How to make a handmade  Soft Cover Wrap Around Book or Journal
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How to make a handmade Soft Cover Wrap Around Book or Journal

Hi everybody. It’s Lee here. Ive been asked
quite a few times to show how to do a soft cover book with the pamphlet stitch so that
is what I am going to show you today. Now I am not going to go into the details of the
pamphlet stitch simply because i have done other tutorials on it. So I’ll give the link
to that. So, basically as you all wanted a soft cover book either with leather or something
soft on the outside, so as i dont have any leather but I do have grunge paper from Tim
Holtz, so that is what I am going to be using along with watercolour paper. So I am just
cutting down my paper to the size that I need for this little book. Now its quite a small
book so it would be great for something to just stick in your handbag or whatever. Just
at the minute I am checking what size I want it to be. Its a wee wrap over book. I am working
out how i want it to look, including the thickness of the spine. So I think that looks pretty
good there so Im just going to cut down my signatures according to that size. As i said,
this is watercolour paper. Its beautiful paper. I am just making my signatures. Now, if you
need to know how to make signatures or what they are about, I’ll include a link to send
you to the video about signatures. I always do uneven signatures, so I think there is
going to be 5 in this book. It just makes it easier whenever it comes to making the
spine piece. You just find the centre and then that will be your centre signature. So
Ive got the signatures inside the book here just checking that it all fits. I am creasing
the spine a wee bit. Then I am finding the centre and just mark it with a pencil and
that is where your third signature is going to go. Then you can work on either side, there
will be 2 signatures on each side of the wee mark. I have just slowed this down here for
you just to show you. So I am going to mark my sew holes now. So I am marking that on
the signatures. This is going to be a 3 hole pamphlet stitch. So marking it on the edge
and then I just take the rest of the signatures and line that up and just do a wee pencil
mark on all the spine pieces of the signatures. Sorry about my foam mat, its disgusting as
it has ink all over it and holes. Its terrible. I am just punching the holes here in each
of the signatures. And then, Ive got the centre line marked, so that will be my 3rd signature
mark. Thats where it goes so then I’ll put 2 signatures on either side. Im just measuring
out where I want my signatures, how much space I want between them. And again I will show
you a link to how to do the 3 hole pamphlet stitch. So I am lining up my signature and
marking the holes. And then I draw a wee dot for each of the holes for each signature.
And then punch those holes through. Just use a ruler as its easier. And then I just erase
the pencil marks. So as I said, I am not going to go into details in this tutorial on how
to do the 3 hole pamphlet stitch. I’ll put a wee link and you can go follow those instructions.
Now for each signature here I am keeping the threads really long because I want these to
wrap around the book as a closure. But if you want, you can put your own closure on
and keep those short or you can put beads on the end of them. So I am just dividing
them around so this is one way you can do it. So divide it around the flap and then
you can just tie that off. Another idea, what you can do is, to actually do what I have
done here and thats to plait or braid each side of the strings and then just use those
as a wrap. Now you can do any closure you want. You dont have to keep the threads long.
it’s entirely up to yourself, you do whatever you want. These are just a couple of ideas.
So thats how Ive done the wee soft backed book. I hope this helps you out. You can do
this with leather or thick fabric, vinyl…whatever you want. Its entirely up to yourself. Hold
on and you’ll see at the end of this video a little blooper, as per usual with me! Thanks
everybody, bye! Sniff….Awwwww my God I could smell that all night! Sniff!! Yummy! Im so
gross!! Heehee.


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