How to Start Social Media Marketing Agency with Kevin David!
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How to Start Social Media Marketing Agency with Kevin David!

– Alright, so you’ve heard
of Shopify, dropshipping, you’ve heard of Amazon FBA. But today we’re going to be talking about a different business model, that you can actually get
started for zero dollars down. And today, Kevin’s gonna
explain everything about that. So, stay tuned. Hey, what’s up everybody? We are back here again, with
special guest, Kevin David. Most of you guys who are subscribed to me have probably seen this face before. He’s talked about e-commerce, Amazon FBA, Shopify, dropshipping. But today we’re actually
talk about something a little bit different. So first things first, if
someone’s new to the channel do you mind just telling a
little bit about yourself and just introducing yourself.
– Yeah, no of course. So, less than two years
ago I was an accountant, for people who don’t know. And I really didn’t like that, obviously. Not many people, I don’t think,
like being an accountant. But, it was kinda a nine to five grind that a lot of people just
kinda get trapped in, right? You go to high school and after high school you go to college, and you don’t really
know what you wanna do. And then after college you get a good job, and save for retirement. It’s kinda like what’s been ingrained by society inside of us. I kinda realized I
really didn’t like that. I didn’t like being in a cubicle, I didn’t like kinda of wasting
my time, wasting my life and only getting paid
pennies on the dollar to create somebody else’s dream. And so, I started researching, what are ways that I can
start making money online? Because I knew that people
were making money online, and I used to see these
people driving Camaros and these nicer cars, to me at the time, and Corvettes and stuff. And I was like, how
are they affording that on a fricking accounting salary? I thought that accounting
jobs were like good and everyone tricked
me into thinking that. And so I started researching, and I tried a bunch of
different things that failed. I tried to make affiliate
sites like you do and I failed, I tried to do a bunch of different things that just didn’t fit my
particular skill sets. And then it kinda started
to work with Amazon, and then Amazon really started to work, and then I kinda
transitioned into Shopify. ‘Cause there’s kinda a lag period, while you’re waiting for your products to ship from China to the
USA, so I learned Shopify. And then because of Shopify you kind of need to
understand paid traffic, and so I learned Facebook Ads. And so it was kind of like a
natural progression for me. And then I kinda transitioned my focus, cause my real passion is teaching people. It’s not necessarily like selling random little items on Amazon. It’s teaching people how
they can kind of escape that situation I was in,
trapped in my cubicle. And so, I started teaching people and 10,000 plus students later
in the last year and a half, and we’re here. – 10,000 plus students? – Paid students, yeah. – Yeah, paid students. And you know, you’ve had
countless success stories. I mean, I’ve already seen through them, I’ve scrolled through them. So we don’t really need to get into that. But, today we’re talking about something different from e-commerce. ‘Cause e-commerce is like you said, how you pretty much cut your teeth, that’s how you got into online business. And through your e-commerce experience you learned paid traffic. Which you know, if you know paid traffic you can get into basically any
business online, essentially. Now, what is the business model that we’re talking about
today that’s different? – Yeah, so two things, right. The difference between
e-commerce, for most people, I had money to start. ‘Cause I was saving all
my money as an accountant and I was eating ramen everyday. ‘Cause I was like, I gotta save money so I can figure something else out. So I had a reasonable amount
of money to get started, and that’s a barrier for a lot of people. ‘Cause not everybody
has thousands of dollars to go start an e-commerce brand, right? The other thing is, not every
business needs e-commerce. But every business, I would
argue, needs marketing. And they need advertisements, and so what we’re gonna
be talking about today is how to create a passive income, and a significant passive income with zero money to get started. Using and leveraging Facebook
ads through a business model that a lot of people have kinda coined as a social media marketing agency. Some people also call it a
digital marketing agency, a Facebook ad agency. Those are a lot of the
kinda different terms for the same thing. But essentially, what it means
is acting as kinda the bridge between local businesses
like you see every day: dentist, doctors, insurance
companies, real estate agents, chiropractors, all these
different types of businesses that have no idea how
to do digital marketing, they’re kinda stuck out in the stone ages. You act as the bridge
between those businesses and digital marketing because
they’re all wasting money on old types of advertisements. And so you come in and offer a service saying hey I’ll get you more customers, and I’ll do it through paid
advertisements on social media. – Yeah, sounds great. Because these businesses, like you said, they aren’t familiar
with digital marketing. But something as simple
as a retargeting video ad would actually serve them so much and give them so much business. – Yeah, well you say something as simple as a retargeting ad, to a lot
of people, it’s not simple. ‘Cause they’ve never done it before. But yeah, once you understand things, it becomes much more simple I guess, if you want to put it that way. But, to these businesses, they’ve never heard of a retargeting ad, they’ve never heard of a Facebook pixel. They’ve never heard of
things that might be simple to you and me because we’ve
had experience with it. But, the things is, a
pixel or a retargeting ad that takes you five minutes to set up, feels like magic to these businesses. Like, to these real
estate agents they’re like oh my gosh, I got a new lead that I called for five dollars on Facebook. You know, normally they’re
paying 500 dollars per lead. Right so, all of a sudden you get them a hundred times cheaper lead
than what they’re used to, and then showing them
that you can consistently scaleably start doing that,
it’s incredibly valuable. Right, so these businesses,
like real estate agents, or whatever, I have thousands of students now in my social media
marketing agency course, that go out and they
basically do Facebook ads on behalf of these other businesses. And the businesses pay them
a thousand dollars a month, 2 thousand dollars a month. And the thing is, just getting
as simple as 4 clients, even if they’re paying
you the absolute minimum, which is a thousand
dollars a month, right? 4 times a thousand dollars
a month for a year, is almost 50,000 dollars, which is what I was
making as an accountant, but you can do it in ten hours a week verses 80 hours a week as an accountant. – Yeah, so full time income and a lot more flexibility.
– A lot. – Because you get to call the
shots and choose your hours. – Exactly, and the thing is,
it’s so much more scalable too. Cause as you get better
at it you can charge more. So like, if you have 4 clients, but you’re charging them 2
thousand dollars a month, now you’re making a hundred
thousand dollars a year. So it’s like when I was an accountant, I didn’t have that
additional ability to scale, it wasn’t like that. I just went to work and
suffered for 16 hours a day, and that was that. I didn’t’ have additional ways to scale or get better at things. And the cool thing about
social media marketing agency is if you get one client
and you do a good job, most real estate agents have friends that are real estate agents. So you get referrals. Or like, doctors or
dentists went to people with dental school, like
the referral network effect. Where you don’t even
have to market to anyone once you get one client
and you get results, cause they’ll do the
marketing for you, right. And so, we teach a lot of
different ways to our students to kinda create referral incentives, where if somebody’s paying
a thousand dollars a month for me to run ads for them, I’ll say, hey ODi I’ll
give you 500 dollars off for every new client you introduce
me to who ends up paying. So then they do the marketing for me. And so I’m just chilling, and all of a sudden I have 4 clients, and you’re making more than
the average American makes in a full year. But you’re doing it from home in your underwear on your laptop. – Yeah, so things get
easier once you go from zero to having those first initial clients, getting success for them. ‘Cause they’re gonna tell their friends, if you’re doing good for them they’re gonna tell their buddies. Now, with that being said,
if someone’s interested in getting started and you
said that you can start this with basically zero dollars down, how can someone do that today? – So like, people always say like, basically zero money down. Like marketers, I say it,
everybody says it, right? That usually means like
some amount of money. With social media marketing, you can literally start with zero. Like you have to have a
computer or like a phone or something, like you
can’t be living in a cave with a fricken rock and start it. But like, most people have a computer, even if it’s like a
Chromebook or whatever. You can literally get started with zero. And that’s a very rare thing
with making money online. With Amazon you have
to buy units up front, with Shopify there’s ad expense. There’s expenses with business, it takes money to make money. But with social media marketing, if you have the knowledge in your brain, you can get started for literally zero. So if somebody wants to get started, what I would recommend people do, is learn more about
how Facebook ads works. Because if you understand Facebook ads, then you understand how to get
new customers for businesses. And if you understand how to connect paying profitable
customers with businesses, you’ll always have enough money. Because every single business on earth needs more profitable customers. And so, Facebook ads, understanding it, would be the first step. And there’s a ton of free resources. We’re gonna be offering
an incredible resource at the end of this video,
as well for you guys. But learning how Facebook
ads works is always step 1. Step 2 is most of us have
a friend or a family member or whatever, who owns a small business. And so, what I do and what I did, and what I recommend my students do now, is go out and run Facebook ads for free, for a friend or a family member
or maybe you have an uncle that owns a whatever, right? Or you have a friend of a friend
that owns a small business. Run their ads for free, just tell them all you have
to do is cover the ad costs, they’ll only spend 50, hundred
dollars something minimal. And see if you can get them some results from what you’ve learned. ‘Cause once you get some results it kinda feels more real in your brain. And once you get results
and you’re confident you’re gonna be able to do that, then you can go out to real
businesses and actually start getting them to pay you a
thousand dollars a month. The first one is always the hardest. ‘Cause like it’s just natural human nature to be like oh my gosh is
this really going to work? Like, self doubt right? And I understand that. You know, it’s a really big part of it to become a successful entrepreneur,
getting over that hump. But once you get your first client, everything changes mentally. And you’re like, oh my gosh this works. Like I made more today in so little work than I made all month at my other job. And so once you get the first client, the light bulb switches on and
everything is just down hill. – Yeah, and what’s cool
about this business model is you get to work with businesses and businesses have
money, generally, right? First is, most to average
American person probably doesn’t have a ton of resources, businesses usually have
some sort of cash flow they can invest in something
like marketing services, right? – Yeah, exactly. And it’s a
much easier sell being like, hey ODi, as a business, let me
come make you 5,000 dollars, and you only have to pay me a thousand. Versus like an accountant where
it’s like I just cost money. As a successful marketer,
you’re creating more value, than you cost, right? And that’s a very easy sell
with businesses that have money. And so it’s a much easier sell than something that just costs money and doesn’t give them any value. – Yeah, exactly. I mean, if you came to me, you told me hey I can generate another
5,000 dollars a month for you, you only have to pay me a thousand. I mean, who wouldn’t take that deal? – Exactly, right? And once you have the confidence to know that you’re able to consistently do that, then it’s literally the
easiest sell in the world. Especially when you get referrals, right? You know affiliate marketing, the easiest way to get
affiliate marketing sale is when a friend says hey go
buy ODi’s course it’s amazing, right? ‘Cause then it’s like
there’s no marketing required, there’s no webinar, there’s no convincing, people just trust each other. And that’s why referrals are so powerful, and if you can get 1 client any results, all you have to say is like
hey I’ll run ads for you for free for a week all you have to do is give me a testimonial and
introduce me to 2 friends. There’s all these different
ways to kinda get things going. The first step is just understanding how paid advertisements
work, how Facebook ads work. – So it seems like, the real big issue is not so much having a
bunch of resources to start, you know having thousands
of dollars of capital, but it seems more of a knowledge barrier. So can you just give some advice to anyone who’s watching
and they’re interested in the business model, what are some advice or some
tips on the quickest way to get that knowledge barrier,
you know get over that, and to essentially start
social media marketing? – Yeah, no, for sure. So I mean, at the end of this video we’re going to be offering
our free training, where we kinda dive in to
how you acquire the skills of becoming a successful
Facebook advertiser. ‘Cause that’s step 1. If you have that knowledge
then you’re like, okay I know how to run lead campaigns, I know how to get people to
opt-in and give their email and give their phone number. And then the real estate
agent calls the phone number, and it becomes a success, right? And they’re like, oh my
gosh I got all these leads from Facebook, it’s like magic, right? And you’re like, no it’s
Facebook advertising. So you have to have the knowledge first, and we’re going to be going
over that in the training. You know, there’s all
types of free resources on YouTube as well. Make sure you subscribe to ODi as well because he has the best
resources on YouTube. But the point is there’s
no excuses, right? With the internet now, we have the whole world’s information at the tips of our fingers. So it’s like if you
wanna learn Facebook ads then go learn Facebook ads. And if you want the shortcut
of how to learn Facebook ads the right way and duplicate
the success that I’ve had, and my students have had,
then watch the free training that we’re gonna give
at the end of the video. – Awesome, okay. So, I
got one last question. You have so much experience
with Facebook ads, on a typical day how much do you spend for your business on Facebook ads? Just so the people know you
know what you’re talking about. – We spend multiple six figures per month. So like, 10,000 dollars per
day, or so, on Facebook ads. – And you probably learned
a thing or two during that– – Oh my gosh, yeah. We’ve suffered with the best of them, and we’ve had success with
the best of them, right? Facebook ads is an ever-growing,
evolving machine, right? It changes, the algorithm changes, it starts to favor new forms of media. Like, for example, recently
Facebook started to favor and prioritize vertical
orientation video, right? And so, if you didn’t have a mentor that’s spending 10,000 dollars a day, it would be really hard to understand what you should be focusing on, what’s the low hanging fruit
that’s going to give you the most success for your
time and energy spent. – Got it. Got it, alright sounds great. Alright so to wrap up this
video is there anything else that you want to say, you were mentioning a free
training that people can take if they’re interested
in this business model. Oh and one last thing,
before we get into that, who is social media marketing not for? – Social media marketing
is maybe not for people who like just hate
talking to anyone, right? ‘Cause social media marketing
you have like clients, right? You have people you have to talk to, these businesses that are paying you a thousand dollars a month, you have to have meetings with them at least once a month probably, right. Some people just wanna sit
in their mom’s basement, like just creating an Amazon
business in their underwear in the dark, you know what I mean? Like, at first I was like that. I didn’t want to talk to anybody, and so I started an Amazon business, and I got more comfortable, and I got more confident in
who I was and things like that. And then I kinda started asking my mates. So, some people who are super shy maybe, they should watch some of your
amazon videos, for example. People that don’t want to ever
talk to anybody at any time, maybe smma is not best for you. – Got it. Got it. ‘Cause you
have to do some client facing. – You have to speak to people. I mean, it’s nothing crazy. It’s nothing overwhelming, but you have to be
comfortable to talk to people, that’s the idea. And so, not everyone is like that. I would recommend if you’re not like that, that you go out of your comfort zone and kinda become like that. Like don’t kinda pigeon hole yourself into being the shy person your whole life, you have to overcome it, right? But just to answer your question and to play devil’s advocate I would say that the
people that it is not for are people who don’t
want to talk to anybody at any time, ever. – Got it, okay. And for those people they can look into e-commerce, they can look into affiliate marketing, I mean that’s how I got started. I hid behind the website
essentially, so I understand. – Yeah, me too. Yeah. – Alright, cool. So that wraps up. That’s how much time we have for today. But last thing, you were
talking about free training, do you want to speak more on that? – Yeah, so in the free training
that’s gonna be available down below in the description, we’re going to go into
much further detail. Obviously, we can’t cover
everything in one video, but we’re going to go
into much further detail about how you can really
get started today. What you need to learn about Facebook ads, the best resources, how
to actually find clients. Which we’re going to actually have a second video on YouTube for, so make sure you guys
subscribe to ODi’s channel, so you can be aware of that next video that we launch on YouTube. But I would recommend if you’re interested and you’re serious about
creating a real source of income, that you check out our
free training below. Because like I said I’ve
had success with it, and that same blueprint
has been used by thousands of my students to also create success. It’s kinda like the cheat code to skip to the end of the line, and not have to waste a bunch
of time with trial and error and things like that. – Again, 10,000 dollars
a day spent on Facebook. Not many people can say that, there’s some things that you’ve learned that it would cost
someone a fortune to learn those same things and mistakes. – Absolutely. – Alright, with that being said I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thank you Kevin David
so much for your time. If you guys enjoyed it,
hit the thumbs up button, comment below: social media marketing. And we will catch you
guys on the next video. – See you guys soon. – Peace.


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