How to pin a tweet on Twitter
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How to pin a tweet on Twitter

Hi Paul here from PRwilson Media. Those of
you who regularly use Twitter will have noticed that recently it seems to have undergone a
bit of a face lift. You might call it a Facebook lift. Particularly when you you look at the
size of the profile picture , now you can see the ability to tag people in photos. The
feature I want to show you today is great. You can pin your favourite tweet to the top
of your profile . So that basically anyone visiting your profile will always see that
tweet at the top. Ok so here we are on the Twitter homepage
for my account. You can see if I click on this Paul Wilson text there that brings up
the full view. And now you can see that photos videos , following , followers and favorites.
Instead of in the old format that would be listed down here Tweets, following favourites,
they are now horizontal. Here you can see a pinned tweet that I’ve
already done. So how do I unpin this tweet. Well I click on these 3 dots here , the more
and I can say unpin from profile page. Are you sure? Unpin. OK so its now announced that
and we can select a different tweet . Here’s one about my new social media video training
group on Facebook, plug, plug , plug, well worth a look I’m going to be sharing all of
the videos in there in that community so I just click on more icon and then I click pin
to your profile , this will replace any previous pinned tweets – are you sure – Yes. As you
can see if I refresh this it doesn’t always show immediately the change now its the pinned
tweet. So hopefully that’s been helpful. Do check out my website at
there’s a link to the youtube channel there – there’s over 59 I think now videos on there
on social media under different categories. There’s Twitter, but also Facebook, LinkedIn
and YouTube. I’ll see you again on the next video Cheers.


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