How To Hashtag On Twitter
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How To Hashtag On Twitter

Hey, welcome back to the Six Figure
Mastermind, Marianne DeNovellis here. How you doing? Today it’s all about Twitter,
all about hashtags. Stay tuned, there’s some fun stuff coming up. Okay, let’s talk
about Twitter and let’s talk Twitter hashtags. Twitter is another one of those
platforms that will update things all the time, you’d really need to stay on
top of it, there’s a couple of specs I want to share with you with Twitter. So
Twitter, what’s unique about it is that it’ll give you a minimal and a maximum
text requirement on Twitter so the max text ability on Twitter used to be 140
in November of last year 2017, they actually doubled that to 280 so now you
have a little extra room with your typing and Twitter and most accounts are
our feature that 280, some are still at the 140 so you know, don’t get mad at
me if it’s not the same on your account but what you’re working with is limited
space and that’s part of the glam of Twitter, is that it’s quick, it’s fast, it’s
current and you’re not going to be stuck with these huge long posts like you
would on Facebook. People go to Twitter to see things quick, fast and in a hurry
so when you’re using your hashtags, you want to use them wisely because you are
limited on your character count so let’s explore what that looks like right on
Twitter. Twitter is so amazing because it connects you with so many different
celebrities at a pretty much a face-to-face ability you know, you’ve got
celebrities like Jimmy Fallon use Twitter expertly. I’ll tell you a
little bit of more about him in a minute. You’ve got you know, Arnold
Schwarzenegger, you’ve got Donald Trump, you got, it says Abraham Lincoln but I
think guarantee you he’s not using Twitter right now. You’ve got people all
over the world that use Twitter and you know, you can get followings, you can
get you know, just massive connection with people that are really high up in
the celebrity world just by using Twitter and commenting on their tweets
and making tweets and things like that but let’s talk about how to use Twitter
right now and especially when it comes to hashtags. Okay, so there’s a couple
different ways to use hashtags on Twitter and the first thing you want to
do is just have a story that’s worth sharing. Now every time you post on
Twitter, you’re going to have restrictions on sizes and we’ve got
restrictions on text sizes, we’ve got restrictions on picture sizes,
so if you’re posting an image on Twitter, you know, you’re going to want to know
the the pixel size so let’s let’s just add a photo. I added this photo on
Facebook, I’m going to add it here again so that I can show you what it looks
like and how it looks different. Okay, so I’m going to search for image 8344.
Beautiful, there’s my image. This is going to be cropped way differently
so on Facebook, it’ll basically not crop my image at all unless it’s for a
banner or a cover photo but here, I’m going to have some crop edge going on
here, it’s going to be rectangle, I’m going to lose about half the picture but I’m also
going to take this this image here and share a little bit about it. Remember I
have limited text to work with so the more concise I can be, the better so I’m
going to say, check out this amazing chandelier in our Shanghai hotel, you
would never guess that just outside there is a nasty fish market.
Make sure you’re spelling everything right there, get rid of those little red
dots. Okay, cool then I would hashtag something like #TravelChina. Now watch
what’s going up here you’ve got, when soon as you’re starting to put in your
hashtags, you’ve got some suggestions right on this side so I’ve got #TravelChina
ss a hashtag option and then I would do a space so every time you do a
space, that’s going to start a new hashtag so then I would say #NoZoningLaws.
Now that hashtag probably doesn’t have a lot of followers on it so
it’s going to be relevant to my post, people use hashtags in for any
ways, they can use it to find other hashtaggers, they can use it to create their
own hashtag and build their following but you can
also use hashtags in a fun way. This is just #NoZoningLaws is probably not
that comma on Twitter but it will make people snicker a little bit, you know how
you are with hashtags, you know that when you see something funny it’s like, oh,
yeah, totally get that. I’m hashtagging in real life, you guys.
I’ll walk up to people and like hashtag totally get it, this little hashtag, like
girl problems or whatever it is that you’re hashtagging. People hashtag
all the time. Constantly once a day I’m like, #SorryNotSorry you
know, hashtags are really fun to use. Now one of my favorite examples
of hashtags is Jimmy Fallon and I got to show this to you so again, you’re going to
want to make sure that you’re not overdoing it, you’ve got kind of an idea
of how many characters you’re using, it’ll stop you as soon as you’re using
too many so I wouldn’t use more than 2 to 3 hashtags on your
Twitter right here. Facebook’s a little higher, Instagram is
even higher than that but as far as hashtags go, Twitter is kind of the
minimalist view of your hashtags, okay. #TravelChina
I might even go up here in hashtag Shanghai. Now the check this out, I’ve got
a hashtag on a word that I already typed. If I want to hashtag that word, I can
just go put a pound sign right in front of it. Alright, so I’ve got these three
right here, that’s good for me, I’m just going to leave that and I’m going to test
tweet and there’s my tweet. Now this one didn’t crop my photo as much but there
is a little bit of crop and I’m okay with it,
I didn’t lose too much, I got the important parts so I’m going to leave that
as it is. Okay, so let’s check out some ways that people are using hashtags
really effectively. One of my favorite hashtaggers is Jimmy Fallon. I love the
guy, he’s got his late night TV show. Let me just show you what he does. Okay, so
I’m going to look up Jimmy Fallon, I’m following him cause he’s funny, he’s
hilarious, he’s totally cool and he’s got really solid, I mean, he’s a celebrity
guy but look, he’s got his he’s taking selfies for his cover photo on Twitter,
he’s so accessible, so chill. This is a cool way to use Twitter cause Twitter
connects you with anyone in the world no matter what their income or
celebrity status or whatever it is. Okay, 10.5K tweets, 7,800 followers,
more followers here, these are 50 million followers. Okay,
a super super super awesome guy so this is how many people he’s following, how
many followers he has, he’s at 50 million followers. Super cool guy,
very very cool guy. So every Wednesday night what Jimmy will do is, he will
create a new hashtag and that hashtag let’s say for example that he did
#DadVice which is one of his hashtags. If you go to youtube and you
watch Jimmy Fallon on this hashtag spits, it’s one of the funniest things. I
like stay up late at night watching this stuff cause it’s hilarious. So what he’ll
do is every Wednesday, he’ll create a new hashtag for a trending topic so for
example, let’s say you did #DadVice, what would then happen is, he’s
going to ask everyone that’s watching him, everyone that’s following him on YouTube
to share a story that’s relevant to that hashtag. So for dad vice, there
was one that got shared this said, oh my gosh, my dad said never to use the
blinker on my car because no one should know where I’m going you know, and that
was funny and he liked it and he used it on his show so these hashtags are
creating these trending topics and every single week when I watch him it becomes
a worldwide trending topic on Twitter so he’s using these hashtags very
appropriately and let’s just take this example and search for this hashtag
okay. Let’s search for #DadVice. Okay, that’s one that I know that
he’s used. Okay, cool. Look, Jimmy Fallon right here, top of the thread. Hilariously bad dad
vice ,at the airport my dad said put one shoe in each suitcase so if it gets
stolen they can’t wear your shoes. Who does that? Okay, #DadVice but
Jimmy is able to find everything because of that hashtag so let’s say you’ve got
an event coming up or you’ve got an event that already happened or something
you want to collected videos or testimonials from, you can ask your peeps
to give you a or use your unique hashtag so let’s say you’ve got an event in March
called Be A Better You, you could say #BBY2017 and then you can find
everyone that’s commenting with those hashtags across Twitter. You can even
find them across Facebook if they’re using Facebook and Instagram without
using that as well. So hashtags are super easy on Twitter but watch, you’ve got very
very few per post because you’re so limited on how many how many characters
you can have per posts so you know, stick it to two, maybe three on Twitter, keep it
nice and clean, there’s some neat tips too if you want to find what’s trending
on Twitter as far as hashtags go, there’s a really cool software that there’s a
paid version of it, there’s also a free version, it’s called HootSuite. Okay,
HootSuite is a software that you can go check out, it’ll manage your social media
for you. I’m just going to show you the login page right now. HootSuite will
manage your social media across so many platforms, it’ll do a YouTube, it’ll do
Twitter, it’ll do Instagram, you can even track popular trending hashtags, see
who’s using those hashtags and you can connect all of those things in one
platform so there’s paid versions of that, there’s free versions
of that, it’s one way to find you know, really popular hashtags. You can also
download apps on your phone that are searching for trending hashtags and the
usually specific per platform so you can find the Instagram popularity hashtag,
you can find the Twitter and you can find the Facebook. Here’s the thing to
remember with hashtags, use them wisely meaning, create hashtags that unify you
in your community and create hashtags that create communities, really two
different kinds and there’s also just fun hashtags you can throw in there like
hashtag you know, sorry not sorry, whatever you have but make sure that
you’re in those communities you want to be affiliated with those communities so
do your research, look for those hashtags on YouTube or Facebook or whatever
platform, Twitter, whatever you’re using, do your research, do your homework, look
them up, create your own communities and then you’ll be hashtagging it all the
way through. Alright, guys. If you have a chance, go check out Jimmy Fallon’s
channel, you’re going to want to check out his hashtags, you’ll waste hours on it
because it’s so funny but you know how to hashtag on Twitter, now create a
following, start creating a community online and that there’s anything about
Twitter that you want to know more about, just drop in the comments below, hit
subscribe and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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