How to use GlobalSearch for UsenetServer

How to use GlobalSearch for UsenetServer

Hi this is a tutorial of how to use usenetserver global search First you need to go to usenetserver site and go login using your account after logging in go to the global search menu tab link on the top beside support after clicking global search link you need to login again in global search page for you to enter This is the page for global search function on usenetserver let's try searching health you will see below sorted these are the results from the keyword These are the filenames of the files you have searched listed also here are the different groups by the files and also the poster of these files it also displays here the information of the age of the files and the sizes of it now lets try to download a file you can download the files by clicking the arrow button on the right side of the file name downloading it you will receive an nzb file for you we can click a specific group's name here you will see the posts under this group after clicking it these are the files that are under on the group we just clicked earlier now lets go back again to the last page we can also select the poster to view files that are posted by him lets try by clicking this one you will see here that this file is under this poster we can also view the information of the files and list of files by clicking this icon beside the download button in this page it display the information of the files and the list of files inside it you can also select the file you wanted by clicking this check box and click download link now lets go back again you can also see here in the main page that you can search it setting up what time you want to search you can also select how many results per page you can also check the setting for using stemmed keywords,any keywords and save default setting Thanks for watching this tutorial and please subscribe for more tutorials about usenet and vpn

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  • Bob Toad

    USENET Server has become a shill of it's former self.

    It constantly disconnects your VPN leaving you exposed.
    Their response is "My Bad" We are working on a new version that blocks traffic if a disconnection occurs. You know, like EVERYONE ELSE.

    Well, several months later and still disconnecting and still no new software.

    Time to change services.

    Hey, UN….
    VPN stands for Virtual PRIVATE Network, not work sometimes and leave you hanging network.
    They have become unreliable and can not perform their basic function nor guarantee your privacy.
    That unto itself says drop them for someone who cares for their customers.

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