How to schedule in twitter
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How to schedule in twitter

Hello, I would show you how to use the scheduler First you need to add a record and set the action.. whether you want to follow or like etc.. Then set the number of actions(follows in this case) Rate is the number of follows per interval schedule time should be in 24 hour format You need to put a valid url in this field you can use the targeted search and find the url with the correct target, once you got that url, copy and paste it in the scheduler Adding another row We will schedule a Like action now Copy the valid URL for Liking Run Scheduler Everyday means, this current schedule will run everyday. We will no wait for the time Close the twitter window but keep the chrome window open or atleast minimized. The app will run only if a chrome window is open Now do your own work while the app runs in the background


  • Peter

    im a bit confused about the checked boxes beside each task. do i need to uncheck those boxes to get it to work the next day? it seems like it doesnt run the next day until i uncheck each item. any help would be appreciated, thanks. this is a really awesome app!

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