each section of your
page with appropriate keywords. Step 2: Include Facebook Like Boxes on your
website and blog. The Like Box amplifies your page by displaying your page’s number of Likes along with some of your fans. Step 3: Invite existing contacts to Like your
page. Do this by asking contacts in person, via
email, or via Facebook. Step 4: Invite employees to Like your page. Encourage them to share, Like, and comment
on your content. Step 5: Incorporate Facebook into your offline
communication channels. Include links to your Facebook Page on printed
ads, coupons, catalogs, business cards, direct mail assets, and in your physical storefront. Step 6: Cross-promote on Twitter and LinkedIn. Encourage your other followers to stay in
contact with you on another network by occasionally posting about your other accounts. Step 7: Post valuable content. Fans might not remember one individual post
to Facebook, but they’ll grow to trust you if you consistently publish high quality,
helpful posts. Step 8: Be active. To continue growing your audience, you need
to actively engage with your fans by building relationships and encouraging discussions. Step 9: Use Facebook Ads to expand your reach. If you want to reach people who don’t know
about your page yet, you can use Facebook’s advanced targeting to grow your audience.

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  • Albert Einstein

    I have 4 likes on my profile pic while others have hundreds. I honestly could have had over a hundred myself if I chose to be interested in others but honestly I don't really like those people in real life. My friend gets hundreds of likes but a lot of those people are arrogant idiots and i wouldn't want to friend them just for the sake of looking popular.

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