How To Make a WordPress Blog ( Tutorial)

How To Make a WordPress Blog ( Tutorial)

hi I'm Greg and if you want to make a self-hosted WordPress blog then stick around I think this video is for you what is the self of super WordPress blog well why don't we take a look together so right here on my screen and yours is the self hosted WordPress blog that we're going to make exactly to the T together in one hour but that doesn't mean you have to make this exact blog you can make whatever you want and even though it's called my blog that doesn't mean it's my blog it's actually going to be your blog and even though simple is in the title that doesn't mean you need simple if you want to make a self-hosted blog it's probably quite the opposite I just call it simple because I hope this gives you a simple foundation for everything WordPress has to offer a few of the things we'll make include a logo which we'll put in the header right here right by your title a navigation menu and right below that an image slider blog posts of course which will sit right on the home page with a little bit of your writing for the world to see right when they land on your blog and additional items include a Facebook box an advertisement google analytics social media icons and more in this video we will also learn how to make a beautiful mobile responsive blog so no matter what screen your user is reading your blog on like an iPhone shown here when they move from one size to another size everything from the logo to the menus to the blog post and even the image slider will adjust accordingly so no matter what your blog will look good and all the proportions will be just right before we start building I want to say thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to join me in this video now why don't we look under the hood at the three basic steps we'll be taking in the video number one domain name and self hosting the two things that almost scared me away from making my first self hosted blog we'll get these out of the way quickly and painlessly at the Google of web hosting Hostgator calm this is going to cost us under $13 for both of them and that's the best deal I could find online the nice thing is if you're using another wonderful blog host the steps in this video should still work just fine number two WordPress installation in the olden days you had to no coding like PHP HTML and JavaScript but nowadays we'll press a few magical buttons and have WordPress installed on our servers just like eBay Forbes Katy Perry jay-z and the New York Times last but not least building the blog this is where I will fill the blog with blog posts pages images and anything else you want to create a unique user experience that'll make you your own name online all right that sounds about right to me if you're ready so am i let's begin the first step is to head over to this is where I host all of my blogs and websites Hostgator is like the Google of web hosting and if you're anything like me when I got my first cell phone you want something simple and cheap that just plain works and not the deluxe combo meal so once you're here click on web hosting all right so we're going to get ourselves a baby plan in just a moment this little middle box right here but before we do so why don't we cover some of these terms so you know what the heck we're talking about as we go through so it says get started with Hostgator web hosting today and a good way of looking at web hosting kind of an analogy I like is it's just like an apartment and in this apartment we can put all of our stuff and decorate it however we want without any sort of worry of it being taken down so the stuff that we'll put in there will be the wordpress self hosted blog and because we have hostgator managing our space our apartment then we won't need to manage any of the wordpress or any of the blog posts from our own computer hostgator will take care of all of that all the technical stuff from their end on the back end now if web hosting is an apartment then the domain name would be like an address that you'd visit to go check out an apartment so I could go and type in an address into the web and go and visit this guy Glenn's blog right here so you need those two things you need a domain name and you need a web hosting so an address and an apartment great so if you have those two things then the disk space is going to be like the number of rooms in your apartment so if you want a new room for your kids great no problem well if you want a new bedroom cool new living room maybe some space in the backyard to put a pool in all that's possible because we have unlimited disk space lastly there's bandwidth which is kind of like the freeway that someone would take to go and check out your new apartment so you don't want that to be crowded or you know slow down so with unlimited bandwidth the freeway is never going to be crowded or slow and people can get to your site super quickly lastly there's this thing called a shared SSL certificate which I actually had to look up and we have a definition right here from Google which is a small data files that digitally bind a crypto blah blah blah what that basically just means is this little green rectangle right here alright so we're going to get a shared one which means that we actually won't have this thing which is absolutely fine you know on most blogs you won't see that but if you're a business setting up yourself hosted blog or website now then go ahead and get the business plan over here because you will get a private SSL and a private IP all right anyways let's go and get our baby plan right here and then move on I'm going to choose the monthly hosting plan so we can try out Hostgator hosting and self-hosted wordpress for one month without getting locked into any any agreements but it's also a good idea to choose it for one year if you're feeling super confident then we can click order now all right here we are in the Hostgator order wizard and the first step is going to be to enter our domain name our new domain name remember that's like the address of the apartment all right there we go so I've entered my domain and we can see that the dot-com is not available but I don't really mind and I'm going to choose a dotnet just to show you that it doesn't really matter for Google or for SEO or anything to choose any of these so I'm going to get a dotnet if you already got your domain name from GoDaddy or something then just click right there but we're going to register a new domain and I don't need any of these other domain names right now just this one is fine so I'll walk you through all the components of the Hostgator order wizard we have a baby plan and we're getting it for one month once you make sure that's all in place go ahead and create a username and a pin just like you would for any other online system like or Gmail or something like that then down here you want to put in your email and your billing info and you want to really make sure you get your email correct because in the next step Hostgator is going to email us our new cPanel password and login and that's where we go ahead and install WordPress so if you get your email wrong the system won't work you'll have to contact Hostgator chat make sure you get that email correct that's really important then if you're in the u.s. you can pay by credit card or PayPal and if you're international you can do PayPal and that should work just fine scrolling down will uncheck all the add-ons because I like keeping it really simple and we don't need any of this fluff all right at the bottom of the hostgator order wizard are our order details so I want to go over the numbers with you because when I got my first cell phone seblak I was pretty confused what all this meant and wanted to make sure I was getting the best deal possible okay so we see that the baby plan goes for 995 a month but hostgator offers 20% off by default which comes to 996 and the domain name costs a standard 15 bucks and Hostgator lets us get two dollars and five cents off as a promotional deal for our domain name so with those two numbers we have our total the numbers in green 796 and 1295 add up to twenty ninety-one great these gray numbers right here 995 and 15 add up to 24 95 and the discount right here is going to be the amount between these two numbers and these two numbers combined so that's the total discount and our total do comes to 20 91 but I have a coupon you can use which is actually better than the 20% off code so we can type that in and that is take 30 off which as you might guess is going to give us a whole 30% off as opposed to 20% so just click anywhere and we can see the new discount pops in right here you and this coupon right here will help you save 30% instead of the 20% so now our numbers look a little bit different so we have right here is going to be two dollars and 98 cents off of the hosting if we do a little math in our heads and the same two dollars and five cents off the domain name which equals five dollars and three cents of savings all right so green numbers compose this number and this number is still the original subtotal which is the gray numbers but even cooler there's also a coupon I have that lets you get the hosting for one penny and that is going to be coffee money if I could type so we'll click anywhere and keep it on this number right here and that if she drops down to one penny so that's amazing and this coupon is good if you just want to get hosting for one month because it makes the first month one penny alright so you can see we're getting a huge discount right here and I hope that all makes sense if it doesn't just go ahead and stop the video no problem and post a comment below and I'll help you figure it out but if you're already Selma and we can click I've read and agree right here go ahead and read this if you feel like it I've already done so and then we can click create account and we're going to choose not to refer a friend right now once we see this page it means that Hostgator has emailed us our details to continue so it's time to go check our email so here we are heading to our email and in a moment I'm going to show you how to set up WordPress and how to make an image slider and a logo and all kinds of cool stuff but first we have to actually install WordPress so that's where this email comes in go ahead and click here on the sales email and then make sure to write this info down somewhere safe on a post-it note or your favorite diary or whatever but the information we want is this password so I'm going to copy it just copy the whole thing and then we can click here to access our control panel which is what we want to do now so this is really the only technical part of the setup but it is really common and we'll be done in a minute so bear with me and let's get it done once you click on that link go ahead and enter in your username from the email and the password that we just copied and then we can click login and once we click login we will now be in our Hostgator control panel with lots of fun toys and goodies and it's basically like a hosting or blogging McDonald's so you know check out the menu next time you come back and are hungry but right now we're just going to quickly install WordPress so find this section for software services and then click on quick install this blue clock icon click that and once we click that we will be in the quick install tool and we can click WordPress on the left and then we can click continue and next we will see our domain name right here and we'll just leave it like that don't put anything in over here and then just fill in some information right here and we need a blog title but we can change that later so I'll just put in title and user does matter this is what will show up in the byline when you write a blog post so this post by so-and-so so I'm just going to put my first name and then fill this in and once that's done we can click install now and WordPress will be installed automatically on to our web hosting in the olden days you know back when I was making my first blog and you know back when we didn't have cell phones or cars or anything we had to set this all up with coding and HTML and CSS and PHP and Java and my sequel and all sorts of database management nowadays we don't have to know any of that you can of course learn that at your own leisure if you want later but you don't need to all you got to do is just click one button right here so we're going to do this right now and you will have the world's most powerful CMS at your fingertips so let's do it all right we made it so it says congratulations your installation is ready and we can access it by going right here before we do that we're going to want to copy yet another crazy password just copy that puppy and then we will access our new wordpress blog if we click here it'll go to the home page of our new self upstate blog but if we click here it'll go to the login page so that's what we want and let's click right here and now we can type in our username and paste our password from before and then remember us and now we can click login for the very first time all right welcome to your new self hosted WordPress blog so I'm gonna do a couple housekeeping things and show you around the place a little bit and then we can get started building first thing is going to be to bookmark this login link so it's your domain name dotnet or calm or org or whatever slash wp-admin slash and that lets lot less slash is not really necessary but we'll keep it so I'm going to bookmark this now anytime you want to login just go to that link in your bookmarks and type in your username and pass and you'll be good to go alright now that we've done that let's hop down to our settings and just do a couple housekeeping things click on general and we can make some changes in here I'm going to give us a title my blog and a tagline so there we go just the title of the video and right here I'm going to give us a WWE and make sure to change that right here too if you're doing that it's kind of a personal preference you know on a website like you know a Facebook there's no W w or actually there is so there you go so having a WWE is a good idea and now we got that taken care of just again make sure these two are the same and I will save changes and because we made a pretty big change we have to type in that stuff again and click login and now it's a good idea to change our passwords so we don't have to remember this one or save this page or take a picture of it or something so we can get that password changed in users all users and then we'll edit our self and I am going to type in a new password at the bottom that I can remember and I will disregard WordPress's insult right here saying that I am very weak and then just going to change a different style I like ocean and go with whatever you want and now we're good to update our profile all right with that done it's time to get ourselves a new theme so you know if we go to the site right now it has the 2014 theme and that's just how it looks with you know this green search icon and the menu over here and the sidebar and all that is just our theme so if we go to appearance and then themes we can actually see the past themes like 2013 and 2012 are already pre-loaded in here and you can preview them or activate them all for free and that's pretty cool so each year has its own theme you could probably find the one from 2010 or 2008 or whatever if you wanted or we can add new by clicking add new and then browsing and then right here you can search from thousands of free themes that are built by other developers so one that I really like is called catch type of word in and you get all the themes made by catch Katmandu and adventurous and Everest and you know I'm just going to type in a random word like maybe bubble and you know there's no themes for bubble but maybe something else like um you know random and you never know you'll get a theme so do some research and again these are all free and really awesome so lots of free themes but because I'm making this whole video production for you and I'm going to put it on YouTube and because setting up self-hosted WordPress is something that's pretty near and dear to me in my career I want to get us a premium theme to make our blog stand out right from the start so I already picked one out it can be Kanna chaotic trying to find a theme online with so many good recommendations but we're going to go get ourselves a theme right now I'll just clear up some tab space here and head over to Google our theme is called simple catch Pro a premium theme is also called Pro theme kind of interchangeable names and here it is so again I already picked this one out because I've seen it used really successfully before I've already used it it has really helped me connect with users and and show off my content in my own blogging ventures so the price tag is right here I don't usually like spending more than 50 bucks for a theme so that's kind of upper end but still within the budget and it's really popular among the WordPress community right here and it's got all these good features so things that I really like like excerpt length and feature thumbnails and custom menus and a custom CSS section which is really important to me because I like making little changes to the themes if you want to know about know more about that or anything else you know just post a comment and I'll help you figure it out but right now let's go ahead and make the purchase before we do that actually we can even preview it you can always click preview on a theme that you're looking at and make sure that it looks legit so here we are I'm satisfied right here so I'm going to buy this theme click on the green button and then I'm just going to go ahead and fill in some info for a new customer and then I will make the purchase all right with that filled in I have PayPal selected in the blogging world nearly all the transactions are handled through PayPal it's just a little more convenient and Universal than credit card and hopefully you start earning money to your PayPal as you blog more and more so going to do that and click the purple button all right now that we've bought the theme we'll get sent a download package for it so that's all taken care of and we get lifetime usage so we can use this theme on as many websites as we want or as many blogs and that's great I'm just going to take a screenshot of this page for my own records and then I'm going to go back to my um well I guess we should see where our download 1 order has been received guessing it's going to go to our email now great so here is the premium theme we just ordered and they're going to let us download our files now all really easy so here's the link right here I'm just going to download it by clicking that and then you can see it pops right in right here down in the bottom left corner and we're all set to use it so I will close this and close I'll leave that open for now until we get our theme uploaded so back in WordPress to use a premium theme just like any other theme you can click upload and then we have to choose the file so that's right here so actually before we open it I'm going to look at our old theme one more time the 2014 theme here it is with our WW in there and now we'll change the look all right so go ahead and find that theme it's just a dot zip file don't even have to open it really on your browser you just open it on right here in WordPress and then you can click install now and then activate and now just like that will refresh the self hosted blog and see that our look is now different and it's ready to get populated with content so pretty excited about that I hope that showed you how you can use a premium theme on your own blog and basically change the look from something basic and generic to something a lot different and a lot more impressive really quickly of course we will need to fill this in with our own content now to really make it look like it should so at which let's get started filling this blog with content all right so the first thing I want to do on our new blog is obviously write a blog post so let's go back to the dashboard and we'll check out the post section and we can see WordPress give us this annoying little hello world post which we're going to trash and then to write a new post just click add new now I see a lot of new bloggers starting their blogs up and their first post is something on how they want to change the world or it's something really intense on fashion or finance and the problem here is people say whoa like I just showed up and you want to tell me why Heidi Klum is a scam artist or something and I just wanted to meet you so I recommend starting a little bit slower with something called a welcome post which is better for telling people what you want to do and what your plans are and just basically shaking their hand in a virtual setting so we're going to call the post that and then we're going to get some some copy that I already wrote and just paste it in just like that so we can see we're in the text tab here which just shows you kind of the bare-bones words and letters but if we go to the visual we can see things kind of more like a Microsoft Word sort of layout so we need an image in here and to put one in I'm going to click add media and then I'm going to select my image from the desktop so just click desktop I have a picture right here of me and my sis and then I'm just going to align it to the left and keep it at medium and click insert into post and a couple seconds there it is looking all nice and now I'm just going to give us a category click add new and I'm going to write the category of blogging you can really write anything you want obviously for all of this and then I'm going to click publish so if we check out the blog now we can see we have a new post but there's no image right there so we actually need to set a featured image for that which is down here and I will choose our only image as the featured image and then I'm just going to click update alright so there we go I'll refresh it and we got a nice blog post with a pretty image right there but it also says comments are off and I want comments on so I'm going to go back to the post and in screen options I'm going to bring up discussion and I'm going to make sure in discussion we are allowing comments and Trackbacks and pingbacks and trackbacks and pingbacks are basically just a notification when someone gives you a backlink to your blog on their blog so both those things will send you an email and now we have a blog post so next up I want to make one more blog post and it's just going to show you what happens when another blog post comes in after this one so back here add new and this one is just going to be called hanging out alright and then I'm not going to put that same text in I'm just going to put some dummy text in also known as coffee hips um so I like using this in my tutorials it's just um a bunch of cool coffee jargon once were at the slowly loading coffee if some website boy people must be tired today alright so we can click generate right here and it brews us some nice text and you know we can put that in just like we did before and it would even teach us some nice new coffee words like ristretto or macchiato alright and then I'll give that another category which is going to be coffee kinda random but this is just for educational purposes and I will allow comment and I'm just going to put in one image right here so same process upload select desktop and I want this one some images might take a little longer if they're a bigger file but it should always be you know under about three seconds once that images in I will make it the featured image remember that step so it shows up on the homepage set featured image and then publish so if we refresh we can see that every new post will come in right above the next post with the rich text snippet right here so that's pretty cool all right so now it's time to make a page so I'm going to go over to pages and then I'm going to trash the sample page and click add new just like posts so pages are a lot like posts in the dashboard what they show up differently so a new page here won't show up on the homepage it will just be live for the public so I have some text once again and this is going to be an about page no big deal let's put that in the text and then go back to visual about me and that should do it so pages don't have categories and they do have featured images but we don't need one now and I'm just going to click publish so we can see when we refresh that our page didn't show up on the home page but we got a link to it right here so it's live for the public and we can click there and read all about me so that's pretty cool all right now be a good time to create a menu which will go in right here so I'll back to the dashboard and then head over to appearance menus so now that we're in appearance menus we can open categories and choose our coffee and blogging categories and then click Add to menu and they'll magically pop in right here but it looks kind of unprofessional with the lower case so let's change that just type it in again for both of them and then let's do the same for about me and the same for home and then we can well we also have to name the menu I forgot that set so call it whatever you want I'll call it main menu and then click create menu so depending on what theme you're using you might need to add the menu to the navigation right here this is the step that a lot of people forget so just make sure something is checked down here and then save all right so now if we visit the site we can see that we have a legit menu right here and if we click on coffee then only the post with the coffee category will show up and same goes for blogging all right I think it's time to put a logo in right here instead of this default logo so let's go ahead and do that and we can do that in theme options now you're going to want to explore theme options a lot and figure out what sort of goodies you can find but we'll just cover the logo for now so that is going to be in header options and then we can click Change header logo now we need a new file so I'll select it and I'm going to grab this one also on the desktop this is a logo I got from DRI icons comm and it's a free sort of storage well it's a free Vista store but a lot of the images are free so it's a good resource for logos you go to draw icons calm and browse around there then to put the logo in you just click insert into post and that's pretty good so we won't disable anything here we will just click Save then when we refresh our logo will pop in right there and it's really cool and kind of artistic clicking it's got that grungy feature and yeah if you want to pay a designer a hundreds of dollars to design a logo and take forever then be my guest but I like free so we have a logo and now we can move on to our sidebar over here so let's tackle that sidebar right now all right get your deleting fingers ready so we're going to go to appearance widgets and I'm going to delete everything sidebar posts comments archives categories and meta why because I believe in having a really clean and simple sidebar with just a few specific things that you want the user to look at so that's that it looks like a couple things didn't want to delete for some reason don't know why but we'll see why in a second all right let's go ahead and put a facebook like box in that sidebar so to do that just google Facebook like box and it's right here so a lot of these features that you see on other blogs have already been sort of custom-made for your blog you just have to give the blog or give them the site rather a little bit of information so in this case it's really easy to get a facebook like box and put it in you just have to have a Facebook page right here and tell this website the page and then you can customize things like the width and the height and the color scheme all right here within this little widget creator and then once you're ready you can just click get code and I recommend getting the iframe just because it works really well in WordPress and copying it and then in the widgets to put it in all you need is a text widget so you click text widget and then click add widget and then just paste the code right in and then you can click right here and give it a title and then save and let's take a look at what happened all right cool so now I Facebook like boxes in and because we have something in the sidebar the archives in the search bar have vanished just like we wanted so how about that all right let's check the time looks like we're doing pretty well and now it's time to put in some social media in our header all right so that is going to be done in theme options again you really want to spend a good chunk of your time exploring theme options this theme comes with a really really awesome set of features to help you customize the site how you want and right now we're going to add the social links so let's add a link to Facebook and a Twitter and then once those are in will just so you have a lot of options here I don't even know what some of these are we'll just save and we'll refresh and that gave us a nice Facebook button and a nice Twitter button looking really cool up in our sidebar you got a different color on hover and I recommend keeping it simple with those buttons because you want to direct people to just specific pages you know if you have 14 buttons up here someone will know where to click and you won't get any likes out of it but in this case there's just two and you know you should like me on Facebook for more blogging answers and you know even if you don't like the page you can still get blogging the answers from me and then go ahead and follow me on Twitter as well so because we're doing well with time I'm going to add a picture to the about me page and then we're actually going to take all of our pictures and put it into an image slider that'll go at the top of the blog so let's get that that picture in the about me alright I'm going to give it a little space now and then add the media same as before just upload select pick the image once it's in there I actually want the full size and I want this one in the center so see how it looks alright just a picture of me doing a skateboarding trick alright so I'm actually also going to make that my featured image and that will help us set up this slider in the next step okay so I'll set the featured image and then update and then I'm pretty confident the page is going to look good so let's go ahead and make a slider right now and to do that we'll go back to theme options once we're in theme options we can go to featured slider to set up our slider and then pop open this drop-down right here for slider options and keep it on featured post slider and we want to have the home page front page slider and two slides is good because we only have two posts right now and it's going to pull in the featured image from each blog post all right then we can hit save so I want you to go on a little scavenger hunt now back to posts we can open that in a new tab and click on well no need to click we just have to remember 16 and 13 those two numbers are the two IDs okay so we take those IDs and we put them in right here just 16 and 13 and then click Save and that should do it so now let's check out the blog and we have a slider at the top with one image and wait for it another image so that's pretty cool it's a coming together now almost complete but I don't like how that second image kind of won't fill the whole slide and it only shows part of my face so to change that we need to bring in a plug-in which will help us do more than the default WordPress blog lets us do so go to plugins and add new and then let's search for thumbnail editor click search plugins and this searches the entire WordPress database of plugins right from our blog and our internet connection and then this is the one we want it's got a good rating and I've used it before so I'm going to click install now and then click OK no need to download anything make sure to activate the plug-in and then let's hop back to posts and I want the post it has that image where my face was cut off so that's the welcome to the blog in here you'll notice our post looks the same but right by featured image we have this new link in blue for post thumbnail editor so we want to click that and then right here you'll get this new editor screen and we can just click on slider and then do a little cropping so hover over the image and just do a little drag and then you can make this section about as big as a slider image will allow for and you know well it's going to be a toss up its me or my sister here alright well I'll let her win this one just barely and once you're ready with that click crop and then click the floppy disk icon to save it then click X and then we can click update right here so now back on the blog if we refresh we can see we have a gorgeous image slider that covers the full container and both slides should be looking just as they should just as we want so you can customize the slider a lot more in appearance theme options like set a link to one of your blog posts or you can change how the slides appear and the timing that will take them to the next slide and you can add more slides as well alright now that our blog design is complete it's time to move on to some more advanced parts of self hosted WordPress blogging like advertising so if you've made it through the domain name and hosting and all this designing I'm going to consider you an advanced user congratulations let's pat ourselves on the back and move on and there's a million different types of advertising so you know you could use google adsense or make a custom ad also known as the direct ad where you just set up and have prett iseman based on a private deal with a sponsor or someone who wants to do business with you but the type of ad that I really like is from so let's take a look at that so you obviously knew you could shop on Amazon but what you might not know is they have an Amazon Associates program you can see this toolbar up here and what the associates program does when you put it on your blog is lets you recommend any product in the entire Amazon Marketplace I'm going to earn a percentage of the sale if someone goes through your blog to Amazon and then makes a purchase so it's really cool and the beauty of it is you just have to get someone to Amazon and then they take care of the rest with their expert marketing strategies and techniques to set it up all you have to do is have a website and a domain name which you do now and then sign up to the Amazon Associates program I won't go over that because it's free and really easy and they have a good acceptance rate but here's my dashboard my Marketplace dashboard then to set it up on a blog I like going to links and banners and once we're here we can click Add product links or add banners now then there's all sorts of categories that you could choose depending on your niche and what you think your users would enjoy shopping for but I'm going to choose the amazon firetv because that's pretty new right now and then there's all different ad unit sizes like the skyscraper but I like this simple 300 by 250 rectangle so to use it we can just highlight the HTML copy it and then bring it back to the blog so now that it's copied I'm going to put it in a new widget and the kind of widget we want is a text widget because that lets us use any sort of coding we want and I'll just write it in M is on Marketplace right here and then we can save it now when we go back to our blog and refresh we'll have an Amazon add-in right at the bottom lined up perfectly with our Facebook like box the grey lines line up perfectly and now when someone clicks our marketplace banner ad they'll go over to Amazon and the coolest thing is Amazon has what's called a 24-hour cookie and that's not like a chocolate-chip cookie that is a browser cookie which means that once they click your ad they have 24 hours to make a purchase and within that 24 hours that sale will be credited to your account and your tracking link so they obviously have as much time as they want to make a purchase but if they do make it within 24 hours of the click on your blog then you earn the commission and I know bloggers making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year using this technique recommending expensive products like cameras or televisions or even something bigger than that so that's really cool and now you know how to use Amazon but as a bonus trick why don't I show you how to create a link instead of a banner so maybe you want to keep it really subtle I don't want to add like this it's going to take space so let's open up a blog post and I'll show you how to create a custom Amazon Associates link alright now the location of your link and the anchor text will be really important I'm going to write out some anchor text that would describe a product I'm just going to write out Wilson tennis racquet 95 and then I'm going to find that product on Amazon all right and choose this one in the middle and so once I have this product page open we need to bring up this link structure that I discovered so what we're going to do now is write a link that looks like this and this looks kind of weird right now but let me show you how it works so all we need to do is copy this and then put that in the blog post right below our text just like that okay and then we need to fill in some of these items so what we want to fill in are the sin and the tag ID we just want to replace those two things all right to do that we can grab the a sin number of this product every product has its own a sin number and then I'll copy that and paste it in right here just like that okay and then we need the ID which is my own idea so go to the top go back to the Associates Program dashboard and my tracking ID is this copy alright and I'll put that in / ID so if you can create a link that looks exactly like this with the Amazon com DP don't ask me what the DP means then an ASI in number question mark tag equals your ID then you can recommend any product you want an Amazon through a link so I'm going to copy that put that right here we need to insert a link and then paste open in a new window a blank then we can delete that and click update and I think we'll have a custom Amazon link right here ok let's see if it will work I'll close this tab so we just have our blog open and then click right there and that's pretty cool so with that link we just open up the Wilson Pro Staff 95 page and if someone buys this we will earn a percentage of the sale so we'll earn up to 7 or 10% of that sale and you start out at 4% so the more products you recommend the higher percentage of the sale you get in other words the higher your commission and here's that link structure again if you wanted to copy that down all right the second advanced item I wanted to teach you now that you have your own self hosted blog is how to insert Google Analytics and track all the pageviews and visits your blog gets so let's go to Google Analytics click on their official website and then click access Google Analytics so just like Amazon Associates you'll have to sign up and it's all really easy if you have your own domain name and your own website what you do now so here we can see all my analytics accounts and to create a new one I'm going to click on admin and then right here in this drop-down I will create a new account alright time to create a new account and we just have to fill in some basic details like the URL so Google is going to review the website really quickly once this is in there and a category which I guess is computers and electronics and then scroll down here to get tracking ID and click the blue button and we have to accept the Terms of Service go ahead and read those if you have a moment all right success now Google gives us our custom tracking code along with our tracking ID right here which is unique to your blog and that's inserted right here so we don't need to write anything we just copy our code and when we put it on to the self hosted blog it basically says hey Google check out all my pages in my posts and record them in analytics and tell me how many people are showing up and which page they look at and where they came from and what they like doing and all this stuff so most people don't know where to put that code but I'll show you right now so you want to be in appearance on the website and I'm already over here you want to be an appearance and then editor and then you want to be in the header.php file alright so now that you are an advanced user there should be no problem a little simple code editing and we want to find this part right here where it's a closing head tag that's what this is called and then create a little bit of space above it and just go ahead and paste that custom Google Analytics code in there and then click update file okay so when we refresh the site nothing broke it won't look any different but in a couple moments Google Analytics will start tracking how our site is doing our last trick of the video today we are going to put a YouTube video into a blog post so this is my favorite trick and here's how to do it just go to youtube and you can obviously choose any video you want like your video on services that you offer or maybe a video about your business or a montage on cats or something but I'm going to pick this tutorial I made on how to make money blogging super cute and so we don't need to listen to any of that of course but just click on share right here the share icon and then we want to embed it in the post so will embed just like analytics we get this custom code that we can copy and then we'll carry it back over to our blog and you can put it in a widget or really anywhere you want but I want it right here in the Welcome post so let's edit the post and just paste it in nicely right over this text boom and we won't need to change any of this and I'm also going to make these in the headers by putting in the h2 tag and now that we have headers I'm just going to update so let's go check out our video now so now when you click on welcome to the blog you'll get this video embed that perfectly fits the width of the blog post and you can view it right here at the blog just by clicking play hi Gus it's the blogger and then it's even responsive too with the blog so if we pull it in then along with the images the whole video will resize a boy I really like this this setting I think this is the tablet so yeah I really like it with this width that's really nice how it fits the whole page isn't it but if you keep going down you'll see that the video will resize for an Android or Blackberry or an iPhone or a razor phone or a Nokia brick phone or anything else it allows a internet browser maybe not the Nokia so I'm actually a little bit sad to say we are all done here but before I leave you I have a couple more morsels of advice to help you out online which are to verify your site with Google so to do that we can go to google webmaster tools and then just click this link and once we're here we can add a site so all you got to do is pop in your new URL of your self hosted blog just paste it in then click the blue button and then it gives us some methods of verification but we want to do the analytics method so alternate methods alternate and then I'm going to choose Google Analytics and because we've given it a little bit of time now you can click verify hopefully it works and great congratulations we are successfully verified with Google so that's taken care of and what that means is that we have established web credibility in Google's eyes and because of that it will now rank us a little bit better in search and we can start using statistics and tools in webmaster tools so I'm going to click continue just to see what it gives us now and there's really nothing to look at right here so you're going to want to check out your Analytics profile soon and see how the stats are building up there let's close this and I will leave you back here at dear blogger a blog I run where hopefully you can find some more blogging answers and a good story or two last but not least before we say our goodbyes we want to submit our URL to Google so it indexes our blog so just click right there I have a link for you right on the blog and once we're here we can click add your URL and then one more time we'll do this so this will make sure that our blog gets indexed in the search results and will submit the request and great it says our request has been received and will be processed shortly so once that happens our new self hosted blog will be indexed in Google search results and when people type in some keywords that relate to our blog post or our pages those will start showing up and that means only good things for us alright I want to say thanks again so much for watching and for taking an hour out of your busy day to learn about self hosted WordPress blogging with me I know that you can do great with your blog if you really put your mind to it there are countless blogs starting up nowadays but you will certainly have an advantage with your own domain name and your own hosting and definitely an advantage using WordPress so if you have any more questions about how to dominate or just grow the blog or use any part of WordPress go ahead and post the comment I would love to hear from you and if you know someone who wants to start work best maybe you could share this video with them too so that's all I got thanks again and we'll talk soon


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