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hey in this video I’m going to show you
how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website so stay tuned hey it’s addi here from
and in this video I’m going to show you how you can use Pinterest to drive a ton
of traffic to your website so there are three things that you can start doing
today to attract the right people to your business. Pinterest is not just a
place for recipes DIY projects and makeup tutorials you can actually be
using this platform for your business so let’s get into the three things that you
can do to drive a ton of traffic using Pinterest to your website so number one
is to get specific your goal is not just increase your page you want to be
attracting the right people to your business so this is the people who are
interested in your content and interested in the offers that you have
available throughout your business so if you don’t focus on attracting the right
people you are gonna have a ton of traffic coming to your site that aren’t
gonna stick around to read your content they’re not gonna buy your offers and
they’re not gonna be engaged with your business and that’s just a waste of your
time. Your business is unique and it provides a specific solution for the
perfect person and you need to convey that using Pinterest you don’t want to
just be attracting anyone and everyone to your business and in order to do that
you need to get specific so when you get specific with your boards and your
content in your profile you’re gonna start to attract the right people to
your profile and be able to drive those people to your website again it’s not
just about increasing that vanity number and I know a lot of people get caught up
and wanting to get a ton of pageviews and month after a month trying to increase
that number but having the wrong people isn’t going to do anything to help you grow
your business so the second thing you need to do is change your mindset and in
order to do that you have to understand that Pinterest is not a social media
platform and I know it’s hard because a lot of people think okay I’m gonna use
Pinterest and Twitter and Facebook and Instagram but each one of these
platforms is different and Pinterest needs to be used like a visual search
engine so this means that you can get your content in your pins in front of a
larger audience even if you only have a small amount of people following you on
Pinterest and that is so powerful to grow your business so to do this you
need to focus on simple base SEO principles and tactics to help you
get in front of the right audience and I know a lot of people to hear SEO and
they shy away they get nervous but I’m going to break it down for you to make it
super simple so you need to be using this platform strategically and that
means using specific keywords within your content your bio and your boards so
that you are getting brought in front of the right people and so that when a new
Pinterest user hops on one of your pins or hops on your profile they can see is
this right content for me or is this the wrong content for me and you don’t want
to attract everyone so when you use these specific keywords it’s actually
gonna repel the people that you don’t want coming to your website or aren’t
the right people for the offers that you have to sell so your focus is always on
trying to get in front of that right audience so when you’re doing this you
want to think of specific keywords that they’re searching for on Pinterest and
specific keywords that they are struggling with and typing into
Pinterest so that your content pops up as a relevant search result and that’s
exactly how you’re gonna get right in front of your target audience so the
third thing you need to do is pin consistently so Pinterest has told us
again and again how important it is to pin consistently throughout the week and
on a consistent basis rather than just sitting down one time and pinning a ton
of pins and then not going back to Pinterest again when it comes to
Pinterest your traffic is going to continually grow month after month
because of the lifespan of a pin so you don’t need to be pinning hundreds of
pins every single day like you used to with Pinterest you can now focus on
pinning quality pins on a consistent daily basis and the cool thing is
Pinterest will start to recommend your boards and recommend your content to
Pinterest users when you are consist so I definitely recommend that you come up
with a pinning schedule that will allow you to consistent repin every single day
so what I like to do is I sit down and I use a Pinterest scheduler I actually use
tailwind and I spend about a half hour week batch pinning so I’ll sit there
I’ll get all of the pins I want to pin out for the week my own content other
people’s content and I’ll put it into the Pinterest scheduler and then it
automatically goes out every single day to keep my account fresh and consistent
so remember when it comes to driving a ton of traffic from Pinterest to your
website one you need to get specific two you need to change your mindset and
three you need to pin consistently so if you want to start getting more traffic
from Pinterest then click below and download my free Pinterest
road map it’s going to walk you through exactly what you need to do to use Pinterest to
grow your business today


  • Josh McLaglen

    Pinterest is a part of my daily life, travel blogging being my passion as well as my part time profession, I use Pinterest for my blogs and I wanted traffic on my blogs so that people could see my potential but I was failing to see the results because I was not having enough time after my primary job hours. Then my colleague told me about PinPinterest com and for the first time I thought how can any tool show such good results without me spending time on it. Well, I am glad I was wrong. PinPinterest has shown such an extraordinary performance with ease. I mean now I can do my office work without thinking about my Pinterest account because PinPinterest will be taking care of it and that too better than I can.

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