How To Make A Facebook Page For Beginners 2019 – Facebook Page Tutorial
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How To Make A Facebook Page For Beginners 2019 – Facebook Page Tutorial

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to make a facebook page for complete beginners in 2018 edition So I’m gonna give you a complete Facebook page tutorial rundown here now if you go through and you’re in business nowadays It’s really important to have a Facebook page one because it’s a hundred percent free and it’s really easy to go create I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to do that – you can run Facebook Ads which if you do it the right way it can be very profitable for your business and Three you’re able to go through and reach a huge audience a huge market where your you might not have been able to reach otherwise So guys right here We are on Facebook right and you guys cuz he I’ve got my my newsfeed all blocked off But in order to go through and create a Facebook page all we got to do is come here to the top right hand corner And you’re gonna see this dark blue drop down area okay. Now. You can see I’ve got actually a lot of pages right here already So you can actually create as many pages as you want, but in order to create a new page what you’re gonna Do is come over here to create page, and it’s gonna walk you through this step-by-step tutorial now This is extremely easy Facebook takes you it holds you by the hand basically step-by-step They first say hey You know what type of Facebook page you want to create are you a local business or place a? Company a brand or you just wanted to make a public figure once like if you’re trying to brand yourself I like to go with that one. It’s an entertainment page or cause or community now for this example Let me just say we’re gonna go through brand brand you as the individual, right? So we’re just gonna click on this public figure one, okay? So let’s choose a category so what type of public figure Do you want to be like are you an entrepreneur or you a dancer a comedian author like it has all these different options? Right here so for this. I’m just gonna say I am an entrepreneur cuz that’s what I am You come through here and say you can put in your name alright, and so like right here. Let’s say you are a realtor You’re in the real estate Mitch sometimes. It’s nice to say like hey I’m a Dallas realtor or Orlando or Phoenix Realtors so you kind of say like where you’re located and then also the profession so Then somebody if like they see your post they have no idea who you are Then get a quick idea of who you are and what business you’re in alright so for this one I’m just gonna say demo example I’ve already got my own personal Facebook page just as Jason Wardrop So I really want to confuse with that so what we’re gonna. Do is just click get started It’s gonna take us through to the next step of this whole process and guys This is so so so easy to go through and do so it says okay add a profile picture Help people find your page by adding a photo okay now You can either skip it or upload a profile picture, so I’ve already got one right here on my desktop Just kind of my classic profile picture. We’ll hit open upload one key thing on this guy’s What I would highly recommend is going through and if you have a profile picture that you use on other like LinkedIn or Instagram on other sources It’s good to have the same profile picture across all your social media accounts because then people are able to see like okay That’s that same person and this especially if you have a name like for example Jeff Johnson Well, that’s kind of a common name where you can see like okay. That’s the same person and they’re not getting all confused alright now what you can do is says upload a cover photo so to add a cover photo I Want to show you guys really quick how you guys can create a hundred percent free easy cover photo Even if you don’t have any design skills it doesn’t cost any money so sometimes like you’ll have a cool-looking picture from you know, maybe let’s say your realtor of about a listing that you have or Maybe a cool scenery shot, but if you don’t have that what would I like to use is a site called canva so canv The cool thing is you can see right here I have all these Different pictures and stuff that I’ve gone through and crates so what you could do is come over here to more and this is after You go through and log in create your account and it’s like I said guys a hundred percent free very easy use Then we’re gonna do is come down here And they have all of these pre-built sizes because like each each social media platform, they have their pre-built sizes and You want to be able to make sure it matches up with whatever that size and so right here, you have the Facebook cover Okay, now it already says is 820 by 312 pixels with some assuming. That’s right Just because it’s already pre built in here we come in here. We click on that and then We’re able to start with a clean slate right here. Okay, or we can come in here and say okay? We want to go through and use this template or this one Or you know we’ve got all these different templates that we can go through and use use right here And there’s a couple them you can see Muslims say three over here. It’s like for example this one right here This is free, but if there’s ones that they cost like a dollar or something like that It’s probably because I’m trying to find I’ve got a ton of free ones now If it costs a dollar typically, it’s just because of the image that they’re using alright so for example Let’s just come in here. Let’s use null I like that other one Let’s use that other one that I had okay, so if we scroll up Scroll actually let’s just use this one right here okay, so we come in here, and we could just say hey you know Jason, and then maybe we’ll just throw the last name in here make it look all cool, so we’ve got Jason Wardrop, and then you could put like you know your business or kind of like your niche that you folks like if your realtor a Dentist or what whatever type of business you’re in right an entrepreneur ecommerce store owner whatever it is Then you come in and you can upload pictures From Google from your desktop from whatever it is and just throw it in here And so it’s not this like random picture of a building Okay, so we can come in here like maybe we would come over here throw that in there and you can make it So it’s like okay. It’s black and white or we can change the filter. Let’s just maybe make it normal right there And this is good for now so we could just say and guys cool thing is is you can drag and drop this all around? Very simple very easy to use and we’ll just hit download here, and then we’ll come back to this part right here It says add a cover photo, and we’re just gonna upload it alright, so if we come back. Let’s actually Drag this to my desktop really quick here if we come back to my facebook page Upload a cover photo this should be right there on my background. Okay, right here guys, so we just hit open It just go through uploads it and then now we have created our Facebook page now look at this guy’s the cool thing is Facebook walks you through hand by hand like and shows you the next steps. Okay ok now Let’s invite your friends So now you can do and I’m not going to do this because this is more of a demo Facebook page But I can go through and I can start just click invite invite invite invite and invite all my friends You can say see all friends and go through and click and invite all of your different friends ok now once you’re done with that It obviously shows you ok. Here’s how you go through create a post and What I like to do typically is make a post make a post about Yourself okay, so do like a little bio, so let me just show you guys what my facebook page looks like is I’ve got so this is kind of my facebook cover photo, which I showed you guys made my profile picture and Then down here. I actually have a another spot where I’ve got a picture of myself And then I’ve got a little quick bio on me Who I am as a person, so you know hey Welcome my facebook page my name’s jason Wardrop, and then i’ve got kind of like a little picture of me again Okay, so you can come in here? Throw another picture of you, so let’s see right there And tell a little bit about yourself hey, I’m a realtor in the Dallas area hey, I I run an e-commerce store Hey
I have an Amazon so whatever business you’re in and you just hit publish And then what you can do is because kind of like a normal newsfeed once you have other posts It’s gonna pop down at the bottom what you can do here is just come over here to these three little buttons and Just say hey pin to the top of the page So kind of how I’ve got this up here at the very top even though. I posted it back in 2016 It’s now 2018 that will still remain at the top so kind of a cool little way to braid yourself And then you come sit here, you can see all these different things about a short description tell a little bit about what your facebook pages about what business you’re in you can also come over here and add a Button so like this is a call to action button so like saying hey Do you want some of them to contact you you wanted to go to your website you want to join like a Facebook group? So we could just say hey, I want them to contact me And I want them to send me a Facebook message because that’s kind of Non-invasive right like not everyone nowadays is actually in a pic of the phone and call you or send an email So I’ll just hit that will say Facebook Messenger, okay, and then we go through and finish that so now they click on this It’s going to go through and send a Facebook message to this Facebook page now It’s not going to pop up right here because this is your personal profile Messages, but it’s going to go through and be a message to this actual Facebook page right now guys I think that’s kind of a quick rundown of Everything that you need to know about how to create how to make a Facebook page for your business the complete tutorial right here So if you guys do have other questions make sure you drop a comment down below I’m more than happy to answer them But you can see how simple and easy it is to go make a Facebook page for your business here in 2018 This is the updated version of going through and setting this up for your business So do you guys have any questions drop down below? also If you guys found this helpful give a thumbs up and also if you are brand new to this channel My name is Jason Wardrop and make sure you subscribe because I launched a new video every single day how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business alright, so thanks so much for watching today’s and I will see you all tomorrow


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