• The Coyote

    Hi neil,

    Why not create a viral post with a hundreds or thousands of shares and add a button or have your url in description?

  • Subhrangshu Adhikary

    I have checked that having any random Attractive female model in picture increased my CTR way higher.
    CTR 35%.

    And tried other images too like male most popular sportsmen, CTR dropped to like 5% or so.

  • Eva María Salceda

    Hi, quick question!! I'm running a conversation ad, two adsets one with costume audience with aprox of 80,000. I know is a small audience so I created a second adset with 810,000 people, bouth have relevance score of 9. And my client budget is about 250 Dollars for three weeks, I used to run an ad similar to this and got 100 conversion so I'm looking for something similar. The campaign has been running for 2 days now but zero converstions only clicks on the page.

  • Jaya Vishwakarma

    Do comments drive traffic? I mean more genuine comments = more traffic, Is it true or no impact on the rankings?
    Need your truthful answer

  • Dale Neff

    Right now my ad is yesterday 18.10% at $0.11 per click. Today so far 19.51% at $0.08 per click. This ad is to my webpage for fish hooks. I have last month paid as little as .06 per click. I do a $10.00 a day budget. I spend a bit of time researching my audience. I spend a lot of time learning from great teachers such as yourself.

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