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How To Journal Your Productive Year | Chescaleigh #WTEQ

– Hey friends. So, at the end of 2017, I did this super long Twitter thread about how I stay productive and set goals for my upcoming year. And lots of people asked if I would show them rather than tell them about it. And so I finally made
a video of my process. Can you believe it? Check it out. So this is my journal. Duh, it’s from Paper Source, which, do not sleep on Paper Source, but also don’t go in there, because you will spend all of your time and all of your moneys. I like an unlined journal. I don’t like lines. Lines are the worst. I separate my journal into four sections. Personal, professional, health, and finances. And then what I do is I just jot down anything that I think applies to those sections. You might wanna do these on
their own separate pages, in the interest of aesthetics, I put them on one page for this sample demonstration, but, it’s nice to give yourself
space so that you can add things to it over time and not be confined to a tight little space. So for example, under
personal, I put things like, keep the apartment clean. More date nights with Patrick. Laundry, which sounds
kind of amorphous, but, I really suck at doing laundry. And I tend to just buy more underwear instead of doing laundry. Clean out my closet. For health, I wanna drink more water. I’m trying to work out three days a week. I’m pulling back a little bit. I think I was working out too much, and I was tired all the time. So, three days is the way to go. I’m trying to go to bed by 10:30 p.m. Cut back on alcohol. Finances, thinking about
getting a business manager. Trying to be about that
big girl lifestyle. (laughs) I really want to buy property. Brownstone in 2019, a question mark. I’m putting it into the universe. I need to stop eating out,
that also goes under health, but, that shit also gets very expensive. I need to get on top of my student loans. This is just, whatever. Cut back on taking Ubers again. Big girl panties means taking the train. For health, maybe do
some yoga, question mark? My girlfriend Shamika loves yoga and I’m trying to be about her lifestyle. I tried to do this 100
push up challenge years ago and I couldn’t do one push
up but now that I can do a handful of push ups I’m trying to do this 100 push up challenge. Switch it up more, just
trying different types of work out regimens. I did boxing recently
and loved it even though it made me a little bit
worried for my nails. Under professional I want to produce more. I want to direct. I want to do, or direct question mark? (laughing) I want to do more voiceover work. Collaborate. I want to take my Instagram
to the next level. I want to do more Instagram Lives, more Facebook Lives. I want to maybe do some merch. I also want to be a New York Times bestselling author, Haylor. Now you’re probably thinking New York Time bestselling author? That means you need to write a book girl. Well, wouldn’t you know it? That’s what I did, I wrote a book! It’s called Well that Escalated Quickly. Memoirs and Mistakes of
an Accidental Activist. It’s a collection of
personal stories and advice. All about communication online and offline. And the idea is that the
internet is an amazing place and a terrible place for
important conversations. And I would know because
I have literally made every mistake you could possibly make. So much so that I literally
wrote the book on it. My dream is to be on that New
York Times Best Seller list in May when the book comes out. And so what I like to do
when I set goals for myself is essentially work backwards. So I say I want to be a
New York Times Best Seller. Book comes out May 22, 2018. What do I have to do
in order to get there? So I just page vomit, word vomit, idea goal vomit. So, things like sell a shit ton of books. Which is pretty obvious, right? But then how do I sell all of those books? Well I’m gonna go on a book tour. I’m gonna go to New York and have a sit down with Hey Fran Hey. I’m gonna go to LA and sit
down with Shameless Maya and Marie Forleo. And Chicago with Luvvie Ajayi. Miami, question mark, question mark. Who should I sit down with? San Francisco, still don’t know who I’m gonna talk to for my book tour. And D.C., maybe I’ll do more cities. Please tell me in the comments
where else I should go. Also gonna be really important to get pre-sales. So I’m working on a new website that’s designed by Kriss Did It who did my last website, or my current website. She’s amazing. is where you can pre-order but pretty soon it’s
gonna be all beautiful with all my tour dates and merch, and it’s just gonna be really cute. So all of these things are gonna help me get on that New York
Times Best Seller list. Like, doing giveaways and more college speaking gigs. And the importance of
Instagram Live and Facebook. And blurbs for the book. And I have blurbs on blurbs. I got Issa Rae, Ilana Glazer, Larry Wilmore, Jake Tapper, Jon Green, Jon Lovett from Lovett or Leave It, Van Jones, Janet Mock, Luvvie Ajayi, Lindy West. I’m also gonna work on
behind the scenes videos. Quote graphics, which my amazing social media
intern Crystal is doing. Really trying to get on
top of the newsletter. Gifts, making promos, and pushing that hashtag, you know? So this is gonna be the way
that I can check things off. And make sure that I stayed focused towards my goal of getting on that New York Times Best Seller list. The book comes out May 22, 2018 but you can pre-order right now. If you don’t know, now you know. It’ll make ’em really happy if you do that for me. So, now I’m done with
shameless book promo, what I always do is every month I look back at those goals that I’ve set for myself. And I pick a few things out of there. You don’t wanna load up your monthly or weekly list with a ton of goals that are gonna make you feel overwhelmed. So I just pick a few things from each area and then I write them down for the month. So I’m gonna say March. I’m not drinking alcohol this month. I’m trying to get voiceover work, so maybe I’ll get a coach. I put acting class on my list. So I wrote down some
options for that class. My friend Shamika has a coach. And so does Michelle. So maybe I’ll hit them up. I actually ended up signing up for an acting class recently. So I’m super excited about that. I’m trying to work out three days a week. So maybe I’m gonna go
to yoga with Shamika. I’m gonna go to soul cycle with Michelle. I actually did that today which is why I’m so winded and tired. And then everyday, I don’t write in my
journal every single day but when and if I do write in my journal, I might scribble down some things that happened for the day. But then also look at those goals that I set for myself. And say like, yes, I actually signed
up for scene study 101. I did go to the gym this morning. Just so I can kind of keep
track of where I’m at. And I will do this for the whole month. And then at the end of the month, it feels really nice to
look back on that list of goals that I set for myself. And check things off. So, there you have it. How I set up my journal to stay productive and on task. A little book promo up in there. I’ve been doing this for about five years and it has helped me so, so very much. Shout out to my big sis and really good friend
Suzanne for introducing me to this method. Tell me in the comments
what are some things that you do to stay on task. And don’t forget to pre-order my book. Well that Escalated Quickly, Memoirs and Mistakes of
an Accidental Activist at It comes out May 22nd. I’m going on tour. New York, LA, DC, San Francisco, Chicago. But I might add more cities. Will I see you on tour? Tell me in the comments where else I should go. Oh, I forgot Miami. How could I forget my
home state of Florida? Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe. And I will see you when I see you on the internet. Okay, bye (mouth sound)!


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    Thanks sis (<<<in my head) I definitely am going to switch from a line planner to an unlined planner! Also, so excited for the book! 💗💗💗💗💗

  • anyname13579

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  • Cae Herlin

    I would not be able to organize my life that way, personally. I need to figure out very specifically how to work thinks into the way I manage my time. If I just make a really hopeful list of things I want to do, it would just get overwhelming and I wouldn't get anything done because I haven't properly registered the things as things I'm doing according to when and how.

  • Sarah Johnson

    Come to Milwaukee right after Chicago!!! Buffalo is also amazing!!!

    I started a journal similar to this this year!! Still getting the hang of it and how to keep myself organized and motivated. Thanks for this!!!!

  • Yana_Yz

    Now I want to go to the stationary stores here in Japan. It's dangerous. Gotta clutch my purse from spending too much. Everything is way too cute lol. Love your journal.

  • Julia Skott

    This was really nice! I should get back to that brain vomit get it all out stuff. I do a lot of lists and sometimes ridiculously specific schedules for the day.

  • Just Juanita

    LOVE this method. Also, totally addicted to notebooks, so thanks for giving me a reason to buy a new one! 💕
    We’d love to have you come to Toronto on the book tour!!!

  • Peachy Yinka

    💖💖💖 So far you are the 2nd black women that post journal inspo on YouTube that I've been fortunate to find. Thanks for this! More inspiration for my bujo journey!

  • Nadia Gasper

    How I wish you could come to London! Congratulations on all your achievements so far. I've followed your journey for some time and you never fail to inspire. I look forward to listening to your audiobook (as a writer I should read it, but the prospect of listening to your story while squashed on a London tube during rush-hour is exciting…which is saying a lot because​ commutes to work are seldom exciting) and I plan on spreading the Gospel of WTEQ to my students and friends 🙂 Much love, Nadia xx

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    I am not about that unlined paper life! But, I do a similar method. I usually write down weekly goals/tasks I want to accomplish. I plan out my day each morning by looking at my weekly goals list and sprinkle them throughout the week.

    Btw, your handwriting is #goals! Improving my handwriting is a goal I never accomplished lol

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