How To Stay Organized During the School Year || revisign
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How To Stay Organized During the School Year || revisign

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel and in today’s video I’m sharing with you guys my tips on how to stay organized during this school year so my first tip on how to stay organized throughout the school year is by having a planner or System where you can plan out your tasks and to do’s and this way it helps you avoid procrastination And its distractions and it also allows you to make the most out of your time and work and study efficiently The next tip I have is to clean out your room and study space routinely I definitely suggest doing this every weekend and this way it avoids piling up like a huge mess and usually when you clean every week You’re less likely to make a big mess over time The next tip I have is to have a specific system for filing your papers and by this I mean different paper organization such as folders binders or filing folders also kind of different drawers or hanging folders you can use and Personally, the only thing I focus on is to have whatever paper I’m storing to be easy like easy to be spotted and found so I don’t have to dig through a bunch of paper to find it Moving on I suggest that you have a designated place for things you use on a daily basis and for me That means my key, my umbrella, my charger, some snacks and this way to avoid being lost and you have to look for it like every morning and Just place it right back when you’re done using it and you know exactly where it is the next morning The next step I have is to clean out your folders and binders every week This is kind of similar to cleaning out your room and study space and personally honestly by the end of the week I just end up shoving everything in like the pockets of my binder So again, this is really helpful because the earlier you sort your papers out the easier It is moving forward and if you actually don’t do it immediately, you actually forget what those papers are and where they belong Next tip I have is to have a designated place for everything that this sounds really cliche So this way you’ll know exactly where things are and it won’t get lost But if you don’t have time to put things away to where it belongs Don’t just shove it in a corner and look for it. Later Instead of put it somewhere where you can see and you’ll put it to its original place as soon as you have time now once again This is really similar to cleaning out your binders as well as your a desk space It is to clean out your pencil case and backpack every week now Sometimes I end up with a lot of extra pens over the week and like useless items and I can’t so case So I recommend cleaning that out every week to get rid of things You don’t need and just have exactly Everything you need and as minimal as possible and not carrying around things that you don’t need. And again, this goes the same with backpacks My last tip for staying organized over the school year is to do everything in the night before This avoids the morning rush and you won’t forget anything and this includes Doing all your homework as well as packing all your bags and choosing your outfit even now I know personally I’m a morning person but I wouldn’t leave my homework till the morning and probably the most I will do is just do some review and maybe extra practice because again, I want to avoid the morning rush and have everything done and ready the night before and This concludes another video in my seven days of back to school series I hope you guys have found at least one of these helpful and will hopefully be adapting some of this in the upcoming school year Thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys tomorrow


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