How to get Twitter Followers Fast
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How to get Twitter Followers Fast

ok hello everyone how are you it’s casey seaman here so today we’re going to continue on with twitter we’re going to be looking at a website called refiloe calm Andrey follow is great for following several people all at one time there’s a lot of automation rules that went into effect and I was scrambling around for a little bit trying to find a solution and refiloe was that solution for me so we’re going to go in and sir first we’re going to log in and and then once we log in we’re going to sign up it’s going to automatically sign up with your Twitter account this week you’re going to redirect you back to the application okay now once we’re at this toolbar once we’re at this site this page I want to show you a couple things now these radio buttons on the right side right over here my followers and following you can have users that who are following users who are followed by and users who have mentioned me at some point so you can see how many you have by having my followers and following clicked ok but this is where this is what this website’s all about say you wanted to add say a hundred people at one time then you would click on this radio button right here users who are following and then you pick somebody who who you want to who you want to see how many followers or people that they’re following have such as I have let’s see Mike Dillard we could check out Mike Dillard see how many he has I don’t think he has a lot actually another remember yeah so Mike Dillard only has about seven hundred and fifty seven people that are following him users who are following mike dillard so it’s not that many but but let me just show you what I can do with it okay so we’re going to load a hundred you push the load button you load up a hundred and what we’re going to do is see these buttons up at the top we are going to start clicking to narrow down the field so I want to find people that are not following me that I’m not following and you know what I want people with pictures instead of people without pictures because generally people without pictures are spam and I’d like to have someone who’s tweeted in the last say week let’s just say that okay alright so that’s narrowed it down quite a bit so what we’re going to do now is we’re going to select the page that’s 85 people and we’re going to start following them and if you read this reef follows not meant to be used as a tool for aggressive following or unfollowing please see Twitter’s policies it does not that they have to say that that’s like the disclaimer that they have to say but they’re not gonna that’s not going to stop you from attempting to follow those people so here at the bottom right here you can see how many people is following up to now it’s following 19 of the 8520 seven of the 8530 six so it’s going to continue to do that once it’s done I’m going to put it on pause and once it’s done we’re going to go in and unfollow some people now see I just it stopped here at 5926 failed and I’m going to tell you why let’s look at my followers and following okay i have i’m following 2400 people in this account and i only have 20 100 followers so this ratio right here is not going to work for me to add more than obviously 59 people okay I’ve been able successfully to add up to 200 people at one time but these numbers have to be completely the same like they have to be totally around like ten percent of each other so and it’s always best actually if you could have more followers than you’re following that’s that’s even better so let’s switch this around so what I’m gonna have to do right now is I’m going to have to unfollow if you see that button right there I’m gonna have to unfollow some people okay so we’re going to do that right now I’m going to put it on pause for a minute while I set it up okay here we go so it don’t go down to my followers and following and start loading load all okay push load all because you want all 20 417 of these people up because you are going to start unfollowing a good portion of them the difference between 2197 and 24 17 so that’s 22 that’s like two hundred and seventeen people that you are going to unfollow right now ok now this step is generally what you should be doing prior to start following people but for this tutorial I wanted it to show you right out the gate what the the value of this particular website is so that’s why we we went with the straight following so while this is loading I’m going to put it on pause again and then we’re going to come back when it’s done ok so here we go 24 17 out of 24 17 are now loaded so we’re going to do is we’re going to come back up to this tool bar right here and we’re going to not clear going to remove these checks right here and now we’re going to click people that I’m following that are not following me and this really doesn’t matter at all it’s so this can be 90 let’s put that to 90 it doesn’t really matter no tweets in the last one day tweets in last 90 days okay that I’m following not following me locked not locked without picture with picture doesn’t matter in fact let’s remove people without pictures first so there’s only five so no we’re going to do both of them ok now let’s select the page hundred people now we’re going to unfollow them ok and let’s go down and just see that that’s working all right so it’s 88 14 while it’s doing it of course I’m going to do what yes pause it so I’ll be back in one ok so now i unfollowed 100 users and as you can see the number went down from 24 17 to 23 17 ok so now let’s select the page again okay hold on one second okay so actually what you’re going to do is you’re not going to just automatically go to unfollowing another 100 what you’re going to be or selecting page and then unfollow you gonna update right after right after you unfollow the first 100 okay and as soon as you’re done updating its going to remove the people that you already saw and then you’re going to click unfollow but right now it’s working right now hold on one second okay so you push unfollow after you’ve updated the next hundred will click will will populate okay and then you then you select page and you push on follow and then you check down here and take a look at the ones that are unfollowing okay so right now I have another 50 out of the first hundred that I did and pretty soon i’ll have another hundred and that number at that point should go down to about 20 to 17 that i’m following and that 2197 and 20 to 17 is only about 20 difference to 20 about 20 people and that are you know the difference of the two so I’m going to keep going and just remove those 20 at that point and then then i’ll be at a at a point where i can add another say 200 people okay now I’ve actually decided to click the without picture and select the page and now I’m going to get rid of the people that have no pictures one second okay guys as you can see it worked 100 users out of 100 I’m following so right there at the bottom it clearly worked so so now we’re going to do this we’re going to push update hold on one second and after we push update all these people will be removed and the new people will populate so hold on one second okay we have the new people in so we’re going to select the page i’m going to start following this is the second batch of 100 so let’s see if we can follow 200 in today 22 I’ll stay on here with you guys to the bitter end here now 33 unless it goes like this slow okay what else we have 44 come on give me 55 give me 5552 now this is what’s amazing about this is that a lot of people think that their their accounts are cancelled because Twitter won’t allow them to follow any more people well all they have to do is stop following them unfollow those people that aren’t following you or flush those people that aren’t following you so that you are back to an even keel I haven’t had an account canceled on me I’ve had I’ve had my I have had it to where I cannot continue following people but then I realized well all I have to do is start unfollowing people and get my numbers closer together my following and unfollowing those ratios closer together or the people that are following me and then the people that I’m following get those ratios closer together and you can you will continue to have an account that works ok and every couple days unfollow the people that haven’t followed you in the last two days all right that’s pretty much it guys it’s pretty simple refiloe calm it’s a great website you you’re given a lot of tools up here that you can work with and you know just keep your crimes decide on your criteria and select who you want to put in here to populate and then update every so often and unfollow and follow as you need it all right there’s more information in the updates area for free and powerful there’s more tutorials if you have any questions on any of the stuff you can always contact your upline directly and and thanks so much and we will talk to you soon bye you


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