How To Setup A WordPress Blog Using Bluehost (In Less Than 5 Minutes!)

How To Setup A WordPress Blog Using Bluehost (In Less Than 5 Minutes!)

hey what's up john sonmez is here from so i want to show you how you can very easily set up a new blog a wordpress blog using Bluehost it's who I recommend for setting up your blog especially if you're just starting out because it's really cheap hosting and it's really good has really good customer support and it's so simple to do this so if you're intimidated about creating a blog and cutting your own WordPress site you know this is definitely something that is real simple to do so I'm gonna show you how to do it so first of all if you want to do this I highly recommend you go to forward slash Bluehost or you click one of the links below the reason why is because if you go to Fort Dodge Bluehost you'll get special promotion as you can see you'll go to this page that has my mug on that Bluehost likes me so much that they made a special landing page just for me and for for you that are signing up through me it is an affiliate program obviously I get paid to refer Bluehost you know just full disclosure there but I refer them because they're good and they're cheap and they help you to get a blog set up real easily so you're gonna want to go there because you'll also get whatever discount that I've negotiated with them out have some kind of they always give me some kind of discount okay so let me show you how easy this is this is so easy they've made it I actually am updating this video because they've made it so much easier to get started so all you gotta do is you click get started now and you can select what you want here I'm just gonna select the basic that's the cheapest option here if you have a domain already you can use that otherwise you can just get a free domain and they give you a domain when you sign up so let's just call this simple programmer test pH dot com okay that's Bluehost com alright and hopefully that's not taken you can use Google sign-on so I'm just gonna do that that makes things simple I'm just gonna use my simple programmer account we'll put in here a simple programmer we're just put in an address for the mailing address okay and then my email address you know at I'm gonna go ahead and choose here the basic 12 month plan you can see that the pricing changes based on how long you sign up to get the long the best pricing you got to do 36 months but when if you cancel or something I believe what they do is they prorate it so you don't have to worry you know in this case I'm just gonna sign up for the for the 12-month because this is just a demo and I'm just gonna uncheck all these options although some of these options you might want like the site backup and you know especially SSL if you're doing transaction sales transactions but for basic you know if you want to just save the most money right you can get 12 months for 60 bucks pretty cheap for hosting for decent for really good hosting actually these are those things I uh put in my credit card information don't look oh then all we gotta do is agree to the terms and then click Submit okay so congratulations it gives me this offer for payments fear to if you want to accept payments I'm gonna say no thanks in this case okay and now we have our Bluehost account so we have to create a password for the account this is critical so you gotta wait a second or two you know we could talk about this because it takes it takes a second to generate the the site on one of their servers but then you click create your password and I'm gonna actually switch windows here okay so you can see me on this this is the the new page that opens up I agree to the terms and click Next sometimes it may take you a second it might say that still creating your account if it says that then just wait and then click it again now we're going to click login okay and it's automatically gonna log you in you don't even have to do the the password thing and then it's going to automatically assume you want to create a WordPress site okay this is how cool this is so all you gotta do is pick a theme so let's go ahead and pick this consulting theme this one looks cool okay and it's creating a wordpress site for you automatically okay so this is your own hosted WordPress site that you own at your domain that's hosted on Bluehost it's it's different than is different than a free site you actually own this you could actually take this and you could take it to another host right you can actually have your own word your WordPress install you can assault whatever plugins you want whatever themes you want full control this is why I recommend this and it's so cheap and so easy right you don't even have to have any technical skill I'm showing you how to do this right here right now in less than five minutes honestly alright so now we can go we can either click start building or go to my Bluehost account I'm go ahead and click start building okay it'll open up a new window and then let me push to this so you can see so it's actually loading up the WordPress site we already have a wordpress site we're done at this point we're basically done ok I'm going to show you a little bit more stuff but you have a wordpress install just like that right and it is at your new domain I'll show you that in a second even though it's showing you know the box number here you can go in here and you can configure WordPress however you want I'm not gonna go into how to configure WordPress here but you can see it's created one user for you which is the admin user it's already got some plugins installed for you if you look at plugins but right here I mean we could just go in create it we already have a hello world post right and we could view that post and there you go hello world this is on your new blog right there ok so it's already done no I want to show you real quick the management console and how to set up your password because you're gonna want to do that so I'm going to click over to the other tab I'm gonna go to go to my Bluehost account ok now what you want to do here is you can see on the on the left your site's alright so you've got one site you can create multiple sites on the same account this is pretty cool okay there's a little marketplace here where you can buy different add-ons and features ok and then you've got email address that Bluehost set you up with so you can go into email here and then we've got domains okay and this is there's the email so you can set that up and then we've got domains and this is the domain that you registered remember you got a free domain when you when you signed up so here in this case what do we call this we called a simple programmer test bh comm so watch what happens if i go to this and when i go to this this is that that WordPress site oh it might take a second for it to for it to come up with the domain but if I do like WP admin so here what you can what we're gonna want to do here is under my sites what we're gonna want to do is go here and then we can manage your WordPress site here so we're going to click on manage site ok you can see the themes that are installed plugins you can manage any of those and we're going to manage our user ok and we've got an admin user so what we're gonna do is we're going to edit the profile we can also do reset password that be in fact faster way if we click reset password in tabs here so you can see that it brings us up into the user manager inside of WordPress which you could have just clicked user and done this so then you can do generate password and you can put it'll generate password or you can put in your own password I'm gonna put in the password test use there one two three we remember that it's weak confirm the use of a weak password okay and then we're just gonna update the profile okay so now our admin account has test user one-two-three-go we need to enter an email address so we'll enter that we'll say John it simple programmer calm and it was test user one two three now if we were to logout right we can just log out here and now we can just get in from here so we can put an admin and test user one two three there we go and we can log-in to our WordPress site now as I seen before we should be able to use a domain so if we just switch this if we go to simple programmer test pH comm should bring this up you can see it says coming soon and we've got an admin login but it takes us to this box one so what we want to do is if we log in we can go to the site settings so settings general and then we can put in the wordpress address URL right so if i just switch this right okay now it's simple programmer test bhi comm so that'll make it use your custom domain so we'll save this okay now you can see that if we log in here right so actually we'll just we'll just put this part will put simple programmer test pH comm that works and if you want to login to your site you just do the default is WP dash admin a and it'll take you to the login page and then we can go admin and we had test user one two three as our password remember me login okay so now you can login to your site no problem and you can configure this however you want you can make your first post here like I said there's already a hell world post which you can view here or you could create a new post real simple I'll show you how to do that if you just go and say add new just say test post test post mate publish and if you hit view post you can see your post there you go test post right there under root press site again you can just go to the Bluehost portal if you want I'll switch back to that tab and you can manage everything from there but that's so simple it is to setup your site I mean we literally created our WordPress site in less than five minutes just by signing up and that's it then you can you know you can go through and you can create new posts create new users create a different user if you want and do whatever you want and you've got your blog already right you can create a new theme you can install whatever plugins you want so that it's that simple again go to for size Bluehost and if you have any questions leave a comment below and I'll be happy to answer them but it's real real simple and if you have any problems also their customer support is really really good you can usually just go into the chat and there's there's really good help as well and then you can click chat so if you if you saw there I click that that help button and then from here you can search on anything and you can just click chat and it'll open up a chat window alright I hope that helps you good luck with your blogging and now you have no excuse for setting up your blog all right take care


  • InHonourOfLife

    I got lost at 8:00 minutes. I found the page but from there it was unclear what I was doing and why I was meant to be doing 🙁

  • Travelgirls

    Does using this method allow you to customise your the HTML and CSS add Javascript and so on? Are there options to truly self manage and embedd youtube videos and put in affiliate links and so in in future? It's not too clear and I'm starting out in web development so just wanted to check how flexible it is? Thanks very much!

  • Annabelle's Stamping Studio

    Hi John, I just (tonight) migrated my blogger blog to WordPress hosted on blue host w/my own domain and it looks like everything came over except the graphics. Is this something you can help me with? I had a beautiful website in blogger and now it’s a mess without all the graphics. 😰 TIA

  • P

    I'm making a blog once I figure this out. Why would someone want to use bluehost instead of just using wordpress by itself?

  • Stevo E

    sure making a wordpress blog is good and all. but its extremely insecure. just be cautious about what plugins you install. many are vulnerable to sql injections.

  • Norbi

    Isn't writing your own blogging engine the best way to start your blog? (At least for programmer, especially for backend webdevss)

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