How to Increase Organic Traffic to your Website with SEO & Blogging
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How to Increase Organic Traffic to your Website with SEO & Blogging

What if I told you you could double,
triple or even quadruple the number of website visitors you get to your website
every month and it doesn’t cost you a dime? Yes it’s gonna require more time
and no I don’t mean a whole bunch more time spend tweeting and Facebook posting
and pinning. My name is Liz Jostes and I own Eli Rose Social Media and we help
small business owners with all of their online marketing needs. If you’ve
listened to any of my videos before or you’re a client of mine, if you’ve read
some of our blog posts, you know that I’m a big fan of organic SEO. Yes it does
work. People who tell you it doesn’t work you’re – I guess – there’s more space in the
SERPs for us but it does work. You also know that I’m a huge fan of blogging for
your business I think that’s the single best thing that any website owner can do –
any small business owner can do – for themselves. Organic traffic has always
been a significant traffic driver for our website. It’s always been something
that has driven leads to us and instead of us, you know, constantly paying for ads
or doing a bunch of in person networking events or doing you know some
kind of email drip campaign after you’re offering some kind of free download. All
of those are very excellent ways to get leads or to get more people to your
website but if you are like me and the thought of direct selling just kind of
grosses you out, I’m here to tell you once again that learning good SEO
tactics and blogging for your business where you’re producing more and more
content and more links back to your site, where you’re demonstrating your
expertise and your knowledge… it is so amazing. So I admit that I rarely look at my
analytics. You know, the Cobbler’s shoes and all. So it’s very – I mean I only maybe
login a couple times a year and look at my Google Analytics and I finally did a
few weeks ago because I kept getting a bunch of comments on this one blog post.
so just for a frame of reference, I blog once a week, been blogging for years
though I mean I’ve been around about seven and a half going on eight years.
For the first five or six years there were like really two blog posts a week
but now it’s been consistently one blog post a week and like I said every new
link, every new blog post is a new link back to your site, a new reason for
people to visit your site and a new chance to rank on a new keyword phrase.
So after I kept getting a whole bunch of comments on this blog post that I wrote
in January 2018 – so right now it’s September 5th – so you know it’s been a
little while… I went to my Google Analytics and I was like, “you know, I’ve
got to see what’s up with this post.” sIn the last 30 days – the last 30
days – I have had over 4,000 visits to that one blog post. Four thousand visits
to one blog post in the past 30 days! And all it took was what the hour of time
for me to write that blog post and SEO it and schedule it for publishing so
just stop and think about the kind of payoff that could be for your business if you blog for your business and you started learning and implementing good
SEO tactics. After I was looking at that post I looked at the top 10
pages visited on my website, and my home page is actually number 4. You know a lot
of times a business’ home page is their number one most visited page of their
website. So that is number four so after that the blog post that was written in
January that I have over 4,000 visits a month it’s actually like 42
twenty-something, the next one is a 2014 blog post granted we’re in the second half
of 2018, a 2014 blog post that one was about helping people figure
out how to tag a Facebook page in a Facebook update because that can be
tricky sometimes. I should have said that the blog post that’s getting
over 4,000 visits in the last 30 days that was about how to set up your
Facebook Our Story. Once that Page feature became available, I wrote a blog
post about it and you know it’s been going like gangbusters ever since. So the
third most visited page the last 30 days is how to invite a guest to your
Facebook live on mobile. I also get a fair number of comments on that one so
the like I said the fourth most visited page was a home page and the fifth most
visited page is another blog post helping people understand how to fix the
backward text that you can get on Facebook live when you’re using it on
mobile. You can see that these are blog posts that help people understand a
specific task address a specific problem they’re very like how, why, what do
you do for this. If you think about the way you use Google, you Google questions
because you’re trying to find out information. You’re trying to get answers
to solve your problems. So that’s really where you need to start or should start
or should focus those blog post topics on for you because that’s the kind of
stuff people Google. Now some people might say, “Well, those top
five… none of those were your services pages”, and that’s true but I would ask
you out of all of the googling that you do how often is it because you’re
googling to buy something specific. You google for research, you google for
information, you google to learn and then later on you make that decision to buy
so I wouldn’t expect that a services page be one of those tippity-top most
visited pages on my website. So you know when you think about blogging for your
business or how you are building content for your website,
think about how you as a user Google and the kind of stuff that you are looking
for before you go ahead and make that decision because man if I can
write one blog post and have 4000 people to my website who wouldn’t have
otherwise come to my website, I’ll take that. I think just about anybody would so
you know when you’re reconsidering maybe some of your
marketing efforts if you’ve considered blogging, if you already blog and you’re
considering blogging more often, perhaps this is a little oomph, the little
boost that you need to say, “Yeah this is something I need to get more serious
about” because it absolutely makes a difference. It makes a huge difference. So
just something to think about. If you have any questions about blogging your
SEO or topics for blogging or how to approach your blogging your SEO you can
go ahead and leave those in the comments and below. Thanks!

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