How to Run a Profitable Social Media Contest | Go Viral And Make More Money Online!
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How to Run a Profitable Social Media Contest | Go Viral And Make More Money Online!

– What’s one of the coolest
aspects about social media? One of my favorite things is you can get a ton of stuff for free. There’s all these contests
on Instagram, Facebook. So why not run your own contest? Because you know what? Companies wouldn’t be running
’em unless it was profitable. Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m gonna share with you how you can run a profitable contest. (bright music) The first thing you wanna
do is sign up for What Gleam does is it
allows you to run a contest. If you don’t have a software
that’s tracking your contest or incentivizing people,
well, how do you really do it? You don’t wanna go to
Upwork and sites like that and pay a developer to do it for you when you could just use a simple software out there like Gleam. Now that you have the software set up, you need to figure out
who you wanna target. So the second thing you wanna
do is take your email list and upload it to Facebook. See, when you upload it to Facebook, there’s something called
Lookalike Audiences. What Lookalike Audiences
are is it tells Facebook, “Hey, these are my best qualified people. “Go find me more people like ’em.” And you can select how similar
you want your audiences to be to that email list that you upload. In general, you wanna do
a 1% Lookalike Audience. If you don’t have a
email list, no worries. You can just put a pixel on your page and track people who are
coming to your website, because these are all people who are coming to your website
that may not be converting. If you have 100 people
coming to your website, you’re lucky if only a few of ’em buy, which means the majority of ’em should be entering into your contest. So now that you have
that set up on Facebook, you need to incentivize people. When they’re entering the
contest, what’s the point? When they’re entering it, they have to have some sort of benefit, not just, “Hey, you can
get this stuff for free,” but there has to be some incentive, such as the more you share it, the more likely you are to win. ‘Cause everyone knows it, including you. If I run a contest and
be like, “Hey, apply, “and there’s a good chance that
you’re actually gonna win,” you’re gonna be like,
“Well, you know what? “If there’s thousands of people applying, “I only have like a one in 1,000 chance.” Well, with Gleam, the way
you can actually do it is the more people you invite,
you can incentivize, you’ll get more points. So if you invite all your
friends and you’re popular, you know what? Your chances or your odds
may even go all the way up to one in 10, one in
20, whatever it may be, depending on how much
work you put into it. So if you start using
these tools like Gleam, if you start doing Lookalike
Audiences on Facebook, you can start getting more
people entering in your contest. Now, when you get all these
people entering in your contest, make sure follow up
with them through email and sell ’em on other
products and services. If you forget to do that, you’re not gonna have
a profitable contest. Instead, you’re gonna spend money on ads, you’re gonna spend money on software, you”re gonna get people
to enter into a contest, you’re gonna give away stuff for free, and then you’re not gonna make any money. Why would you wanna do that? So make sure you follow up
with people through emails and upsell and downsell them
on other products or services. That’s how you make your
contests profitable. Without that, you will lose money. (bright music)


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