How To Read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen (2016) NEW
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How To Read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen (2016) NEW

Link Is In Description Add This Extension To Chrome This Extension Allows You To Block Facebook’s Read Receipts From Being Sent. Let’s Try This Extension Now We Received Message On That Account Let’s See Our Message Here We Got The Message So Now We Opened The Chat Box And Saw The Message, It Should Seen Read Receipt To The Sender Let’s See If We Got Seen Mark TA DA!!! There’s No Seen Receipt 😀 Let’s See What Happen’s After Disabling This Extension After Disabling The Extension We See The Read Receipt Thanks For Watching “Subscribe” For More Informative Videos


  • calep nicholas

    I exposed a spy which functions to look someone text!
    Aimed to examine it and now I am utilizing it practically in daily basis

  • MomoMochiもも餅

    I tried this but some of my friends I asked said they could still see me reading so I don't think it works.

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